Tata Steel VT Quiz'13 (Prelims+Mains)


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Annual Quiz organized for vocational trainees of Tata Steel by company's management trainees (technical) of 2010, 2011 and 2012 batches.

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  • Quora is based in Mountain view neighboring city to palo alto. The subhash Chandra bose one was also asked in Tata crucible regional ,Nagpur around the same time you uploaded it!
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  • Tata Steel, on June 14, 2011, launched ‘Valueabled.Com’ an online campaign targeted towards all who wish to make a difference. It seeks to provide a forum for Indians, especially the youth, to come forth, discuss and debate on the values and beliefs that shape our lives today.
  • Tata Steel VT Quiz'13 (Prelims+Mains)

    1. 1. TATA STEEL VT QUIZ 2013Quiz Masters: Srijan, Sourav, Sneha & Shikha
    2. 2. PRELIMSQuiz Masters: Srijan, Sourav, Sneha & Shikha
    3. 3. Q1*
    4. 4. PROJECT LOON
    5. 5. Q2
    7. 7. It means ―raised platform around an ancient arena," also"projecting base of a pedestal,― in Lating and in Greek itis πόδι, "foot of a vase‖.Q3
    8. 8. PODIUM
    9. 9. Connect the following picturesQ4
    10. 10. KINGS OF CARDS
    11. 11. Claim to fame?Q5
    12. 12. Voice Actor for Howard‘s mother in TBBTMARY ANN SUSI
    13. 13. The Gurjars, pratihars, solankis and people of various castssettled in North India around 6th century. One village nearmodern day Delhi houses a landmark derives it‘s name fromone of these clans.In the village is a very famous landmark, famous because ofthe number of VIPs that visit there!Which landmark am I talking about?Q6
    14. 14. Tihar Jail!Back!
    15. 15. This line was famously said by Cap‘n Vikram Batrawhen interviewed by Barkha Dutt. Cap‘n Batraplayed a fundamental role in operation ‗Vijay‘.These lines were also used by a company, and itbecame a nation-wide commercial success.What were the lines said by Late PVC Vikram batra?Q7
    16. 16. Back!
    17. 17. It is one of the Internets largest sites devoted entirely to investing education.The site was started by Cory Janssen and Cory Wagner in June 1999 as anunbiased resource.Based in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, In 2007, the sitewas purchased by U.S. publishing company Forbes which sold itto ValueClick in 2010 for $43 million.Q7
    18. 18. INVESTOPEDIA
    19. 19. How many laws of cricket are there anyway?Q8
    20. 20. 42
    21. 21. She was found, roaming about in darkness, by an American onFeb 18, 1930. Though he wished to name her Minerva, she wasfinally named X, after the suggestion given by Venetia Burney, aeleven year old schoolgirl. She enjoyed being part of a big family,until on August 24,2006 she was unceremoniously banished fromthe family.Identify X.Q9
    22. 22. Born in Bhidausa in Madhya Pradesh, he was an Indian athelete who went onto represent India at the 1958 Asian Games in Tokyo, Japan. He also served inthe Indian Army. He was killed on October 1st, 1981 in a police ambush.Who?10
    23. 23. PLUTO
    24. 24. Gunters Chain is a measuring device used for accurateland survey by triangulation. It consists of a chainformed of 100 long wire links, with brass tags along thechain for intermediate measurement. One of its lastinglegacies is as a very well-known length.Of what?Q11
    25. 25. CRICKET PITCH
    26. 26. The kilogram is the only such remaining base SI unit.What differentiates it from other SI base units?Q12
    27. 27. Defined in terms of an artifact, instead of a fundamental constant like all theothers.
    28. 28. He was born as James Howlett, but you don‘t know him by hisactual name. He has also served in the Vietnam war.A myth goes around him is ―You can‘t kill him, but you candefinitely hurt him‖. Contrary to popular belief, he is actually veryold and is ―scientifically‖ obese. Who am I talking about?Q13
    29. 29. WOLVERINE
    30. 30. AFIs 100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villains is a list of the 100greatest screen characters (50 of both the hero and villaincategory) chosen by American Film Institute in June 2003. It ispart of the AFI 100 Years… series.NOW,Which is the only character to be featured on both thevillain and the heroes list?Q14*
    31. 31. THE TERMINATOR
    32. 32. Complete the passage- "Its almost like a powder.(The) ground mass is very fine. Im going to stepoff the LM now..____________________________________."Q15
    33. 33. Small step for [a] man, Giant leap for mankindLEAP OF FAITH
    34. 34. This person was asked why numbers kept appearing inthe titles of his works. He alluded to his earlierprofession by way of a reason. Who?Q16
    35. 35. CHETAN BHAGAT
    36. 36. Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson were members of theParamilitary Law Enforcement Agency, known as theEnforcers. Unfortunately, the Enforcers werecommanded by a certain Commander Feral, a power-mad and overbearing but hopelessly incompetentEnforcer. In his anger, Feral discharged Chance and Jakefrom the Enforcers and reassigned them to work at thecitys military salvage yard to pay for the damage to theEnforcer Headquarters.What does this result in?Q17
    37. 37. SWAT CATS
    38. 38. When asked the reason for naming the show thus, J.DMajethia, the producer of the show was quoted as sayingthat, ―The show was written with a Bania family in mind,preferably a Gujarati one. We briefly considered thenames Shah, Mehta and Desai, but eventually settled for________.‖FITBQ18
    39. 39. :D
    40. 40. What can be defined as ―an indentationcaused by astructural variation in the facialmuscle ZygomaticusMajor‖?Q19
    41. 41. Suitable picDIMPLE
    42. 42. What are the Arabic words for spring and autumnknown across the length of the subcontinent andsomething which we all learnt via our high schooltextbooks?Q20
    43. 43. RABI AND KHARIF
    44. 44. MAINSQuiz Masters: Srijan, Sourav, Sneha & Shikha
    45. 45. Tata RoundQuiz Master: Sourav & Sneha
    46. 46. It consumed 26,500 tons of steel, out of which 23,000 tons of high-tensilealloy steel, known as Tiscrom, were supplied by Tata Steel. The main towerwas founded with single monolith caissons of dimensions 55.31 x 24.8 mwith 21 shafts, each 6.25 m2 square.The fabrication was done by Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop ConstructionCompany. What are we talking about?1
    47. 47. HOWRAH BRIDGE
    48. 48. During his tenure as the president of the workers’ union at the Tata Steelplant in Jamshedpur, he fought with the management to appoint moreIndians in key positions. He also forced the management to implementmaternity benefits for employees. On his call, the company alsowitnessed its first and last strike in 1928. This is a lesser known side ofwhich famous Indian?2
    50. 50. Video3. “WE ONLY DO WHAT’S RIGHTFOR YOU”
    51. 51. Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata group, recentlylaunched the Do Right initiative, a campaign aimed at inspiring andinculcating the right values in children from a young age.
    53. 53. Titan Industries has claimed to have manufactured the worlds slimmestwrist watch. Produced indigenously after four years of research anddevelopment, it has a total thickness of 3.5 mm. Identify the brand.5
    54. 54. TITAN EDGE
    55. 55. Roots Corporation (RCL) operates the _______ chain of hotels. This whollyowned subsidiary of Indian Hotels Corporation (IHCL) was established in 2003and runs the first-of-its-kind Smart Basics hotels across India.6
    56. 56. GINGER HOTELS
    57. 57. BONUS
    58. 58. JAAGO RE!
    59. 59. MIB 1
    60. 60. This person was born into an OBC family. He inculcated patrioticfeelings since the 1965 war, where he volunteered to serve for thesoldiers in transit at Railway station.He ran away from home to Himalayas for two years, and did oddjobs like running a tea stall. He refrains from practicing the―minor vices‖, and is an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda.Who am I talking out?1
    61. 61. ANSWER
    62. 62. NARENDRA MODI
    63. 63. Burma – 1969Sri Lanka - 1972Nepal – 1975India – 1975Bangladesh – 1975Somalia – 1977As a result of this, what announcement was made on 9th Dec,1979?2
    65. 65. 3
    67. 67. This chemical formula was shown as series ofadvertisements by a company. Please explain thisformula and name the company.4
    68. 68. The formula is 3.5 shots of gin and half shot of vermouthwith four cubes of ice. Stir it thrice and martini is ready.MARTINI, PARKER
    69. 69. You probably might have heard of this place but you have never seen it.5
    70. 70. TOWER OF HANOI
    71. 71. X is an informal term for consumer touch-screen deviceswith screens that are between five and seven inches. Thesedevices combine the capabilities of a smartphone and minitablet — and occasionally incorporate a stylus. A X is largerthan most smartphones, but not as large as a tablet or mini-tablet.6
    72. 72. PHABLET
    73. 73. She was born in 1957, caught in December 1957 in Sichuan, and movedto the Beijing Zoo in January 1958.It went on a journey to Tierpark Berlin, the zoo in the eastern part of thethen divided city. By then She had already been sold to a zoo in the UnitedStates, but the American government had ceased all trade withcommunist China for political reasons. Thus, she was refused entry tothe USA.F died on 22 July 1972 and was mourned by the nation. A post mortemwas conducted. Her remains, now a stuffed exhibit, sit in a glass case,at Londons Natural History Museum.7
    74. 74. CHI CHI
    75. 75. X originally started in the baking powder business. Withbaking powder, he offered free Y. He later abandonedthe baking powder business when he realized that peoplewere buying it just for the Y.8
    76. 76. WRIGLEY’S GUM
    77. 77. What makes X such a fantastic character becomesevident when you look at the world from his point ofview. Hes not necessarily trying to rule the world; in hiseyes hes saving it. Think about that for a second - X istrying to save the world from Y. This man craves to bethe worlds savior, yearns to have "his" people worshipthe ground he walks on and refuses to see that birthrightseized by another.9
    78. 78. LEX LUTHOR
    79. 79. It was a beautiful sunny day [26 April 1986]. My daughter and mewere sitting in our yard. A soft spring wind was blowing.Suddenly a huge military truck stopped right in front of us. Aman wearing a gas-mask and a protective costume jumped out ofthe truck and began to walk around us gazing at some device thatwas hanging on his chest… Then he looked at us, fastened a littlesign with a symbol that we had never seen before, got back intothe truck and drove away. Everything happened in completesilence. No word was pronounced. We were just looking at thesign and the truck and had no idea what was going on… The daywas not that beautiful any more…10
    81. 81. X pioneered the India soft drink industry when it introducedCoca-Cola into India in 1949, and were the sole manufacturersand distributors of Coca-Cola till the 1970s when Coke wasasked to leave.X then created Yand virtually monopolized this section ofthe market in absence of foreign competition11
    82. 82. X – Pure Drinks GroupY – Campa ColaANSWER
    83. 83. What‘s so special about this?12
    84. 84. West Bengal joins R-day parade after 13 yearsAfter over a decade, West Bengal has sent a tableau to participatein the state procession at the Republic Day parade, ending theprevious Left Front government‘s policy of staying away from theevent.In 1999, a year after the Pokharan nuclear test, the Jyoti Basugovernment had drawn a plan to send a tableau highlightingnuclear non-proliferation — a move eventually prevented bySouth Block amid much acrimony.ANSWER
    85. 85. MIB II
    86. 86. This word, derived from the Latin genitive plural formof who, refers to the minimum number of membersnecessary for an assembly to function. A similar butunrelated word is the name of a Palo-Alto-basedquestion-and-answer website. Give either word.1
    87. 87. QUORA
    88. 88. The Victoria police in Australia said they have been called torescue of a number of distressed motorists over the past severalweeks who got lost in Australias Murray-Sunset National Park.The police told people that they are "extremely concerned," asthere is no water supply within the park, and temperatures canreach as high as 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit, "making this apotentially life threatening issue."Some of the people saved by police had been stranded for up to24 hours without any food or water. Others walked long distancesthrough dangerous terrain to try to get phone reception and findtheir way out.What was responsible for this?2
    89. 89. APPLE IOS6 MAPS
    90. 90. 2000 - Tehran2007 - Mexico City2008 - Bonn2010 - Sofia2012 - MoscowWhat are we talking about?Hint: Sporting Connection3
    91. 91. Vishwanathan Anand’s world championship victories.VISHWANATHAN ANAND
    92. 92. In meeting terminology, what is a toplessmeeting?4
    93. 93. A meeting in which participants are not allowed to uselaptops. A topless meeting organizer can also ban theuse of smartphones, cellphones and other electronicdevices. The purpose of this is to create anenvironment free from distraction, to foster enhancedfocus and to generate more discussions.MEH
    94. 94. India Today called the film a "dead ember" and added,"Thematically, its a gravely flawed attempt."Filmfare said that the film was an unsuccessful mincingof Western style with Indian milieu, making it a"imitation western—neither here nor there.―Declared as the "Film of the Millennium" by BBC Indiain 1999.5
    95. 95. SHOLAY
    96. 96. 6
    97. 97. ALEX FERGUSON
    98. 98. Each year, The American Dialect Society selects its Word of the Year. For2012, the winner was a bit of a surprise.It wasnt fiscal cliff, the ubiquitous term in the news from Capitol Hill. And itwasnt YOLO, the youthful acronym for "You Only Live Once" that quicklyrose (and just as quickly fell) this past year.It wasn‘t even Gangnam Style.The official announcement reads:―This was the year when Q became a ubiquitous phenomenon in onlinetalk,” Zimmer said. “Q have created instant social trends, spreadingbite-sized viral messages on topics ranging from politics to popculture.”What is Q?7
    99. 99. #HASHTAG
    100. 100. Today I bake.Tomorrow I brew my beer.The next day the queens only child will be mine.Not even the census taker knowsthat ______________is my name . . .8
    102. 102. Mr. SanjivMehta is a London-based Indianentrepreneur, who migrated to London in1989 to focus on international trade andmarketing, after completing his studies ingemmology and jewellery.•He catapulted to fame in early 2010 due tohis takeover of a $15 million business, aboutwhich he said, ―….as an Indian, when youthink with your heart as I do, I had this hugefeeling of redemption -this indescribablefeeling of owning a company that onceowned us.―What company did he take over?9
    103. 103. ANSWER
    104. 104. 10
    105. 105. Organizations/Agencies who have been awarded theNobel Peace PrizeInternational Peace BureauUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesLeague of Red Cross SocietiesEuropean UnionANSWER
    106. 106. 11
    107. 107. FUNDA?12
    108. 108. Thomas Alva Edison, Nikola Tesla Nobel PrizeANSWER
    109. 109. AV