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About Deloitte Talent Search

  1. 1. Are you looking for the right talent? We find you the perfect fit.Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  2. 2. Global presence, local expertiseGlobal presence• One of world‟s largest global professional services firms Europe 297 offices in• Access to intellectual capital of 47 countries Ranked No. 2 approximately 165,000 people operating North America Ranked No. 2 in UK Ranked No. 3 in France 131 offices in 2 countries from approximately 700 offices in over Ranked No. 2 Middle East 140 countries Africa 29 offices in Asia Pacific 46 offices in 16 countries 21 countries 113 offices in 26 countriesLocal expertise LACRO Ranked No. 2 Ranked No. 1• Serving the Malaysian business (Latin America and Caribbean) in Taiwan 69 offices in community for the past 40 years 28 countries• Represented by more than 1,000 professional staff through 8 offices throughout the nation• Under guidance of 56 partners, principals and directors Deloitte’s competencies Audit Tax Consulting Financial Advisory2 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  3. 3. About Deloitte Consulting Malaysia Deloitte Consulting Malaysia Human Capital Strategy & Operations Technology HC Consulting Corporate Strategy Business IT Strategy Learning & Development Financial Management IT System Planning and Selection Talent Search Customer & Market Strategy IT Program Management Office Mergers & Acquisitions Application Integration Operational Excellence (Performance IT Cost Reduction Improvement) Technology Infrastructure Programme Leadership Planning and evaluation Supply Chain Strategy for implementation of major IT systems3 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  4. 4. Inside Human Capital Deloitte Human Capital Malaysia Learning & Human Capital Talent Search Development Consulting Bureau Services Executive Search Organisation & Change Training Gen Y Recruitment HR Transformation System Sales & Support Outplacement Services Total Rewards4 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  5. 5. About Deloitte Talent Search• Talent Search is the Strategic Talent Acquisition arm of Deloitte Human Capital Services Group, offering fully customised, flexible solutions to meet specific talent needs of organisations around the world.• We work on a partnering concept and add value to your hiring needs by identifying, locating and sourcing for right talent that not only enhances but drives your business performance and success.• We assist our clients fill positions which are: - Urgent - Challenging - Confidential5 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  6. 6. Our search consulting expertise Deloitte Talent Search Gen-Y Recruitment Executive Search Outplacement Services We work with our clients to hire We analyse your talent The process of assisting the right young talent for their competition and develop employees who are about to be entry level positions. Our schemes to attract your critical laid off to source for new assessments are customised to talents for senior management employment by guiding them suit the individual needs of our level and above. We also help with resume drafting, offering clients. Our active participation you to study market demand and career guidance, and providing in career events across propose means to supplement practice interviews. universities, paired with our shortages in human capital. focus in the social media space ensure that we attract only the best of Gen-Y for our clients.6 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  7. 7. Our strengths• With our proactive approach for our executive search services, we guarantee an 85% market coverage when scanning for candidates.• Our extensive network as well as strong relationships with private and public universities enable us to gain access to a pool of readily available experienced candidates and fresh graduates.• Our consultants are easily accessible via various means, e.g. phone, email, Skype, Gtalk, etc., thus accelerating the recruitment process.• Assessment activities are customised based on our individual clients‟ needs to identify candidates with the right competencies and personality traits.7 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  8. 8. Executive Search8 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  9. 9. Executive Search process flowDay 1 Day 14 to Day 28 1. Authorisation 2. Candidate of search & search & 3. Final stage 4. Follow up needs analysis selection • Signing of the Letter • Candidate search in • Assist in the • Follow up with the of Engagement (LOE) relevant industry managing of appointed candidate candidate‟s • Discussion the • Conduct face-to-face expectation • Progress check with the position details with interview with client and candidate the Hiring Manager / candidates • Assist in the signing HR Manager the Letter of • Preparation of the Appointment • Preparation of Candidate Profiles Position Profile with recommendations Report • Assist in interview arrangement between candidates and client9 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  10. 10. Executive Search selection process 1. Industry search & 2. Pre-screen & 3. Candidate short listing candidate listing detailed screening & profiling • Research target companies • Conduct phone interviews with • Shortlist candidate and prepare based on client‟s candidates and assess Candidate Profile with: requirements communication skills – Summary of suitability & • Develop a list of candidates • Meet up with candidates for eligibility to call through: face-to-face interview to assess skills set, motivational – Details of career, i.e. job – Database factors, cultural and functions & achievements etc – Networking personality fit and to manage – Reasons for leaving each the candidate‟s expectations company and position – Referrals • Administer the Thomas – Current salary & expected – Active search International profiling tool salary psychometric tool – Thomas International • Conduct reference check with profiling/assessment report former superiors (optional for for shortlisted candidates the final short listed candidate)10 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  11. 11. Our industry expertise Financial Logistics IT Electronics Services Semiconductor Industrial Automotive Advertising FMCG Construction Engineering ChemicalTelecommunication Retail Hospitality Education Oil & Gas Pharmaceutical Medical Service11 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  12. 12. Executive Search: Our past achievements Industry Search experience Industry Search experience Account Director, Creative Director, Regional IT Director, MIS Manager, Sales Head of Engineering, Research Information Manager, Senior System Analyst, SystemAdvertising/Media Manager, Sales Manager Technology Engineer, Unix Analyst GM – Sales, Sales Manager, Supply CEO, GM, Financial Controller, AVP –Automotive Chain Manager Logistic Finance, AVP – Marketing & PR Country Manager, Regional SHE HR Director, QC Manager, ProductionChemical Manager, Business Manager, Business Manufacturing Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Analyst Maintenance Manager, ChemistConstruction & GM, Project Manager, Sales & BU Manager, Service Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Leasing Manager Medical SpecialistPropertyElectrical & GM – Commercial, Senior Operations Retail Operations Manager Manager, Sales Manager Oil & GasElectronics HR Director, Technical Sales Manager National Sales Manager, Product Manager,Engineering Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager, Division Manager VP – Asset Management, VP – Tax, Head of Merchandising, OperationsFinancial Services Senior Corporate Planning Manager Retail Manager, Store Manager, Audit Manager, Accountant, Buyer, Sales Executive GM, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Financial Controller, HR Manager, Marketing Manager, Key Account Engineering & Process Manager,FMCG Manager, Brand Manager, Product Semiconductor Manufacturing Manager, Quality Manager, Manager, Category Manager, HR Materials Engineering Manager, Manager Development Engineering Manager AVP – Finance, Marketing & CFO, Strategic Account Manager,Hospitality Communications Manager, HR Manager Services Investment Manager, Legal & Corporate Affairs Secretary Commercial Manager, Operations CEO, Business Controller, Supply ChainIndustrial Manager, Procurement Manager, Telecommunications Manager, Customer Service Manager Accountant12 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  13. 13. Gen-Y Recruitment13 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  14. 14. Our process flow Continuous effort Turnaround of 2 to 5 days Candidate Understanding Recruitment Final stage Follow up attraction clients needs activities• Conduct • Signing of the • Candidate search • Assist in managing • Follow up with the workshops at Letter of in database candidate‟s appointed targeted private Engagement. based on client‟s expectation. candidate to start and public • Discuss the requirements • Assist in work. universities. position details • Phone or face-to- administering the • Progress check with• Attract Gen-Y with the Hiring face interview to signing of the the client and applicants via Manager / HR assess Letter of candidate. social media Manager. candidates‟ Appointment. network. • Customise communication• Optimise Talent recruitment and skills. Search website for selection based on • Preparation of candidates to client‟s needs. candidate register online and profiles. apply for available • Assist in interview positions. arrangement between candidates and clients.14 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  15. 15. Our experience participating in career events at private andpublic universities Participate in career fairs to maintain a fresh database of graduates. CV writing workshops have been conducted in universities nationwide. Visiting universities to prepare graduates for employment.15 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  16. 16. Gen-Y Recruitment: Our past achievementsIskandar Malaysia Graduate Leadership Assessment and Development Programme (IMGLAD) is acollaboration between Deloitte and IMREC to provide soft skills training to fresh graduates. DeloitteTalent Search was involved in a year-long project in which we successfully recruited 600 freshgraduates to be trained for 3 months and subsequently placed them with companies for internshipor permanent placement. Below are the list of participating companies and positions: Company Positions Company Positions Management Trainees Mortgage Sales, Customer Engagement,AEON Co. Citibank Customer Service, HR Intern Business Process Associate System Engineer, R&D EngineerAIA Comintel GIS Engineer PlannerAmnavi Epson Malaysia MRCC Analyst, IT Intern, HR Exec, Executive Trainee, ManagerAveris Associate Analyst Felda HoldingsCCM Management Trainee Site Engineering Geologist G&P GeotechnicsPharmaceuticals Group HR Executive, Group Corporate Account Assistant, Management Trainee, Communication, Credit Card Accounts AssistantCIMB Bank Processor, i-trade Customer Service GCH Retail Executive, PMO Analyst, Sales Executive16 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  17. 17. Gen-Y Recruitment: Our past achievements (continued) Company Positions Company Positions VSB Engineer, Programmer Staff engineer, Project Engineer, QA / QC Technician, Production ProjectHewlett-Packard Munivac Engineer, Technician-Precision Manufacturing, Engineer QC Global Support Executive, HR NRW EngineerHSBC Bank Salcon Engineering IT Validation Engineer Engineer SamsungIntel ElectronicsJohnson & Management Trainee Global Operation Officer, Management Scope International TraineeJohnson Executive Trainee Process EngineerJohor Corporation Seagate Industries Mechanical Engineer Engineer, Process EngineerJohor Port STATS ChipPAC Management Trainee Customer Service ExecutiveKraft Foods Scicom (MSC) Warehouse Executive Customer RepresentativeMalaysian Sheet VADSGlass Executive Trainee, HR, IT F&B Executive VH HotelsMedia Prima (Prescott Inn)17 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  18. 18. Our Added Value Services18 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  19. 19. Background search News Personal Internet media particular Education newsgroup search verification screening search Driving Employment violations screening Search Search scope Bankruptcy Referee search check Credit Character check assessment Security PTPTN vetting verification19 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  20. 20. Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) GRAPH I GRAPH II GRAPH III Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is an Behaviour Behaviour Natural internationally recognised one-page at work under pressure attributes D I S C D I S C D I S C questionnaire that captures a person‟s behavioural tendencies in different situations, namely: • Behaviour At Work • Reaction to Pressure • Natural Attributes (Basic Self) PPA is a simple 10-minute profiling tool which can: • Improve your recruitment process • Increase staff retention • Enable more effective people management20 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  21. 21. PPA generated reports Executive Provides a condensed overview of a PPA respondent‟s work personality. Summary Strengths & Contains two sections that cover the individual‟s Working Strengths and Limitations Possible Limitations. Career Guide Indicates job functions best suited to the candidate‟s work style. Sales Interview Provides useful interview questions for sales positions for initial screening Questionnaire during an interview. General Provides useful interview questions for initial screening during an interview. Questionnaire Sales Audit Provides information on an individual‟s behavioural style in a sales function. Sales Skills Contains seven sections that give a concise description on the sales skills of Summary the individual who completed the PPA, from pre-sales to post-sales.21 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  22. 22. PPA generated reports Provides detailed information on how behavioural preferences are likely toCall Centre Audit influence the execution of key tasks within a call centre environment. Contains eight sections that give in-depth guidance on getting the best from How to Manage the individual who has completed the PPA.Admin / Technical Provides information on an individual‟s behavioural style in an administrative Audit or technical function.Customer Service Contains six sections that give in-depth guidance on getting the best from the Audit individual who has completed the PPA. Extracts the individual‟s behavioural tendencies should he/she be put in a Driver Report decision to drive for things to happen.22 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  23. 23. Thomas International Skills Online • Contains a series of over 100 tests designed to measure hard competencies and skills such as MS Office and computer proficiency, call centre listening and keying, secretarial skills and basic literacy and numeracy. • Benefits users by solidifying candidate information for recruitment and selection decisions. • Can provide more focused training based on identified skills gap rather than „off the shelf‟ training programs. • Contains different levels of skills, experience and relevant work exposure. These levels can roughly be correlated with the 3 levels of jobs in an organisation: Level of test Type of job Basic Entry level jobs OR little work experience required. Middle Management OR where some relevant work experience is Intermediate required. Senior Management OR where the specific skill is highly specialised and Advanced specific.23 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  24. 24. Gen-Y Recruitment: Build your eminence via Deloitte’ssocial media networkAn opportunity for Deloitte to partner and co-brand with our clients via our social media network, e.g.LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other available social networks.24 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  25. 25. Gen-Y Recruitment: Customised assessments based onclients’ needsCandidates will be screened based on various tests to assess their communication skills, strategicand analytical thinking, command of English and personality traits. Screening Personality Registration Interview exercises assessment Application form are Candidates are Conduct face-to-face Conduct Thomas given to candidates given a 30-minute interviews with Personality Profile to obtain their English test which candidates using Assessment or Skills personal details. consists of: behavioural-based Assessment • 30 objective interview technique. customised to questions client‟s • 1 essay requirements. (Optional, depending based on client’s needs)25 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  26. 26. Our ethics charter• Promptly disclose any conflict of interest known to the client before we undertake an assignment.• Ensure the client has a complete understanding of our Terms of Service before we commence an assignment.• Not to disclose the identity of the client unless consent is given.• Protect client‟s confidential information which may be detrimental if conveyed to outside third parties.• Maintain frequent and transparent communication with the client during the search period.• Conduct an objective and professional reference check on candidates once all parties have established mutual interest, maintaining confidentiality of information at all times.• Include all regular clients in our “No Poach List” where they will be deemed out of bounds for any executive search activities.• Not entice a candidate placed by us to leave a client‟s company, under any circumstances.26 Deloitte Talent Search © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia
  27. 27. © 2010 Deloitte Consulting Malaysia