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  • 1. How UI ImpactsEngagement & Monetizationin F2P Mobile GamesJean-Vincent ‘JV’ Chardon EMEA Publisher Sales Manager
  • 2. •  Introduction To Tapjoy •  New User Flow •  Store Design and Funnel •  The Devil is in the Details •  Monetization •  Final Thoughts Overview
  • 3. Tapjoy by the Numbers 100 MM Monthly Active Users 5,000 Active Apps 75,000 Historical Apps 1.2 MM Daily Ad Engagements 600 MM Daily Sessions
  • 4. Tapjoy’s Mobile Value Exchange I can earn Coins by engagingwith ads via Tapjoy. How it Works I need more Coins to gear up in TripleTown. I can buy Coins withreal money. 1 2 1 2
  • 5. New User Flow
  • 6. New User Flow The new user flow is one of the most importantparts of a successful game: •  Use clear directions •  Show off the cool parts of the game •  Get the user playing as soon as you can You have 30 seconds to hook new users and under 5 minutes to teach them: •  Shoot for 70% completion rate of the tutorial
  • 7. Optimize the Download Tapjoy Network Conversion Rate (clicks to installs) Android  Conversion  rate:      •  0-­‐50mb    50-­‐60%  •  50-­‐100mb    30-­‐45%    •  100+mb    15-­‐20%  iOS  Conversion  rate:      •  0-­‐50mb    65-­‐75%    •  50-­‐100mb    30-­‐40%    •  200+mb    25-­‐30%  Don’t lose users before they’ve opened the game! The smaller the file, the better the CVR!
  • 8. Conquering the World with Localization •  Significantly improves your chances of getting featured in foreign territories Boost revenue and distribution upon app launch •  +128% downloads and +26% revenue within a week of an app localizing •  Asia is growing at an incredible rate – this is a market that can’t be ignored * Distimo ** App Annie Report - 11/29/12
  • 9. Don’t Force A Registration •  Forced registration hurts engagement and chart position User drop off 50 to 75% when forcing registration (incl. mandatory Facebook login) •  Think of mobile as a new, untapped audience and allow for mobile sign up •  Consider rewarding users for creating accounts •  If possible, create guest accounts •  Even more so for new apps & on Android
  • 10. A Confusing Tutorial •  Too wordy, use as little text as possible •  Walk users through the core mechanic, don’texplain what it is •  Once a user leaves, they’ll likely never return. •  The two user choices here are bad and worse ý The Bad Don’t lose them before they’ve even seen the good parts
  • 11. Tutorial - Start Off Simple Take Users by the Hand and Guide Them Into the App •  During the first 30 seconds put the user on rails, don’t let them get lost •  This is your chance to take an uncertain user and create an engaged user •  You can’t display everything, show off your core loop and build from there CSR Racing iOS ý The Good
  • 12. Engagement is key to monetization R •  As progress is more & more difficult, likelihood of monetization increases •  Allow for rapid progress at first and reward users often and early in the game ý The Bad Level  4  of  this  game  is  reached  only    aEer  80  minutes!  Level  4  of  this  game  was  easily  reached    aEer  10  minutes!  More  engagement  =  More  moneLzaLon  ý The Good
  • 13. Store Design and Funnel
  • 14. Store Funnel R •  No more than two clicks •  Make it easy for users to find your store and buy items. •  Prompt to the store when currency runs out
  • 15. Currency Store Design R •  Text is too small •  Nothing grabs users, no calls to action •  Unimaginative icons •  No clear prices for each package •  Put most popular items first ý The Bad
  • 16. Currency Store Design R •  Use icons over text when possible •  Let users know they’re getting a deal •  A well designed, clean store = happy customers •  Design for the phone, not tablet, use all your real estate ý The Good
  • 17. Virtual Goods Store Design R •  Text is hard to read, color scheme is all the same •  What do I get for my upgrade? •  Bank call out is not enticing •  Icons are poor to non existent ý The Bad
  • 18. Virtual Goods Store Design (The Good) R •  Easy to navigate and understand •  Upgrades are clear, I know what I’m getting •  Proper call outs to get more currency •  Large icons over text ý The Good
  • 19. The Devil is In the Details
  • 20. Loading Screens Loading screens are an opportunity to engage users with messages •  Loading screens are by nature timeconsuming •  Give users helpful hints •  Make it humorous •  Make it what you want
  • 21. Daily Rewards •  In the later days of the reward cycle give the users bigger or exclusive rewards •  Show them what they earned and also show them what is coming up Give your users a reward for coming back every day.
  • 22. Build Daily Rewards Into Game Play (CSR Racing)
  • 23. Build Daily Rewards Into Game Play (Subway Surfer)
  • 24. Design is the Name of the Game •  Early games were web first designs, ported over to mobile •  New companies are moving to mobile first design
  • 25. Don’t Let Rules Confine You •  Now take everything we’ve saidand throw it out the window: •  First to market •  Great game mechanic •  Great content •  Hardcore, niche audiences There are always exceptions to the rule
  • 26. Monetization
  • 27. Rewarded Offerwall Non-rewarded Offerwall Featured Ads Banner Ads Mobile Revenue: Ad Types 1Videos
  • 28. Which Ad Units Are Right For My Game? HARDCORE Usage: Highly Engaged User/Smaller User Base Monetization: High ARPDAU ($.15-$1.00) Ad Solution: Alternative Payment Platform CORE Usage: Engaged User/Large User Base Monetization: Mid Level ARPDAU ($.04-$.15) Ad Solution: Alternative Payment Platform Featured Ads/Video Ads CASUAL Usage: Low Engaged User/Massive User Base Monetization: Low ARPDAU ($.01-$.04) Ad Solution: Alt Pay/Featured Ads/Video Ads Banner Ads/Cross Promo Wall Are you leaving revenue on the table? Are you balancing user engagement withmonetization? Have you got realistic revenue ambitions?
  • 29. Final Thoughts
  • 30. One of the advantages of mobile is the possibility to update your gameregularly. For every new game / iteration: •  Choose a region you want to use as you test group (New Zealand, Canada, Ireland) •  Make changes based on metrics findings, user feedback •  Launch new version and set minimum user group size •  Review data on the changes, update and repeat •  Push updates to entire user base when ready •  Keep updating your app with new content GaaS: Gaming as a Service Key  Metrics  to  Collect      •  Total  Installs  •  Total  revenue  (Direct  and  Alt)  •  ARPDAU  •  Install  funnel  •  Downloads,    •  Installs,    •  Tutorial  compleLon  •  Tutorial  CompleLon  Percentage  •  Level  progress  
  • 31. Jean-Vincent ‘JV’ / JVChardon