BBC Radio 4: “Don’t hang up” Transcript


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Transcript of Radio 4's “Don't Hang Up”
Produced by Mark Burman & Presented by Alan Dein - From 'Nightlines' Series 2 Programme 2

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BBC Radio 4: “Don’t hang up” Transcript

  1. 1. BBC RADIO 4: “DON’T HANG UP” Producer: Mark Burman Presenter: Alan Dein SERIES 2 PROGRAMME 2 – `NIGHTLINES’ SCRIPT 1. Music begins- Rudy Vallee’s 1920’s crooning classic Deep Night 2. FX Clock ticking 3. Voice (producer) shouts ‘Come on!’ 4. ALAN DEIN: ‘It’s a cold night and I’m one of the few people walking along the streets.I should be in bed but I’m not going to bed now. I’m going in to the studio to phone telephone boxes. I’m just turning right now. There, I can see the big aerial on top of Broadcasting House. And I’m about to go into my night time session of Don’t Hang Up 5. FX Doors swing 6. Security Guards: Good evening. 7. DEIN: Good evening, how are you? 8. FX Lift ‘Going up’ 9. DEIN: ‘Things change at night. You just feel there’s an energy, a crackle. There’s possibilities. The possibilities you don’t quite get in the day. Children are tucked up in bed.. 10. FX Lift stops and door opens 11. DEIN: When you phone those magic numbers there’s always a possibility that someone will pick up. … 1
  2. 2. 12. FX Studio door opens 13. DEIN: .Studio 80c , the familiar studio right at the top of the building.. 1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4 (fades) 14. Montage - telephone beeps begins 15. DEIN: (Yawn) Ooh, it’s tiring phoning phone boxes late into the night…there’s also a sense of puncturing the darkness , slicing into the midnight world 16. Telephone Voice: Your party is not answering, please try again later…(fades) 17. DEIN: Is anybody there? Is anybody there? Is anybody there? Is anybody there? (Overlaps and fades) 17 b - Deep Night Song fades up “Deep Night, stars in the sky above, moonlight bringing you nearer and nearer…deep in the arms of love”.. 18. DEIN begins countup 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 19. FX Clock ticks louder and louder and the stops 20. DEIN: 10! 21. FX Phone picked up - Margate Man: Hello, sex line, what would your problem be? 22. DEIN: Oh, I haven’t got a problem 23. MARGATE MAN: You sure, no piles, no lumps? 24. DEIN: Not at all, this is actually the BBC… 25. MARGATE MAN: Oh, it’s the BBC? 2
  3. 3. 26. MUSIC `Don’t Hang Up’ theme begins 27. DEIN: Yes, it is indeed and I’m phoning telephone boxes up and down the country talking to people for a documentary I’m making. 28. MARGATE MAN: Oh well, well it’s not really sex line 29. DEIN: How are you? 30. MARGATE MAN: Yeah I’m fine. (voices off spill over the receiver) 31. DEIN: Good, good, good. Where have I phoned? 32. MARGATE MAN: You’ve phoned Margate 33. DEIN: Right how are things in Margate tonight? 34. MARGATE MAN: Margate’s pretty good actually, telling you the truth. I’m sitting in a phone box, drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette 35. DEIN: So do you live and work in Margate? 36. MARGATE MAN: Ah, yeah, I’m not working at the moment.I’m looking for a job 37. DEIN: How long have you been out of work? 38. MARGATE MAN: I’ve been out of work for about 6 months now (fades) 39. DEIN STUDIO: And so it begins. Stumbling into other lives, with no route map, no guide and no preparation for the people I was about to encounter. 40. MARGATE MAN I used to do a selling job, door to door, but it went down the toilet really 3
  4. 4. 41. DEIN - In what way, what happened? 42. MARGATE MAN- I got too good at and the man sacked me 43. DEIN - You got be kidding, what kind of things were you selling? 44. MARGATE MAN- I was selling tea towels and all that…..(other Voice off mic) Do you know what, I’ve just got to meet my friends, is that enough time for you? 45. DEIN: How long have you got? Couple of minutes? 46. MARGAGE MAN - I’ve got to go right now, do you want to talk to one of my friends? 47. DEIN - Yeah, Sure 48. FX Phone receiver fumbled Voice: Hello? 49. Music – 3rd Symphony/Gorecki 50. DEIN STUDIO: From stranger to stranger. A voice leading me on a wild ride into worlds unknown… 51. MARGATE TEENAGE GIRL- Hello, 52. Music Gorecki returns 53. DEIN - Is the night still young for you or is this about going home time? 54. GIRL - This is the night’s still young, bruv 55. DEIN -Oh right, what happens tonight in Margate? 56. GIRL - Everyone gets drunk and just gets out of their nut and starts fighting or just has a good time 4
  5. 5. 57. DEIN - And what are you going to do, do you think? 58. GIRL - Whatever happens, whatever happens innit? Last night some man jumped my friend, yeah, and I just kicked him in the rib and he kicked me in the nose and my nose went, Poom! with blood. And I got up off the floor and started weighing him in, beating him up and that.. 59. DEIN - Oh boy, you okay now, you all right? 60. GIRL - Yeah I’m fine 61. DEIN - So how old are you? 62. GIRL - 14 63. DEIN - 14? 14?! God, so what time are you supposed to get home tonight? 64. GIRL - Well. I’m staying at a mates house, so I don’t really have a time 65. DEIN – Right, okay. Do your parents know what you get up to? 66. GIRL - no 67. DEIN - Do you ever tell them? 68. GIRL – No. Am I on the radio? 69. DEIN - No, not live, we are trying to get a sense of what Britain is like. But the way we are doing it is thru’ the telephone box, random encounters. Most people have got mobile phones today, maybe in 10 years time there won’t be any public telephone boxes left. 70. GIRL - Oh yeh 71. DEIN -Have you got a mobile phone? 72. GIRL - No I smashed it 5
  6. 6. 73. DEIN - You what? 74. GRIL - Smashed it 75. DEIN - Smashed it, how did you smash it? 76. GIRL - Because somebody was pissing me off on the ‘phone so I smashed it against the wall 77. DEIN - Oh boy 78. Music – Gorecki 79. Fx phone ringing 80. NEW ZEALAND CALLER – Helloo, hello 81. DEIN - Hello. This is London, BBC Radio in London phoning 82. NZ - Really. Oh just imaging if my relatives heard this, I hope they don’t recognise my name 83. DEIN- Would you rather keep it that way? 84. NZ - My name can be Aleysha 85. Music – Stardust performed by Nat Gonella – runs thru’ 86. DEIN - Ok Aleysha that is fine 87. NZ - Hi UK, telephone boxes here don’t ring 88. DEIN - Absolutely. Well this is something we’ve managed to do, we’ve asked the New Zealand telephone authorities to raise the lines, what that means is that they will accept incoming phone calls. 89. NZ - Yep 90. DEIN -So thankfully you picked up 91. NZ - Have you called many people in New Zealand? 6
  7. 7. 92. DEIN - No, you are the first 93. NZ- Must have been fate. I’m hitchhiking at the moment, on my way up to Auckland and I’m a transsexual 94. DEIN - Why are you hitchhiking? What is your reason for travelling thru’ New Zealand? 95. NZ - Tonight my friend got arrested and is going to jail so said ‘We’ll, I’m going to hitch up to Auckland and go back home’ 96. DEIN - How frustrating, got arrested 97. NZ - Got arrested for drunk driving 98. DEIN - Oh ok 99. NZ - You don’t drink and drive ok, it’s a bad move 100. DEIN- It is a he or a she? 101. NZ - Like me, both. 102. DEIN - Right, of course, you mentioned you are a transsexual, you said that straight away in fact. 103. NZ - yes I’m a transgender woman 104. DEIN- when did you discover that you were transsexual? 105. NZ - I’m 20yrs old, I discovered myself when I was about 15 or 16, but I’ve always been feminine and dressing up in my mothers clothes when I was a toddler, that’s me. 106. Music cross fades from Stardust to Gorecki 107. FX of phone receiver being banged 108. DEIN - What are your plans? You are still at school I presume, you are 14 7
  8. 8. 109. MARGATE TEENAGE GIRL- No I been kicked out of school 110. DEIN - you were kicked out of school, what for? 111. GIRL - Threatening a girl with a plastic knife 112. DEIN - Are you a girl? 113. GIRL - Yeh 114. DEIN - So you were beating up a fellow girlfriend, I suppose she wasn’t a friend, but 115. GIRL - Yeh 116. DEIN - So what happens now? 117. GIRL - I don’t go to school and no other school will take me round here 118. DEIN - So what do you do during the day? 119. GIRL - Go out and get drunk 120. DEIN - Don’t you get bored? 121. GIRL - No ‘cause there’s always something to do until late at night. I had a row with my Mum so I’m staying at a mates house, so I’m out till late and she is 16 so her Dad don’t really care 122. DEIN – Out of curiousity, what has happened to all your friends? 123. GIRL - They are all standing outside drinking vodka 124. DEIN - A bottle of vodka? 125. GIRL – Yeh 8
  9. 9. 126. DEIN - Where did you get the bottle from? 127. GIRL - We stand out side the shop and get people to get it for us. But my mates just been shipded off in an ambulance because she is too drunk and she like had to get her stomach pumped because she was drinking too much vodka and she’s only 15. 128. DEIN - Do you know how she is? 129. GIRL - No, but I think the ambulance rung her parents tho’. Everyone is talking about everything, talking about drugs, drink, whatever they can get their hands on. 130. DEIN - Is there a good likelihood tonight you are going to find drugs? 131. GIRL - I don’t really take drugs, I just smoke weed. 132. Music – Sudden Attack 133. GIRL - The police are coming over to me now 134. DEIN - Who’s coming over to you now? 135. GIRL - The police. 136. DEIN - The police are actually coming over to you as we speak? 137. GIRL - At this phone box. My mate has been pulled over by the clocktower. I’ll just be quiet for 2 minutes. But it’s alright I’ll talk to you still 138. DEIN - Maybe that’s a good thing, you are out of harm’s way. You are just talking. So what’s going on right now? 9
  10. 10. 139. GIRL - The police are actually right next to me searching thru’ a bin right now. My mate’s over by the clocktower getting searched by 3 policemen and 1 woman and there’s a big, like – what is it? police van, I call it a meatwagon, but obviously you wouldn’t understand that, right next to me across the road. The man has got a truncheon in his hand and he can’t see me no more, he’s walked straight past me (laughs). 140. DEIN -Yeh 141. GIRL - Right and he can’t see me no more, he’s walked right past me. 142. FX phone ringing, music fades 143. FLORIDA POLICEMAN - Hello 144. Music – Walkin’ the Blues 145. DEIN- Hello, where am I phoning please? 146. POLICEMAN- This is the rest area at mile marker 63. 147. DEIN - Is this a payphone? 148. POLICEMAN -Yes 149. DEIN - Who am I speaking to? 150. POLICEMAN - My name is Ron Curry, I do security here at this rest area 151. DEIN- And is it quiet at the moment? 152. POLICEMAN - Yes 153. DEIN - I’m sitting in a studio in London and I’ve got no idea where I’m phoning, what it looks like. Can you give me a picture, describe the area that I’m phoning please. 10
  11. 11. 154. POLICEMAN- We are right in the middle of the Florida Everglades, which is primarily swamp land. Most of the inhabitants of this area are either alligators, deer, wild pigs, there are snakes out of here. The interstate that runs from the East coast Florida to West coast is Interstate 75 and this section is known as alligator alley. 155. FX Loud metallic insects 156. Music – Sudden Attack 157. MARGATE TEENAGE GIRL-The police are walking across the road right now and Charlotte my mate is getting dragged by a policeman into the riot van, oh my god she is actually getting dragged into the police van, oh no she is running now. 158. DEIN - So why has it all kicked off? 159. GIRL - I don’t know I’m talking to you 160. GIRL - Charlotte! Come here! Charlotte! 161. Music – Sudden Attack rises and cross fades with Walkin’ The Blues 162. POLICEMAN – I’ve been a police officer on a small island, I’ve been a deputy sheriff in a big county in Florida, I’ve done a little bit of everything. I’ve actually been an instructor at the police academy. I’ve been doing security slash law enforcement-type work for almost twenty years now. 163. GIRL- Charlotte. 164. Voice – Hello there. 165. NZ – It’s really really tiny, there’s no people around. Gee that, that’s dark. There’s nobody around, there’s absolutely nobody. I’ve been opening up the door 11
  12. 12. now. 166. GIRL - Charlotte, come ‘ere. See I’ve called her over and she’s walking over now. There’s two policemen at the traffic lights, that’s actually just about a minute. away from me. 167. NZ – There’s no nightclubs or pubs or anything here, in fact I … painting the lines on the road. It’s what New Zealand is like, New Zealand is a really really quiet place. 168. GIRL - Come ‘ere, quickly get in here. Why did they pull you over? 169. CHARLOTTE - I was being searched. Hello? 170. DEIN - Hello. 171. CHARLOTTE - I was being searched and I was ….. by the old Bill. 172. DEIN - What were they searching you for? 173. CHARLOTTE - A phone. 174. DEIN - A phone. Have they found anything? 175. CHARLOTTE - No. Oi, police. 176. NZ – There’s no wars, and everyone’s peaceful and, you know, I am quite grateful really, although sometimes I do wish that New Zealand would hurry up and catch up with the rest of the world, because we are a little bit back in time. 177. CHARLOTTE - Oi, Police. 178. GIRL - Hello. 179. DEIN - Are the police going to go away or are they, have they decided that you haven’t got a phone and they’re moving on, or are they still interested in you and your friends? 12
  13. 13. 180. GIRL - They think we’ve nicked a phone off some girl, but we haven’t. 181. Music – Insane Asylum- Koko Taylor 182. POLICEMAN – Basically what I do is I provide security and protection for the people that are in this area, as far as having back-up or whatever I’ve got it if I need it. And right now there’s a couple of cars here, a couple of rigs, you know you look to see who’s out here and you watch the people in the cars, make sure they’re okay, and.. 183. GIRL - He’s taking my name, and her address off Charlotte, and he’s taken her name and address. 184. DEIN - Yes. 185. GIRL - But Charlotte’s telling him that I’m on the phone to my mum, so he can’t really do nothing. 186. DEIN - Right okay. 187. POLICEMAN – I do a lot of patrolling on foot rather than in a vehicle here, because you can see more. And there was a young lady that was in a car that appeared to be asleep, which is not uncommon, it happens every day, so I walked 13
  14. 14. around and watched her, and after a couple of hours I became kind of concerned because she was sleeping and wasn’t moving. But she was breathing. I started tapping on the window and got no response from her and I really got concerned so I came back to my vehicle, got in there, drove it over there, put all the spotlights on her and banging on the windows, blowing my horn, and she wasn’t waking up 188. Music- Gorecki reappears 189. . A fire truck and an ambulance came out, they broke the windows out of the car and took her out of there. She had tried committing suicide by overdosing, and that was just last night. 190. DEIN - That was just last night? 191. POLICEMAN – That was twenty-four hours ago. You know you get that sixth sense, whatever you want to call the gut instinct. 192. DEIN - Do you know much about her? 193. POLICEMAN – All I know is she was a young girl in her twenties. I don’t even know her name. 194. Music – 3rd Symphony/Gorecki swells 195. POLICEMAN – She was taken to the hospital in Naples and she is alive and in intensive car right now. 196. DEIN - Thanks to you. 197. POLICEMAN – Mm hm. 198. DEIN - You saved her life. 199. POLICEMAN – Yeah. That’s what the job is all about. 200. NZ – I’m in love with somebody but he’s in jail. I met him in jail. I was in jail 14
  15. 15. too myself. 201. DEIN - What were you in jail for, can I ask? Or is it, you know… 202. NZ – Breaking into cars and pinching them, all because I’ll be on drugs and I’ll be wanting another hit, another fix. Oh it’s, how did I get myself into that sort of trouble? And I just got out not long ago. 203. DEIN - And what’s going on down in Margate? 204. Music: Rudy Vallee ‘If you were the only girl in the world 205. GIRL - It’s quite light now, like it’s dark but it’s got like lights everywhere so it’s quite bright. And there’s loads of like Goths walking past me now. I hate ‘em. People with black hair, black make-up and black lipstick and black nail varnish and wear proper baggy trousers and like. 206. DEIN - Oh yeah. 207. GIRL - And there’s a guy looking at me right now. 208. FX Banging. 209. GIRL - Oh who’s that? Someone’s banging on the window.. Go away you mug. 210. FX Banging continues. 211. GIRL - Who’s that? I’d better… 212. DEIN - What was it like, going inside? 213. NZ – It wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. There was a lot of dudey guys in there, but apart from that, it was easy, it was more like a holiday. I was treated like a girl. As long as I had a mirror and as long as I had like a lighter to make some make-up out of, do you know I was fine, really. I had other people 15
  16. 16. like me, like transgendered people, in there with me as well. 214. Music – Vallee Vocal- ‘If you were the only girl in the world and I were the only boy’ 215. FX – Banging continued 216. GIRL - Oh it’s my mate. 217. DEIN - Oh that’s okay. I was a bit worried for you for a bit, I thought oh boy. Have you been in this situation before? 218. GIRL - Well I’ve been nicked loads of times.. 4 criminal damages, and then I beat a man up outside the cinema and got done for actually bodily harm or something. 219. DEIN - You beat a man up? 220. GIRL - Yeah. 221. DEIN - What for? 222. GIRL - Because he spat at my mate . So I punched him in the head about ten times. He fell to the floor and I started stamping on his like privates. If I get nicked one more time then I’ll go straight to jail, but when I’m drunk I’m don’t really care. I don’t walk away from no-one, I don’t care how old they are I had a best mate, yeah, and she ended up killing herself for bullies, and I swear 16
  17. 17. to God I beat the bullies. I hate a bully yeah. I only fight people when they start, so at the end of the day if anyone tries bullying me I’ll end up killing them ‘cos I hate bullies so much. But me and my girls, yeah, we run away on this town yeah and no-one says nothing to us, yeah. We wake up in the morning in our pyjamas and that and we walk down Margate seaside and no-one says nothing, because they know they’ll just get, you know… 223. Music rises – ‘If you were the only girl in the world and I were the only boy.’ 224. NZ – I walked into the wing and there’s all these boys and they were all staring and then I just walked into my cell and he sort of just came into my cell after me and we were just talking away and it happened from there. I’ve been writing and putting money into his account and stuff. He’s going to be out soon, so I’m looking forward to that. 225. DEIN - Is he transexual too? 226. NZ – No, no. I don’t, I don’t like transexuals, I like normal guys. 227. DEIN - What did you like about him? 228. NZ – Big muscles! Someone who could protect me. 229. DEIN - What’s he in for? 230. NZ – Assault, I think. 231. Music – Don’t Hang Up theme 232. DEIN - So basically you’re, you’re kind of invincible because you’re a gang and you know people know that.. 233. GIRL - Who you are and that. 234. DEIN - Who you are yeah. 17
  18. 18. 235. GIRL - They don’t say nothing. 236. DEIN - Yeah. Do you have a particular look? Because when I was young for example, girls like yourself they looked a bit like skinheads, and they had a particular look with DMs, jeans and jackets. 237. GIRL - That was like what my mum used to dress like. 238. DEIN - Oh right. 239. GIRL – Like skinheads and that. My mum’s only thirty yeah. Nowadays yeah everyone just dresses up in tracksuits and that and it’s like.. Do you know what a chav means? A chav means like a tracksuit person like. I’ve got an Academic tracksuit on right now and black Nikes, and you probably don’t even know what it means. 240. Music – My Babe/Little Walter: ‘I love to look at my baby’s face…’ 241. DEIN - I must ask you, so obviously I can’t see you, I’ve got no idea what you look like. I don’t know if you can see your own reflection in the, in the booth. 242. NZ – I can actually. 243. DEIN - You can? Right. How do you look? 244. NZ – I look all right. (LAUGHS) I have my hair in pigtails, I’m wearing a really little dress, I’m tall, I’m fair Maori, which means I’m just, I’m white but I’m a Maori. Knee high boots, big hooped earrings, a big necklace, lots of make- up, sunglasses on my head and a couple of bags. And I’m only dressed like this really so guys can stop and they’ll think that I’m a girl and I’m jumped in the car 18
  19. 19. ready, so they can’t check me out, and they’ll be giving me a ride to my next destination. 245. DEIN - And do you get picked up? You know when I say picked… 246. NZ – Yeah, I get picked up by different people, like I sort of try and create that illusion, you know, of them thinking that I’m a girl, and then oops, sorry, it’s a man! No -got no breasts- a flat chested woman! 247. Music – My Babe: ‘you can use your imagination…’ 248. NZ – There’s lots of transgendered people here in New Zealand. It’s in our culture, it’s in the Maori culture. It’s like a spiritual thing. Transexual people have been around for many many generations. 249. DEIN - Are you at college? Are you working or what’s your kind of current status, if that’s a fair enough description? 250. NZ – My current status would be in parlours, in stripping, like in the sex industry, I work regularly but I’m my own boss, and I don’t pay taxes, so don’t tell my New Zealand government. 251. DEIN - Well can you describe a working day? 252. NZ – Okay nighttime comes, I decide what outfits to wear, put on my make-up, either go to a parlour or work on the street. A lot of guys just want you know a bit of this and a bit of that, and as long as I see the cash well then I’m theirs for the next hour. It’s all just for money really. It’s like you going to work to do 19
  20. 20. your radio thing. 253. Music – Elli Elli 254. POLICEMAN – I generally try to have the attitude that I trust everybody until they give me a reason not to trust ‘em. 255. DEIN - From your position as a law enforcement officer how do you do that? How do you read people? 256. POLICEMAN – When you’re trying to get information out of people you have to be interested, or at least appear to be interested in what they have to say, 257. Yes 258. One thing that I find it’s very helpful, if you anticipate how they’re going to answer the questions, or how they should answer the questions. It’s like I tell my kids, there’s never a question that I ask you that I don’t already know the answer to. It’s not about being on a power trip, it’s not about putting somebody in jail, it’s not about writing somebody a citation for driving too fast, it’s about helping people. There was a period in time where I became very callous because of a lot of the negativity in life. There were murders happening and it was just overwhelming, the disrespect for life. 259. DEIN - And how do you deal with that? 260. POLICEMAN – Well I’m very fortunate. I’ve got a twin brother, and he’s been in law enforcement a year longer than I have been, and we talk a lot. And just talking about things and relating to things kind of helps you get through the rough 20
  21. 21. spots. 261. Music –3rd Symphony/Gorecki re-appears and runs throughout 262. GIRL - My dad and my mum have split up, I’ve had a row with mum ‘cos she’s going out with a skaghead. They had my future told, yeah, and they said that I’d be tall and pretty and they said that I’d be in prison by the time I’m eighteen, and I’d have five kids. 263. DEIN - What would you like to do though? You know if you had a nice dream, and you think is what I’d like to do in ten years’ time, what would you like to do? 264. GIRL - Well, every girl’s dream innit, like be rich and that. 265. DEIN - Have a job later? 266. GIRL - Have a job and that, and a nice house. 267. DEIN - Yeah, yeah. But do you think that could happen? 268. GIRL - Well not the way I’m going, no, but I can’t really sort myself out because when I get angry I get angry and there’s no-one stopping me. 269. NZ – I was quite lucky with my family. My family were just worried about me, and just said no matter who or what I am they just want me to be happy and safe. 270. POLICEMAN – That is the key to the whole thing, not just somebody to talk to but somebody that can relate to the stories that you’re telling them. 271. DEIN - Yes. 272. POLICEMAN – That you can talk to. There’s a lot of law enforcement officers that you know talk about their situations but because of the persona that a law 21
  22. 22. enforcement officer holds, you know the tough guy, being the hero, a lot of us don’t like showing their emotional side, so a lot of them keep it to themselves, and it’s unfortunate there’s a lot of divorce and a lot of law enforcement officers that commit suicide themselves. 273. DEIN - Is there anyone you can talk to? 274. GIRL - There’s no-one I can talk to because I really don’t get on with my family, because I clash too much with my mum. When I go and meet my mate, we just go out, we either get some weed or we just go and get drunk, so I really don’t have no time to talk ‘cos then otherwise I just go home drunk and just fall asleep, or otherwise I just go to my mate’s house and go to sleep. 275. DEIN - Is there any youth clubs around? 276. GIRL - No. 277. DEIN - Nothing at all? 278. GIRL - Nothing. I wish there was, because like keep me out of trouble and that. 279. DEIN - Yeah. Is there a time when you could say you’re at peace, you’re in somewhere where you’re feeling really, just really tranquil, very relaxed, very happy with yourself? 280. GIRL - When I’m stoned! But when I’m drunk I get so violent – unbelievable. I start on everyone. 281. POLICEMAN – I was dealing with a husband and wife that were having a fight, and I was wrestling with the husband because he was trying to get to the wife. This officer was coming to back me up. He was driving a little bit too fast, went around a kerb and flipped his car. When the next shift came on we ended up 22
  23. 23. going to the hospital and he was gone when we got there. You know he was coming to help you, and it’s not a good feeling. Now his two daughters and his wife don’t have a father any more. 282. NZ – I’ve only got sisters left now. I did have a brother but he passed away. 283. DEIN - Oh I’m sorry. 284. NZ – In a car accident. That’s all right. (nervous laugh) He was an older brother. 285. DEIN - Was he someone that you were close with? 286. NZ – I was close with him, close to him. But he started a family before he passed away. 287. DEIN - How long ago did your brother pass away? 288. NZ – The year 2000. 289. DEIN - So it’s roughly the time when you came out and… 290. NZ – I was coming out. Yeah it’s all sort of happened at once. I haven’t really spoken about it much since he passed away, but talking about it now, I do think about him but like I’ve got used to the fact that you’ve got to eventually pass on, and, yeah I just sort of hope that he’s in a better place than what I am in. 291. DEIN - Do you want your children to do what you’re doing now? 292. GIRL – No I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t let them turn out like me. 293. DEIN - So what advice… 294. GIRL - I know how my mum feels as well, she knows I get into fights and that obviously because I get nicked and that and she has to come down the station to bail me out, but the way I feel right now is that I don’t care about nothing, I’m 23
  24. 24. just going to throw everything way. But when I’m older I’m just going to regret everything, I just hope I grow up soon because otherwise I’m just going to leave everything. 295. POLICEMAN – I’ve got a daughter that’s very interested in law enforcement, but from like a crime analyst point of view. As far as being like an actual street cop, I really wouldn’t want my kids to you know go through the, the mental and the physical torment and anguish that I had to go through myself you know. 296. GIRL - I’m fourteen years of age and I can still say I’ve had a hard life. I’ve been in twenty refuges – that is women beating refuges. I went in there with my mum and I was only about eight and I’ve grown up all through that. I’ve seen my mum got beaten up and everything. But, like when I drink it takes my mind off everything. When I’m angry I think about everything that’s happened to me and I start fighting. I’ve said it too many times that I’ll try and sort myself out, but I know for a fact that I can’t. 297. DEIN - On the brighter side of life, you know you’ve served your time and you’re out, your partner will be out of jail soon – if I was to phone you five years from now, what do you think you’ll be doing? 298. NZ – Five years time now I hope to be qualified for something. I want to walk the straight and narrow in life, get off drugs, get out of the sex industry. 299. DEIN - I can’t see you becoming the Ambassador for New Zealand! 300. NZ – No way, no no., I wouldn’t, I’d be the opposite. 301. DEIN - The anti-Ambassador for New Zealand! 302. NZ – Yeah absolutely, that’s me. But now I’ve got to go hitching now. 24
  25. 25. 303. DEIN - I’m going to leave you to the road and.. 304. Music- Deep Night returns gently underneath 305. NZ – Thank you so much. 306. DEIN - And have a really good journey back. 307. NZ – And thank you for talking to me. 308. DEIN - Thank you for not hanging up. Best wishes and goodnight. 309. NZ – Goodnight. 310. FX – NZ hanging phone up. 311. GIRL – No one is around me no more … 312. DEIN - And all your friends have gone? 313. GIRL Yeah all my friends have walked up town. 314. DEIN - Well look, have a good evening. 315. GIRL - I will. 316. DEIN - Just try and just chill out. 317. GIRL - I will. 318. DEIN - And what we’re going to do is we’re going to be phoning this phone box again. 319. GIRL - Yeah. If I’m around I’ll answer it. 320. DEIN - Yeah, okay, it’ll be nice to chat. You know look after yourself, just look after yourself. 321. GIRL - Okay, thank you. And you. Bye. 25
  26. 26. 322. DEIN - See you. 323. GIRL - Yeah, bye, bye. 324. FX Girl hangs up phone. Long Tone from phone. 325. FX Bleeps from phones, the dialling starts again. 326. Telephone Voice: Your party is not answering, please try your call later. 327. GIRL (faint with reverb) – ‘Charlotte, come here’. END – Duration 27.44 26