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Spain culture and business

Spain culture and business



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Spain final presentation Spain final presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Spain Soumya Kethu Philip Glover Bryn Loeffler Jeffrey Chan Linda Zhang Kathleen Dolan
  • Skit • Business Interaction
  • Location & Map of Spain
  • Regions of Spain
  • Sevilla
  • El Catedral De Sevilla
  • Granada
  • Barcelona
  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Regions of Spain & Stereotypes Spain is very culturally diverse amongst its regions. • Northern Spain: Known to be strong, rough and really loud. • Eastern Spain: Consists of Barcelona, which many people are annoyed at because of their attempts to become independent. • Coastal Spain: Popular for tourism because of the warm weather and beaches. • Southern Spain: Very relaxed and chill environment. • Mid-Spain: Aside from Madrid (the capital) , consists of mostly farmers.
  • Barcelona vs. Madrid • Barcelona resents Madrid because of their past attempt to repress Barcelona’s Catalan culture and target Catalan men in drafts. • Barcelona is very touristy, thus prices are higher. Barcelona Madrid
  • Stereotypes and Culture
  • Spanish Stereotypes  Flamenco  Spain as a unified country  Lazy  Bullfighting
  • Flamenco  1400s=Gypsy tradition of folk music and dance performed in “cafes cantantes”  1800s=Dance academies (escuela bolero), theater  Countless kinds of flamenco based on region, based on rhythm, lyrics, etc.  abandolao  huevla  alegria
  • Flamenco
  • Bullfighting  National treasure or source of embarrassment?  Outlawed in Catalonia and Canary Islands  Stages  Tercio de Varas  Tercio de Banderillas  Tercio de Muerte
  • Religion in Spain
  • Catholicism • Catholicism and Islam have been in conflict since Spain had religion • Catholicism was the official religion of Spain till 1931 and again from 1939 – 1971 • Spain has had religious freedom since the death of Francisco Franco • Catholicism is an obligatory lessons in schools • Some taxes still go to Catholic church
  • Semana Santa • Holy Week leading up to Easter • Celebration emphasizes the death of Jesus and the suffering of his crucifixion • The elements within the celebration illustrate the value Spaniards put on visual beauty • Ornate floats • Flowers • Intricate costumes • Bright fabrics, and banners
  • Business in Spain
  • Communication Style • Understated • Personal pride and honor important but they do not respect people who brag a lot about themselves • Indirect • Expect listeners to read between the lines and like to do small talk while doing business. • Face Saving is Important • Personal honor is very important, and criticism is seen as personal and not objective, and an exercise of rank • Value Intuition and Experience • Prefer to talk to people they trust and make decisions based on intuition rather than completely rely on facts.
  • 1st Meeting • 15-20 minute wait for meetings is very common • Be formal, and address as Senora, Senior, or Senorita • Handshakes are appropriate • Become acquainted before diving into business details • Talk about family, and background to build trust • Meetings don’t tend to stick directly with agenda, and negotiations can be lengthy
  • Spain Today
  • Unemployment at a Peak • Topics of government and politics are to be avoided • Blame government for high unemployment rates • Unemployment climbing steeply since the 2008 global financial crisis • Highest level since Franco’s dictatorship in 1975
  • Politics
  • Skit • Social Interaction
  • Spanish Food
  • Spanish Food  Paella  Octopus/Shellfish (Galicia)  Tortilla Espanola  Salmorejo  Gazpacho  Croquetas  Churros  HAM