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  • VW used a small device with a recorded attached to the print advertisement which spoke about VW. The campaign created a sensation and managed to garner worldwide attention. What that led to was a huge increase in brand awareness about VW.
  • Asked Visitors to login and tweet on wat they wd do to get their hands on a jetta. Anshv to whacky n clever.. Best tweet gets a jetta.
  • Volkswagen!

    1. 1. • GROUP C1
    2. 2. Question What are VW‟s brand strategies in India? (Audi, Skoda, VW)
    3. 3. Volkswagen  Volkswagen Group India, the Indian subsidiary is a part of Volkswagen AG  Headquarters → Pune  VW‟s foray into India started in 2001 when it launched the Skoda brand  2007 – Audi & Volkswagen launched
    4. 4. Volkswagen  Approached India with a radically different and innovative marketing strategy  Three key pillars - innovative, valuable and responsible  Currently the brand is focusing on the first pillar  Raised the brand awareness from 8 percent to 39 percent within a year  Digital marketing - one of the key media of marketing  Company launched an integrated marketing campaign to build its brand image
    5. 5. Innovative Marketing  Trendsetter in innovative marketing  VW India created a path breaking campaign – the “talking newspaper”  „Silver Jacket‟ - Print campaigns in glossy paper with metallic finish, „Time for Volkswagen‟  360⁰ Campaign – Everywhere the customer looks, he looks at your brand  Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    6. 6. SKODA  Launched its first product, OCTAVIA, in India in 2001  Strategy of gauging the price sensitive Indian market  One step ahead of its rivals to save cost and make cars more affordable in India  VW group will integrate all of its manufacturing facilities in India to contain costs  The basic strategy of Skoda was to bring premium diesel cars to the Indian market
    7. 7. Skoda Fabia  The Skoda Fabia - super hatchback  "The Fabia is a car so good that you won't believe it's a Skoda“  The Fabia was launched with a number of television, print and poster ads  The initial TV campaign ran for four-and-a-half weeks and the print and poster campaign ran for two weeks.
    8. 8. Audi  One of the world‟s leading premium brands  Innovative, modern and sporty  Significant amount of classical above-the-line brand building  Digital space is extremely important  From M-B-A to A  Engaging our brand with Bollywood movies
    9. 9. Audi  Audi‟s logo, image, colors and designs are consistent  Current marketing spend 60% - Print 15% - Traditional Online 15% - Social Media 10% - Television  Great design feature - Daytime running lights  “S” shape lights have made the car identifiable from a distance
    10. 10. QUESTION Analyze TATA Motors‟ global strategy towards becoming an auto major
    11. 11. TATA MOTORS  One of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles  South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina and is planning to set up plants in Turkey Indonesia and Eastern Europe  First company from india's engineering sector to be listed in the NYSE
    12. 12. GLOBAL STRATEGY  Focus on a narrow base of 14-15 countries where market conditions are similar to that of India  The idea is to have self sustained operations in this narrow band of countries
    13. 13. In South Korea  Entered by acquiring Daewoo  Daewoo - Tremendous synergies in terms of product strategy and R & D  Tata Motors planned to use this to leverage the technology
    14. 14. In Thailand  Formed a joint venture with Thonburi Automotive Plant  Thailand is the second most competitive market for pickups  New pickup trucks developed here will be sold in both domestic and export markets.
    15. 15. In America  Alliance with Fiat  A relationship that seeks to play off mutual strengths  Tata Motors will have access to Fiat's multi-jet diesel engines  A new car plant providing flexibility in production
    16. 16. Jaguar Land Rover  Acquiring JLR → significant potential for revenue synergies  Greater international distribution, broader product range and better customer service skills  Access to world-class engineering capability
    17. 17. What did they Achieve? National Footprint Product portfolio Unique Customer Experience Leverage technology Brand Reputation
    18. 18. THANK YOU!