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Serendipity, Microsoft Oslo and the Office Graph (London SUGUK)
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Serendipity, Microsoft Oslo and the Office Graph (London SUGUK)


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A conceptual, relatively non-tech session on Serendipity, Microsoft Oslo and most importantly the Office Graph presented at the London SharePoint User Group, June 2014

A conceptual, relatively non-tech session on Serendipity, Microsoft Oslo and most importantly the Office Graph presented at the London SharePoint User Group, June 2014

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Dave Snowden (Ex-IBM)
    Place of Multiple Belongings – multiple influencers
    SenseMaking model, not a Classification Model

    Highlight Analysis versus Facilitation in each zone.

    SharePoint Projects are typically in the Complex zone

    Business Problems & SharePoint projects are what I would class as “Complex” Problems
    Show the pronounced ‘canevan’ - Cynefin Matrix… Show where Business & SharePoint is versus a technology problem.

    Simple Domain - “Everytime you do X you get Y”
    Complicated Domain - “If you apply method A, on the advice of experts B and C, you will get to Z”
    Exchange deployment
    Complex Domain - “Based on department X feedback, let’s try this new configuration of sites, document libraries, folders and content types”
    Business projects & SharePoint
    Chaotic Domain- “Try method A and see whether it got you any closer to Z. Review whether your understanding of Z has changed as a result”
  • Serendipity means a "fortuitous happenstance" or "pleasant surprise". It was coined by Horace Walpole in 1754. In a letter he wrote to a friend Walpole explained an unexpected discovery he had made by reference to a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip. The princes, he told his correspondent, were “always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of”.
  • Switch off the projector.
    Do a manual Office Graph Serendipity 
  • I think Microsofts journey in this direction started with FAST Search….
    But from a user experience perspective you just got the kinda search results you expect from Bing or Google…
  • The start of Oslo and Office Graph.
    Hugh Wood says (In a discussion before the Oslo announcement about Serendipity in workplace design etc:
    "Through patterns of social interaction, decisions can be pre-empted, in computing this is also the way search engines are going.
    Even predictive text"
    The serendipity in me saying this, was that it was months before Graph was announced. ;)“
    It did sort of exist before in at least 2 other forms
    Yammer - Yammer Enterprise Graph - Enterprise Graph, which Yammer introduced by trying to show how users were related to one another.
  • Ain’t for the business… it’s just more technology (very cool technology).
    By leveraging insights from Office 365 and mapping the relationships between people, groups, files and conversations through machine learning, we can intelligently connect and surface the most relevant content using the Office Graph.
    This is the power of social, cloud, big data, and machine learning coming together. Office Graph will power many new personalized and contextual experiences for people using Office 365

    Found in Office365 soon… anyone spied it yet?
  • Win 8 App, more of a Showcase of the art of the possible
  • Win 8 App, more of a Showcase of the art of the possible
  • Win 8 App, more of a Showcase of the art of the possible
  • Win 8 App, more of a Showcase of the art of the possible
  • Now is cool, but the future value isI think where we should focus our attention.
    With 90 day release cycles this future may not be that far away,,,
  • Open API’s
    Enable us to create signals
    Create our own sentiment analysis
    Create our own reactions
    Make our own insights on data, interactions
  • This to me will be THE breakthrough….
    When we can look internally and externally and pull all that data together (no silos please)
    Listening to external systems, social media, SAP, O365 and interpreting these signals.
    Dynamics has some of this… Insights through our CRM contacts, what are they doing, who else knows them etc.
  • [VERY] Clever technology
    Big Data (Internally and Externally)
  • So how will this change the face of your business, your customers and your workforce?
    Ask the audience
    More focus on social and people.
    Context aware – what ive been pushing clients to do for years
    Efficiency increases
    Increase the awareness and value of knowledge (sum of the parts)
  • Social architect – what signals, what relationships, what does it all mean?
  • Internal and external if we do this right and use it for Good  #Dont’BeEvil
  • All well and good generating signals and analysing, but no value if we don’t do anything with these outputs (Oslo is the 1st step), but it is a showcase, an insight into one direction you can take with this stuff
  • Why do we need this stuff?
    What about legislation such as “Right to be forgotten”
    What do we track? Privacy Data protection Local Laws
    What if we don’t like what the ‘system’ tells us?
    Can we always infer what the relationships mean?
    What about ‘false positives’ serendipity-squared – story of sharing Spotify subscription or Buying kids presents messing up the analytics of Amazon
    (All information governance considerations)
  • [External] Systems will make assumptions as to what we want to share (Do we want this?)
    Interactions may be tracked that we don’t want or expect
    We will have access to a flood of more data and potential insights (what do we do with this?)
  • Crazy Good or Crazy Bad….
    PA versus PI
    It feels like we will all end up with this technology being our own PI (Private Investigator) rather than PA (Assistant… the technology rather than helping achieve our goals is telling us stuff we do or maybe do not want to know!
    Via API and social listening…. I’m interested in Office Graph, a friend has an internal business meeting, one of the attendees has a personal friend who is writing a whitepaper (Office Word web app) that has “Office Graph” in the title, Office Graph API does a linkedin request, he accepts, Office Graph does a meeting request etc etc etc….
  • Soulsailor Consulting is a small micro-consultancy focussed on:

    "Enabling organis­ational value by positively disrupting technology projects"
  • Soulsailor
  • Transcript

    • 1. Serendipity & Office Graph
    • 3.
    • 4. what‘s the problem?
    • 5. is there a problem?
    • 6. serendipity
    • 7. was cool… …but a little bit meh!
    • 8. Serendipity Engine
    • 9. Office Graph
    • 10. Codename Oslo
    • 11. Codename Oslo
    • 12. Future Value
    • 13. API’s
    • 14. External
    • 15. BOOOOOM!
    • 16. change the face of business
    • 17. new job roles
    • 18. Breaking down barriers
    • 19. need to socialise output
    • 20. unanswered
    • 21. the door will swing open
    • 22. The start of crazy…
    • 23. Thanks for your time and attention…
    • 24.