anatomy of the soul


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"Anatomy of the soul" is a short science-fiction movie project I have made 4 years ago to present during a seminar on hippocampus at the University of California San Francisco where I was doing my post-doctoral fellowship at a psychiatry neuroimaging lab. I did the movie using power point slides. The song used is "2025-Ucuncu ve Son Yolculuk- 2025 -The Third and Last Journey" by a Turkish ethnic/psychedelic Rock musician Baris Manco.

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anatomy of the soul

  1. 1. anatomy of the soul a short movie by kaan yucel
  2. 2. The search for the place of soul in the body has taken its place in the history
  3. 3. The early search for the soul involved almost al l civilizations In ancient times so many places were suggested as the place of soul; i.e. heart, all the body, fourth ventricle, the brain substance itself,pineal gland etc
  4. 4. Hippocampus is the most vulnerable place in the brain to several types of insult like ischemic insult.
  5. 5. This story is based on the forementioned knowledge…
  6. 6. a Psychiatry Imaging Lab November 2025 University of California
  7. 7. An ordinary morning at the lab John was reviewing the control data to scan for today Katie glancing at the paper on the net while having her breakfast
  8. 8. John (32) a young scientist, a man of passion and imagination Katie (33), a dedicated scientist, and more reasonable
  9. 9. John : Katie! Today we’ve a bus of kids as the control group, and a girl of 22 years old. John:
  10. 10. ADV (Angel of Death Virus) A legend or does it really exist? 11:45 a.m. EDT September 25, 2025
  11. 11. Katie : I see. John, what is that Angel of Death Virus?
  12. 12. Oh, Gosh! Yes.. Some unidentified cases. They say this new virus enters the body, stays cool in cervical vertabrae till it activates for some reason. n 5 minutes. Immediate death! John :
  13. 13. When activates it eats up all the cervical vertabrae, breaks the neck shortly. Immediate death!
  14. 14. Selma (22) Spent the afternoon at the hospital. As a control group subject Took all the tests ,also MR scan
  15. 15. She was paid 150 bucks. Now she drives back home.
  16. 16. It was a lovely Californian evening
  17. 18. Did she feel a bit hungry?
  18. 19. It started to rain. She liked it. Time to stop by for some donut and coffee
  19. 20. It was also a long day for a bus of kids, being at hospital for MRI scan as “control group”
  20. 21. They had fun. An unforgettable experience!
  21. 22. Also some moms were with them!
  22. 23. Just after leaving the coffee-shop Selma caught the school bus! Control subjects like her going back home…
  23. 24. Then. The bus stopped immediately on the high-way just in front of her.
  24. 25. John: Katie, police called. The kids, our control group for today. All found dead in the bus. Also this her car.
  25. 26. What???!? John: John : All with a broken neck. Let’s go. Take the MRI scan with you. I took mine. Katie:
  26. 27. John and Katie were there just 10 minutes after the deaths..
  27. 28. They scanned all the kids and Selma immediately in 30 minutes
  28. 29. John worked at the lab all night. With Katie.. Excited. Nervous. Curious.
  29. 30. John got the morphometric results and compared them with the ones before they died.
  30. 31. Katie: What did you find, John?
  31. 32. John : Hippocampus is the most atrophic after death! I think I was right….
  32. 33. ???? Katie :
  33. 34. John : Hippocampus…It has a lot of functions, but also is the seat for the soul! The souls of these people left their bodies there tonight from their hippocampi!
  34. 35. If you believe in the immortality of the soul, you can explain our finding saying “ it was there, and just left the body” or hippocampus being the Exitus pole for the soul!
  35. 36. If you believe it is dead after death! Then it has gone with the body….left back its seat atrophic!
  36. 37. American Journal of Psychiatry Dec 2025 List of articles in this issue: Pages 1-5: Hippocampus: The seat for the soul?
  37. 38. THE END