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CouchDB Google

CouchDB Google






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    CouchDB Google CouchDB Google Presentation Transcript

    • Apache CouchDB
    • Hello Chris Anderson jchris@apache.org / @jchris Apache CouchDB Committer REST and JavaScript enthusiast Director, couch.io
    • I’m here to answer the question: What is CouchDB? (from an app devs perspective - and some implementor) How many of you have: built an application around a key value store? written map reduce functions? used Erlang in an application?
    • Relax - easy to reason about - reliable - your data is safe with us. - honda accord, not a ferrari - as a debating point among developers
    • Bandwidth Explosion
    • “no bars”
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/hercwad/2290378571/
    • Latency Sucks speed of light drawback to cloud computing
    • What is CouchDB? - k/v store with map reduce - http database written in erlang
    • Local Web Local Web Platform Platform - on your device, local network, in a browser plugin - replication: it just works. makes data portable. - real-time remote backups, ad hoc topologies.
    • “Ground Computing” @jhuggins http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcpig/872293700/ - local to the user, more like desktop web than like Gears - local http server - browser apps - same application on the client and server or the cloud
    • Offline by Default http://www.flickr.com/photos/shane-h/280084650 - low latency & reliable - 2 tier applications
    • http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap050930.html “Of the Web” http://jacobian.org/writing/of-the-web/ Let me tell you something: Django may be built for the Web, but CouchDB is built of the Web. I've never seen software that so completely embraces the philosophies behind HTTP. ... this is what the software of the future looks like. Jacob Kaplan-Moss -- October, 2007 perfect spot - discovered not invented
    • - lower barrier for contribution - validate installations - foster interop (CouchDB as a protocol)
    • Learning Curve - doc modeling (mvcc / concurrency) - etags / Functional style of REST - eventual consistency
    • http://www.longnow.org/projects/clock/ http://www.longnow.org/projects/clock/orrery/
    • Robust - single file - append only - no fixup phase - minimizes seeks
    • Robust - when britain is burning - Enda Farrell - bbc
    • { "_id": "BC4ea69ce1a73aa7d21d23b608d221d "_rev": "1-967a00dff5e02add41819138abb32 JSON Documents "type": "person", "name": "Darth Vader", "age": 63, "headware": ["Helmet", "Sombrero"], "dark_side": true } - denormalize - natural data behavior - evolve formats with your application - easier to bootstrap in your mind
    • { "_id": "BC4ea69ce1a73aa7d21d23b608d221d "_rev": "1-967a00dff5e02add41819138abb32 JSON Documents "type": "person", "name": "Darth Vader", "age": 63, "headware": ["Helmet", "Sombrero"], "dark_side": true } - 2 patterns - document update - event log
    • { "_id": "BC4ea69ce1a73aa7d21d23b608d221d "_rev": "2-41819138abb32967a00dff5e02ad JSON Documents "type": "person", "name": "Darth Vader", "age": 63, "headware": ["Helmet", "Sombrero"], "dark_side": “More CoWbell!” } - MVCC - model for concurrency
    •  Map Reduce
    • http://horicky.blogspot.com/2008/10/couchdb-implementation.html
    • ful  http://www.flickr.com/photos/calliope/3573471166
    • db  http://code.google.com/p/couchdb-lounge/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/658457636
    • curl -X POST -d '{ "source": "http://couch.example.com:5984/remote-db", "target": "local-db" }'
    • curl -X POST -d '{ "source": "http://couch.example.com:5984/remote-db", "target": "local-db" }'
    • periodic, notifier system
    • “In the fullness of time there is only one CouchDB”
    • standalone CouchDB applications
    • Scaling Down
    • Browser Couch JavaScript port Uses HTML5 storage Replicates with CouchDB http://hg.toolness.com/browser-couch/
    • Gives Control to Users CC-BY-SA http://www.flickr.com/photos/kelleys/492253912/ - want to get kids in trouble for programming too much claris
    • Stuart Langridge - Canonical ! !
    • - good because it's the status quo - easy to address with URLs - bad because users are depending on a remote resource for low latency responses - centralized, so traffic spikes impact all users, who might start refreshing
    • - local requests are fast - easier to tune for throughput - plays to the strengths of mobile connections
    • - users can run different applications on the same dataset deployment Independent Personal - dark matter of the information universe
    • messaging peer discovery identity Can we trust intermediate servers?
    • “Obvious.” web architecture
    • Local Web Platform
    • anks!
    • Resources @CouchDB http://couchdb.apache.org/ Dress like a Couch: http://shop.couchdb.com http://planet.couchdb.org/ https://peepcode.com/products/couchdb-with-rails
    • @couchdbinaction http://books.couchdb.org/relax
    • Robust JSON HTTP Local
    • Conflict resolution by example A B couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ❦ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ❦ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ❦ ❦ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ❦ ❦ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ❦ ✿ ❦ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ❦ ✿ ❦ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ✿ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ✿ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ✿ couch.io
    • Conflict resolution by example A B ✿ couch.io
    • CC-by-nd http://www.flic.kr/photos/eifelyeti110/273939759/