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  1. 1. Yaourti a fresh experience vicki sotiros. christiana weber. mcpt. jeffrey riman. december 15th.
  2. 2. “Yaourti strives to provide its customers with 100% pure and organic Greek yogurt; yogurt with a taste reminiscent of home and comfort. Furthermore, we believe in bringing the fresh essence of Greece through our all-natural products. The finest ingredients will be utilized to create wholesome yogurt and delectable toppings. We fully promote nourishing and healthy lifestyles and are committed to providing an experience full of warmth, kindness and love.” mission & vision
  3. 3. Strengths Weaknesses - organic - expensive - high quality product - only on west coast - fresh and frozen yogurt - variety of toppings - modern design - expensive - good taste - minimal seating - variety of toppings and - only frozen yogurt flavors - non-organic - low-calorie -no vegan/soy options - large variety - poor design - specialty items - only frozen yogurt - low prices - non-organic - low-calorie - no vegan/soy options competition
  4. 4. Internal Factors External Factors Strengths Weaknesses Low production costs Selling ‘fresh’ yogurt is new to NYC Great Staff Consumer may be wary of new concept Following ‘green’ and ‘organic’ trend Lack of knowledge about Greek Yogurt Health Benefits Opportunities Threats Growing interest in healthy food People not used to ‘fresh’ yogurt Target market that already loves yogurt People do not want to try it Everything will be homemade Many, already existing, yogurt chains Health Benefits of ‘fresh’ yogurt swot
  5. 5. Service Product Atmosphere Design Nutrition differentiation
  6. 6. + Design + Quality - Quality - Design positioning
  7. 7. - Atmosphere + Service + Atmosphere - Service
  8. 8. 1 Healthy and homemade. 2 Organic niche. 3 Authentic, Greek feel. 4 One-of-a-kind products. 5 100% Fresh. brand strategy
  9. 9. menu Fresco Yaourti Fresco Toppings Fresco Café Non-Fat /Strawberries Cherries Greek Café 2% Blueberries Peaches American Café Whole Raspberries Grapes Frappé Soy Blackberry Banana Latté Cappuccino /Coconut Flakes Espresso Fresco Flavors Dried Cranberries Vanilla Dried Fig Chocolate Raisins Fresco Hymos Cherry Orange Green Mint /Crumbled Biscotti Peach Chocolate Shavings *milk or dark Grapefruit Low-Fat Granola Mixed Berry Toasted Almonds Wheatgrass Crushed Walnuts Fresco Nerho /Berry Syrup Regular Caramel Sparkling Honey the menu
  10. 10.   MENU Fresco Café Greek Café American Café Frappé Fresco Yaourti Latté Cappuccino Non-Fat Espresso 2% Whole Soy Fresco Hymos Fresco Flavors Orange Peach Vanilla Grapefruit Chocolate Mixed Berry Cherry Wheatgrass Green Mint Fresco Nerho Fresco Toppings Regular   /Strawberries Cherries Blueberries Peaches Sparkling Raspberries Grapes Blackberry Banana /Coconut Flakes Dried Cranberries Dried Fig Raisins /Crumbled Biscotti Chocolate Shavings *milk or dark Low-Fat Granola Toasted Almonds Crushed Walnuts /Berry Syrup Caramel Honey  
  11. 11. the yaourti team
  12. 12. key roles
  13. 13. [Yaourti Business] Vicki and Christiana Project Segment Project Task Task Leader Others Involved Research Competitors Christiana Weber Vicki Sotiros Research Inspiration/Ethos Vicki Sotiros Christiana Weber Mission Vision/ Mission Christian Weber N/A Statement Vicki Sotiros Marketing SWOT Analysis Christiana Weber Vicki Sotiros Marketing Marketing Plan Vicki Sotiros N/A Christiana Weber Marketing Business Success Christiana Weber Vicki Sotiros Measurement Tools Prototype Menu Vicki Sotiros Christiana Weber Prototype Store Layout Vicki Sotiros Christiana Weber Prototype Logo/ Packaging Vicki Sotiros Christiana Weber Prototype Business Model Christiana Weber Vicki Sotiros individual tasks
  14. 14. the schedule
  15. 15. Successful Mediums Unsuccessful Mediums communicatoin
  16. 16. 1 Process risk
  17. 17. 2 Documentation Date Risk or Issue Impact Mitigation plan recorded description 11/11/10 Contrasting Views (R) 8 Discuss all ideas rationally and compromise. 11/11/10 Time Management (R) 10 Create concise schedule of project tasks and team meetings. Also, assess progress weekly and alter schedule as needed. 11/14/10 Business 9 Conduct Research of Differentiation (R) (I) what is already available and make sure to create something unique; non- existent. 11/17/10 Member not in Class 2 Conduct Research (I) separately and discuss during following meeting. 11/27/10 Conflicting Schedules 5 Complete work (R) (I) individually while maintaining open communication. (maintain feedback through e-mail and Wiggio.) risk
  18. 18. Identify Identify Brainstorm Implement problem problem solutions best solution cause solving problems
  19. 19. 1 Approval Complete Discuss and Consider Implement individual and review work revisions revisions group work 2 Documentation Create Task takes Document Alter schedule of longer than new completion schedule tasks anticipated date accordingly making changes
  20. 20. 2 Our Team 1 Yaourti Christiana Vicki flavors toppings differing opinions different wants compromise leads to successful teamwork and a completed project compromise and a delicious creation the connection
  21. 21. vicki sotiros. christiana weber. mcpt. jeffrey riman. december 15th.