the art of confidence.


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researching the self confidence of women and discovering what they never knew they needed.

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the art of confidence.

  1. 1. the art of confidence Vicki Sotiros. Jaimie Crupi. Vicki Sotiros& Jaimie Crupi
  2. 2. what if… there was a consumer experience that connected self-confidence and intimacy? hypothesis
  3. 3. on the market
  4. 4. Lululemon: committed to create clothing that helps people live longer and healthier Curves: workouts that allow personalization and connection with other women Playtex: conveying positive messages of body image through lingerie stories
  5. 5. self-awareness belonging community trends
  6. 6. definingpersonas
  7. 7. 1 population patterns 2 females 3 subgroups 4 5 women with others women alone women with dogs washington square park
  8. 8. what we saw
  9. 9. doing the research
  10. 10. 1 shops alone 2 seems unapproachable 3 acts independently 4 enjoys a private experience “I love my friends—and shopping with them is a ton of fun. But I have to be honest, sometimes hitting the stores solo is just what the doctor ordered. Why? It’s a peaceful feeling being alone with your own thoughts sometimes, you know? “ The lone shopper
  11. 11. 1 Build relationships 2 Seek each other’s approval 3 conflicting opinions “ It (shopping) is a necessity. Not a pleasure. This pleasure is spending time with my mom, and that she is enjoying it. So I enjoy it.” “ When my daughter comes home from college we definitely use shopping as a bonding time.” The mother/daughter shopper
  12. 12. 1 expressive 2 goal is to socialize 3 others’ opinions are crucial “For me, shopping with friends is more about socializing than the actual shopping, its just another fun thing to do” The social shopper
  13. 13. eureka
  14. 14. “My mother used to have her bras made for her at a place called Bra and Girdle Factory. She took me there when I was around thirteen, I was measured and they made me a bra. I don’t know any place that does that anymore.” –Ellen Schweber, age 59 nostalgia memories relationships
  15. 15. interviews
  16. 16. “The nervousness has gone. Now I like to take my time choosing between different patterns and colors.” –Stephanie Hornsby, age 26 the lone shopper the social shopper “The first time I went bra shopping for myself I was in Mexico and needed a certain bra for a party. I went with a bunch of my friends and was excited to be with them. It wasn’t about the shopping itself or how it fit.” –Julia Galeano, age 21 the lone shopper “Me and my mom ran in, grabbed something, and left. I didn’t spend the time and thought I do now when I go out to buy bras.” – Maria Sinagridis, age 45 persona quotes
  17. 17. shopping experiment
  18. 18. “I spent most of my time in the section with all the sexy lingerie and the section where all the push-up bras are.” “The store makes me feel happier, but I love Victoria’s Secret. I love the Pink sweatpants and cute travel bags.” Alina Petrichyn, age 21 The user
  19. 19. push-up bras ‘sexy little things’ entrance underwear cash register PINK! unrealistic unconscious unaware cognitive map
  20. 20. so what?
  21. 21. “I actually didn’t go shopping for my first bra. My aunt was a seamstress and so she made it for me. She took my measurements and sewed it herself.” – Kiki Dapontes, age 75 “My mother took me to a specialty bra store for my first bra. I was so scared because I didn’t want to wear a bra and I got measured by an older woman. I was so uncomfortable even though the bra fitter was trying to be nice. It turns out that as I got older I never went anywhere else but that store to get my bras. I never went to Victoria’s Secret because I knew better. And when my daughter was ready for her first bra, I took her to a similar store that I went to. –Emily Susan Myron, 51 bespoke concept
  22. 22. suggested solution
  23. 23. To create a newproduct;lingeriethat evokes feelings of comfort and sentiment simply through its design. concept