a consumer’s guide
        to midtown south

                   vicki sotiros
Shopping is the best past time, yet can get tricky
and most importantly expensive . But no worries, this
list wil...
     When it comes to menswear, the store
  you should be at is Gen Art. Gen Art is a
leading arts and enter...
Food is on everyone’s mind 24/7, but the hard part comes in
making the decision of where to go. To make your
job easi...
     Right in the center of the Fashion District, Fat
     Annie’s Truck Stop is exsctly what it soun...
Entertainment is the center of social life in new york; the
city that never sleeps. There are numerous optio...
            Karaoke is an all time favorite and at
         Pulse Karaoke they take it ti the next
 JACK’S 99 CENT STORE                                        KATWALK                          BRYANT PARK
110 W 32nd...
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consumer's guide.


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a consumer's guide to midtown south including food, shopping, and entertainment.

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consumer's guide.

  1. 1. a consumer’s guide to midtown south vicki sotiros
  2. 2. shopping Shopping is the best past time, yet can get tricky and most importantly expensive . But no worries, this list will guide you to the best kept secrets in Midtown South and leave you shopping until you drop. BEST STEALS BEST COSMETICS Looking for a super cheap Cosmetics are an everyday accesory for most store that has everything? women and at the Cosmetic Warehouse Jack’s 99 Cent Store on 39th between 7th and 8th ave cosmetics is where you need to be. are the number one priority. Cosmetic brands With everything 99 cents from Revlon to Dior are accesible at good and under you won’t be prices. What more could a girl want? emptying out your wallet. BEST LOUNGEWEAR BEST TRENDY SHOP When lounging around, everyone wants Usually trendy means expensive, to be in the most comfortable clothing but not at the Clothingline. With and the Gap is where they’re at..The Gap constant sample sales, the latest Body line, invcludes a huge selection of high-fashion trends are readily t-shirts, tanks, sweats, and even slippers. available at great prices. BEST JEWLERY BEST QUALITY Jewlery is an item of which most people Even when buying expensive sacrifice either price or quality, but at clothing, quality is always a Butterfly Accessories and Fashions questionable factor. At Macy’s Inc. there is a large variety of fashionable flagship store in Herald Square, jewlery at fair prices. you can find everything from winter coats to swimsuits made from quality fabrics. BEST LINGERIE Lingerie is important because a foundation is always key. The best BEST SKINCARE PRODUCTS place for these essentials is the one One of the few good franchises and only Victoria’s Secret in Herald in this neghborhood is Origins. Square. The selection of lingerie is Although cosmetics and other beauty massive including both comfortable accessories are sold their best by far choices and sexy ones. are their all-natural skincare products. BEST HANDBAGS Handbags are the ultimate BEST THRIFT STORE accesory and the ultimate A good thrift store is hard to come by. Finding store to buy them from one that combines cleanliness along with in this neighborhood is good prices is almost impossible, yet one that Macy’s department store. sacrifices neither is What Goes Around Comes because of their large Around. Located in the center of the Fashion selection of both designer 2 District itself, this vintage clothing store has a and affordable handbags. great selection of well priced pieces.
  3. 3. BEST MENSWEAR When it comes to menswear, the store you should be at is Gen Art. Gen Art is a leading arts and entertainment organization dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers along with filmmakers, musicians and visual artists. There are quality high end buys and discounted prices. BEST MALE ACCESSORIES The best male accessories in the neighborhood, hands down, can be found at H&M. H&M has a large and trndy selection of men’s accessories from hats and scarves to bracelets and sunnglasses. BEST ELECTRONICS Music and electronics are important purchases and when in this neighborhood , these ourchases should be at Rock and Soul. Although the exterior is decieving this store is fully stocked with mass amounts of electronics from dj equipment to ipods and almubs. BEST SHOES The best show store in the fashion district is definitely Bendetti Shoes. Although a small store, its content is all great and the best part is they’ll sell you two different sizes for those mismatching feet. BEST SOUVENIRS Everyone should have some type of “I love new york” souvenir whether a tourist or not. The best place in Midtown South for some classic souvenir stereotypes is inside the central hub itself. Penn Station, filled with convenient stores, has all of your tacky tourist desires.
  4. 4. food Food is on everyone’s mind 24/7, but the hard part comes in making the decision of where to go. To make your job easier here’s an easy and actually useful list to the best of the best in midtown south grub. BEST CHEAP EAT BEST PIZZA Located in the central hub This welcoming restaurant of hearld square, Gyro II named Lazzara’s Pizza offers a deliciously cheap Cafe offers a wholesome greek cuisine consisting experinece with pizza that of grilled pitas, braised will leave you wanting more. meats, sauces, and of course feta cheese. BEST SOUP Soup has been an all time favorite and BEST SPORTS BAR good old standby food. At Cafe 31’s the Located on the edge of Midtown Soup Spot, soup is the only concern South, the ESPN Zone is any and the only satisfaction. sports fan’s dream with its huge flat screen tvs, endless beer options, and killer starters. BEST ITALIAN Although rather pricey, Montenapo is well worth the money. Traditional Italian cuisune BEST FOOD STAND is set in an atmosphere that is both modern Food stands are a trademark and welcoming at the same time. of nyc, and this Halal stand located on the corner of 40th street and 7th avenue lives up to their reputation with its friendly BEST BURGER service and exceptional soft Burgers are an All-American pretzels. favorite and at Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen they know how keep that favorite BEST HEALTHY OPTION alive from the classics to Here the options are endless when you turkey burgers and even the create your own salad or wrap with a Schnipper’s Classic. long list of ingredients and dressings. Just Salad is the perfect place to enjoy your meal without the worry of being unhealthy. BEST ASIAN Another recently popular cuisine has been asian BEST SANDWICH cuisine. In midtown Sandwiches are everywhere from high class south there are many restaurants to street side vendors, but the best choices yet the best by in midtown south are found at Charley’s Grilled far is Mooncake Foods. Subs. Subs can be made with classic deli meats, Here you can easily enjoy chicken, steak, or even vegetarian. And if that’s home-cooked asian 4 not enough to make your mouth water, there are comfort food. countless options of toppings, sauces, and sides.
  5. 5. BEST GREASY PLEASURE Right in the center of the Fashion District, Fat Annie’s Truck Stop is exsctly what it sounds like. F.A.T.S. will fulfill any one of your guilty food fantasies from fried cheese curds and frito lay pie to a large slice red velvet cake. BEST FANCY PLACE Aureole is definitely a must when it comes to a fancy night out. This sleek and contemporary restaurant takes on a progressive, American cuisine finished with breathtaking, surrounding ambiance. BEST ON-THE-GO GRUB A great option for quick and easy food is Prêt-a-Manger. This franchise works to have fast, ready-made options for its customers without sacrificing taste and nutrition. BEST SEAFOOD Good seafood can be hard to come by but not at the Track Raw Bar and Grill. Located in Penn Station, this restaurant has many options yet best known for their large oyster bar. BEST DESSERT In this case, dessert isn’t as easy to come by. The Treats Truck is a bakery on wheels that stops at various locations all over the city including 38th and 5th on tuesday afternoons. These desserts in motion include cookies, crisp squares, and brownies and can even be washed down with a bottle of cold milk.
  6. 6. entertainment Entertainment is the center of social life in new york; the city that never sleeps. There are numerous options, both day and night, in Midtown South, but here are the best including museums, shows, and of course nightlife. BEST AFTER WORK BAR BEST PUB Katwalk has the feeling of a Made up of three seperate rooms, the highclass lounge without the ocver Houndstooth Pub ranks as number one. charge. This bar has great happy This pub has a relaxing atmosphere with its hour specials, appetizers, and flat screen tvs, constant music, and most loud music making it the perfect importantly long list of alcoholic beverages. place to undwind after a long day. BEST COCKTAILS The best place to find good cocktails BEST WINTER PLANS is at Local West. Local West a cafe by When it comes to celebrating the day and bar by night, is located right in winter holidays in nyc there are tons Penn Plaza. of options but the best is Bryant Park. It easy to get in the christmas mood with the Park’s skating rink, restaurants, and seasonal shops. BEST RELAXED PLACE Many bars, restaurants, and clubs in the city are loud and crazy, but at BB King’s Blues Club is something BEST AMBIANCE different. At this blues club one can If interior and atmosphere order food and drinks while relaxing are your concern, look no to the sounds of smooth jazz. further. The Stitch Bar and Lounge located in the heart of the fashion district has just BEST SHOW that with its high-ceilinged The best original show to see space and sensual lighting. in Midtown South is the Cirque du Soleil. This show is a nice BEST SELECTION OF BEER change from the typical broadway The best selection of beer by far is at show or comedy club. The show Tir Na Nog. Beer lovers will get their demonstrates a combination of fill at Tir Na Nog, a traditional Irish Pub acrobatics and breathless scenery. located near Penn Station. BEST EVENT SPACE BEST PLANNED AHEAD Other than the party atmosphere, ther are Event spaces are in large supply plenty of other things to do in Midotwn in new york city but the Arena South one of them being going to Madison space in midtown south is Square Garden. At Madison Square garden perfect for a trendy, ambiance you can go watch your favorite singer on filled evening. Arena is extremely 6 stage or your favorite ice hockey team play. splacious along with a sleek and professional look.
  7. 7. BEST KARAOKE Karaoke is an all time favorite and at Pulse Karaoke they take it ti the next level. With a bar, nice ambiance, and private rooms pulse creates the ultimate karaoke experience. Also, in addition to karaoke, you can even play Dance Dance Revoluution or guitar hero! BEST MUSEUM Madame Tussaud’s is a different type of museum in that it exhibits wax replicas of celebrities, presidents, and other famous figures. This museum definitely needs to be put in your intinerary. BEST MOVIE THEATRE Everyone wants to ditch the bar once in a while and just go to a good movie. AMC Empire 25 right outside of Times Square is a great movie theatre to go to with its historic look. You can enjoy the latest films with a big bag of buttery popcorn. BEST ATTRACTION The best attraction in Midtown South is the New York Public Library. With its rich history, amazing architectire, and huge selection of material, this state library is a must see! BEST SUMMER PLANS The Manhattan Sailing School, located in this neighborhood, arranges the best sailing experiences in new york city. On the “America II”, you are able to enjoy the sea and interact as well by helping raise the sail or even steering the boat.
  8. 8. index JACK’S 99 CENT STORE KATWALK BRYANT PARK 110 W 32nd St 2 W 35th St 42nd St and 6th Ave New York, NY 10001 BENDETTI SHOES New York, NY 10001 New York, NY 10110 3 225 W 34nd St New York, NY 10001 THE CLOTHINGLINE SCHNIPPER’S QUALITY KITCHEN 261 W 36th St 2 2nd Floor PENN STATION 620 8th Ave New York, NY 10079 393 7th Ave New York, NY 10018 HOUNDSTOOTH PUB New York, NY 10001 520 8th Ave MACY’S MOONCAKE FOODS New York, NY 10018 151 W 34th St 1 263 W 30th St 2nd Floor GYRO II New York, NY 10001 LOCAL WEST New York, NY 10001 427 7th Ave 1 Penn Plaza New York, NY 10001 JUST SALAD 33rd St and 8th Ave 134 W 37th St New York, NY 10119 COSMETIC WAREHOUSE 250 W 39th St New York, NY 10184 ESPN ZONE STITCH BAR AND LOUNGE 2nd Floor AUREOLE 247 W 37th St, Lobby New York, NY 10018 1 New York, NY 10018 1472 Broadway One Bryant Park 135 W 42nd St 1 2nd Floor THE GAP New York, NY 10036 New York, NY 10036 1466 Broadway 3 BB KING’S BLUES CLUB 2nd Floor New York, NY 10001 LAZZARA’S PIZZA CAFE 237 W 42nd St 221 W 38th St New York, NY 10036 BUTTERFLY ACCESSORIES AND FASHIONS 2nd Floor 243 W 34th St New York, NY 10018 ARENA TIR NA NOG New York, NY 10001 135 W 41st St 5 Penn Plaza FAT ANNIE;S TRUCK STOP New York, NY 10036 New York, NY 10001 ROCK AND SOUL 131 W 33rd St New York, NY 10079 PRET-A-MANGER 462 Fashion Ave, Lobby MADISON SQUARE GARDEN New York, NY 10018 530 7th Ave THE SOUP SPOT New York, NY 10018 2 Penn Plaza New York, NY 10121 ORIGINS 220 W 31st St Grand Central New York, NY 10001 HALAL STAND MANHATTAN SAILING SCHOOL New York, NY 10001 40th Street and 7th Ave 29th St btw. 7th and 8th Ave New York, NY 10036 New York, NY 10001 WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND 242 W 36th St, Lobby PULSE KARAOKE New York, NY 10018 135 W 41st St CHARLEY’S GRILLED SUBS AMC EMPIRE 25 New York, NY 10036 VICTORIA’S SECRET Pennsylvania Station, Lower Level 234 W 42nd St 1328 Broadway, Herald Square W 32nd St and 7th Ave New York, NY 10036 New York, NY 10018 New York, NY 10018 THE TREATS TRUCK New York, NY NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY (212) 691-5226 3 GEN ART MONTENAPO 42nd St and 5th Ave 133 W 25th St The New York Times Building New York, NY 10110 250 W 41st St www.treatstruck.com 6th Floor New York, NY 10001 New York, NY 10036 2 MADAME TUSSAUD’S H&M 234 W 42nd St 435 7th Ave TRACKS RAW BAR AND GRILL New York, NY 2 CIRQUE DU SOLEIL New York, NY 10001 1 Penn Plaza 7th Ave at 32nd St New York, NY 10119 New York, NY 10001 8