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Originality and creativity - sophie

  1. 1. SHIRT CRITERIAWhat I have learnt form this mood board is that most of the shark awareness shorts out there are very similar. Most of them include funny puns, either cute or scary images of sharks and also lack colour.After researching I have come to a conclusion that my shirt will:1 – have more then one basic shirt colour2 – promote the “cute” side of sharks rather then the scary3 – have a fact about shark finning on it4 –make the shirt memorable either by having a funny pun or picture.
  2. 2. DESIGN 1 In this design I have included cool colours with a pop of red in the sharks mouth. This draws attention towards the middle of the shirt. This means that the viwer can read what the shark is “saying” The fact that there is a fact on the shirt makes the viewer see the situation a smore serious. The cute shark adds a more casual feel to the shirt.
  3. 3. DESIGN 2 In this design I have paid more atnetion to a catchy quote. There are no facts on it. The quite incorperates a shark head cartoon on it. Not only does this look visually appealing but it helps the viewer understand what hksf are trying to save. The HKSF logo will be at the back of the shirt to promote the charity.
  4. 4. DESIGN 3 In this design I have incorporated a more colorful approach. I added in a rhyming phrase that is catchy and people can remember. The colours are quite distracting.
  5. 5. DESIGN 4 In this design I have included a cute slogan and a cartoon image of a cute smiley shark. The back will be plain. The HKSF logo will be put on the bottom left.
  6. 6. In this design it is more targeted at male users or peopleDESIGN 5 who like the colour black. There Is also another cute cartoon image of a shark on the front and information at the back. This design is not a very visually appealing but the information at the back helps spread the word about shark finning.
  7. 7. In this design it is a lot more plain and more serious that theDESIGN 6 image of the shark is not “cute” and here is also factual legit information about sharks. The back has information and the logo. It also says “but you can change that” giving a more personal input to the shirt.
  8. 8. SURVEY (WAS ALSO PART OF RESEARCH) On our previous survey most of our customers said that they preferred design number 2. This was also one of my favorite designs. Therefore I will start designing the final design on illustrator. This process will be shown in the technical skills page. Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person Person 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10How oldare you? 34 15 47 28 52 31 44 19 21 58Which is Design Design design Design design design design design design designyourpreferred 3 1&3 2 1 2 2 5&6 3 2 5design?Would you yes yes yes depend yes maybe depend yes yes maybepurchase at-shirt s swhen theproceedsgo towardthe HKSFcharity?
  9. 9. FINAL DESIGN - ILLUSTRATORThis is our final t-shirt design. I used a font called “hobo” this is because I thought it matched theshake of a shark quite well. Especially the v as it could even represent a fin. The reason wemade the sleeves read and the shirt white is to add a bit of colour onto it. Most other shirts onthe market are just one colour which is why we wanted to incorporate two colours. The whitebalances out the red so that there is not too much going on. The red also matches the red in thesharks mouth. The back of the shirt includes the HKSF logo to help raise awareness.