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Asterisk - Glen Bastes
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Asterisk - Glen Bastes


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. The Open Source PBX glen b. bastes
  • 2. Telephony is indispensable in conducting business to be competitive So Companies spend lot of money to buy their own telephony switch (PABX) Interesting and new perspectives introduced by VoIP emergence: Possibility for the deployment enterprise telephony infrastructure using software (software PABX)
  • 3. Presentation of a PABX • Definition : it is a private telephony switch. • Common Functionalities  Direct dialing-in  Standard  Transfer call  Connection to PSTN  Automatic recall  etc • Cost  between $1300 et $148000
  • 4. What is a IPBX? • Software which can be installed on a PC or a server and acting as an auto-switch. Example of software based PABX • Cisco Call Manager • SipX • OpenSER • Asterisk • And many more.
  • 5.  When: 1999 This guy, right here!  Who : Mark Spencer  Why : “I needed a phone system and with as small a startup budget as I had for Linux Support Services, I wasn't about to buy one, so building one seemed a logical way to go.”
  • 6.  Officially, Asterisk is an Open Source hybrid TDM and packet voice PBX and IVR platform with ACD functionality. Unofficially, Asterisk is quite possibly the most powerful, flexible, and extensible piece of integrated telecommunications software available.  Its name comes from the asterisk symbol, *, which represents a wildcard, matching any filename.  Similarly, Asterisk the PBX is designed to interface any piece of telephony hardware or software with any telephony application, seamlessly and consistently.
  • 7. • An Open Source Telephony Swiss Army Knife • A Linux Based PBX w/ Minimal Hardware Reqs • A Community Driven Development Project • A Really, Really Disruptive Technology • Asterisk is any call, any time, from anywhere to anywhere else
  • 8.  Functionalities • Voicemail, conference call, IVR, put in wait of calls, transfer call, call forwarding, etc.  Supported Protocols and codecs • Protocols : IAX, H.323, SIP, MGCP, Skinny, etc. • Codecs : G711, G723, G726 (ADPCM ), Speek, GSM, etc.
  • 9. • Released and developed under GPL, but Digium retains rights to code-base • All developers submit disclaimers to their code before patches are accepted, allowing for Digium to license specific branches for Commercial projects • This dual-licensing allows companies to purchase license rights to snapshots of the Asterisk codebase to be used in commercial, non-GPL products
  • 10. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Digium is the primary developer and sponsor of Asterisk™, The Open Source PBX. Digium offers a variety of specially designed low and high density telephony hardware and professional services related to Asterisk. The company is based in Huntsville, Alabama. Digium sells telephony hardware and provides contract services for operating IP based telephony solutions.
  • 11. • Key System or PBX Replacement • Voicemail Server • Conferencing Server • Call Center ACD Queue • SIP/H323/MGCP Endpoint for IP Phones • Confound and Confuse Telemarketers • Prank Friends with Random Sound Files • Calling Card Application • Predictive Dialer • Home Answering Machine
  • 12. Suggested architectures • Asterisk server behind PABX Architecture
  • 13.  Suggested architectures  Asterisk server in front of the PABX architecture
  • 14. Suggested architectures • Pure VOIP architecture
  • 15.  Suggested architectures • Interconnexion of multi sites entreprises
  • 16.  Suggested architectures – Interconnexion of multi sites entreprises
  • 17. These advantages are : - Cost reduction for enterprise telephony deployment - Easy administration and custom management of the IPBX - Mobility and remote work - Asterisk facility to integrate information system (Customer Relationship Management) - Etc.
  • 18.  RIM  Avaya  Polycom  Siemens  Vizufon  Cisco  CounterPath (XTEN)  Grandstream  Leadtek  snom  Firefly  Sipura  And many more…
  • 19. Internet Paging Terminal • Adding features to an existing VoiceMail system • Establishing and demonstrating reliability • Showing cost savings Video Conferencing • Demonstrating interoperability • Leveraging existing infrastructure
  • 20. Internet Paging Terminal Private TDM Voicemail Telephone Network Mail Transfer Agent: sendmail -f Data Network Internet
  • 21. X100P TDM400
  • 22. T100P TE405P
  • 23. DS3000P S100 IAXY
  • 24. Linksys PAP-NA2
  • 25. Cisco 7960 Polycom IP-600
  • 26. Firefly IAXPhone
  • 27. Xlite
  • 28. Voice Team LAN / WAN Team Server Team
  • 29. What is VoIP? • Voice Over IP – Sending Voice over Internet Protocol • How VoIP works – Continuously sample analog audio (20 ms) – Convert audio into to a digital signaling format or codec – Send digitized stream across the Network as IP packets – Decode the stream to analog for playback
  • 30.  VoIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol  PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network (AKA Ma Bell, or The Great Satan)  Codec = A Digital Signaling Format  SIP = Session Initiation Protocol  IAX2 = Inter Asterisk Exchange Protocol
  • 31. • Proxy = Connects Endpoints Together • Registrar = Authenticates Users • Media Gateway = Translates between the PTSN and Packet Networks • Application Server = Think Webserver • ATA = Analog Telephony Adapter
  • 32. • The Great Myth – “If I switch to VoIP I’ll get Free Long Distance” – Don’t Believe the Hype • The Reality – Trade off of Quality and Reliability for Features – Portability / Flexibility – Cost Effectiveness – More Choice and Control – Every Dollar spent on VoIP goes further
  • 33. • Convergence is happening all around you • There are implementation, management and maintenance opportunities for consulting companies. • In 3 years, traditional PBX and Telephone systems will be a thing of the past • Easy Target - Customers are being saturated w/ VoIP Advertising from the likes of Vonage • If you don’t provide the service to them, then someone else will
  • 34. Where To Go For More Information • Digium Website at • Asterisk Website at • Asterisk Docs Project at • VoIP Info Wiki at • Bug Tracker at • #asterisk on