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Spa Belgium Facebook Case - Social Media Forum
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Spa Belgium Facebook Case - Social Media Forum



Hands-on approach on how to create a vivid community on Facebook.

Hands-on approach on how to create a vivid community on Facebook.



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Spa Belgium Facebook Case - Social Media Forum Spa Belgium Facebook Case - Social Media Forum Presentation Transcript

  • SPA  BELGIUM  FACEBOOK  CASE  INFO:  Title  in  Calibra  (Body)  28  pixels.  All  Capital.   1  
  • WE  WERE  STRUCK  WITH  IMPORTANT  Q’S…   1  page  per  product?  1  page?   bilingual  pages?  OR     1  page  per  language?   Name  of  the  page?   1  page   3  
  • 1  Page  Advantages   1  page  per  product  Advantages  •  Lots  of  potenJal  content  to   •  Name  of  the  brands  could   be  interesJng  365  days/year   oblige  us  (Spa  Barisart  -­‐  Spa   without  being  boring   Bruisend)  •  PotenJal  CrossferJlizaJon   •  AcJviJes  &  Guidelines  of   the  brands  are  different   between  brands  •  Leader  percepJon  (all  fans   1  Page  Reason-­‐Why   in  1  place  –  potenJally  the   largest  page  in  its  category)   •  Fullfill  daily  need  (content)  •  Easier  to  manage:  all  fans  in   •  CrossferJlizaJon   1  environment  &  only  1   page  to  opJmize  in  stead  of   •  People  talk  about  ‘Spa’,   2  or  3   not  the  brand  names     •  Site  is  already  constructed   like  this     4  
  • 5  
  • WHAT  WOULD  CONVINCE  PEOPLE  TO  LIKE  SPA?   •  What  promise  will  we  be  making  to  our  Facebook  users  that   will  make  them  ‘Like’  Spa?   •  Can  we  deliver  this  promise?     •  And  will  that  be  enough  to  make  them  join?   Give   to Get   7  
  • ENLARGE  THE  UNIVERSE  –  3  CONTENT  PILLARS     Their  universe   Every  day  a     Purity  that  takes   The  domain.  The   sparkling  day   care  of  you   sources.  The  roots  The  Brands   Spa  Sparkling   Spa  Reine   Spa  General   SPADEL ÉQUIVALENCE PANTONES ÉQUIVALENCES QUADRI ÉQUIVALENCE PANTONES ÉQUIVALENCES QUADRI SPA_10_3190_Logo2c_DarkBlue_LightBlue SPADEL 19/03/2010 SPA_10_3190_r_Logo2c_DarkBlue_LightBlue PANTONE 278 C CYAN 40% MAGENTA 15% 24, rue Salomon de Rothschild - 92288 Suresnes - FRANCE 19/03/2010 Tél. : +33 (0)1 57 32 87 00 / Fax : +33 (0)1 57 32 87 87 PANTONE 278 C CYAN 40% MAGENTA 15% WHITE WHITE 24, rue Salomon de Rothschild - 92288 Suresnes - FRANCE Web : www.carrenoir.com Tél. : +33 (0)1 57 32 87 00 / Fax : +33 (0)1 57 32 87 87 WHITE WHITE Web : www.carrenoir.com Ce fichier est un document d’exécution créé sur Illustrator version CS2. PANTONE 661 C CYAN 100% MAGENTA 80% Ce fichier est un document d’exécution créé sur Illustrator version CS2. PANTONE 661 C CYAN 100% MAGENTA 80% 8  
  • 9  
  • Keep  your  company     out  of  the  content     11  
  • QUESTION  OF  PRIORITIES   •  Value •  Fan Engagement •  Brand •  Give to get •  Interaction with fans Promotion content •  Interesting content will •  News, receive Likes, Shares Promotions, and Comments Contests •  Ideally: reserved for the fans, or a priority group 12  
  • PROMISE  SPA  REINE  Spa  Reine  let’s  you  experience  pure,  inspiring  moments  with  your  friends  and  family     13  
  • CONTENT  WHEEL  SPA  REINE   Moments  with  family  &  friends   (acJviJes  &  trips,  cooking,  movies)   Spa  Reine  history   Actuality  &  news   Sponsoring  &  events   (f.e.  20KM)       Purity   (taking  care  of  your   beloved  ones)     Product  &  Promo  info   (announcement  of  new   products  /  acJons  /  promo)   Spa  Mama  Baby  program     (focus  on  USPs  of  the  website)     14  
  • PROPOSITION  SPA  SPARKLING  “Each  day  we  make  your  day  a  sparkling  day”  Smile,  laugh,  explore,  wonder,  learn,  be  inspired   »  Each  day  we  will  surprise  and  inspire  our   fans   15  
  • CONTENT  SPA  SPARKLING   Outside  AcJviJes   (Kayak  at  Ourthe,  Jp  for  a  museum,  …)   Sparkling  moments   Refreshing  ideas   (original  content   (Jps:  f.e.  pancakes)   that  will  surprise   the  fans)   Culture   (New  Belgian  film,   Upcoming  arJst,  …)   Sponsoring,  events   Promo  &  Product  info     Sports   (New  sport  to  try  with  friends,   weekend  acJvity  proposal)   16  
  • PROPOSITION  SPA  GENERAL   “Join  us  on  a  journey  into  the  heart  of  our   sources  and  ini?a?ves”   •  Discover  the  history  of  Spa,  the   iniJaJves  and  values  of  Spa,  its   beauJful  domain  &  its  heritage   •  Be  inspired  by  its  roots,  its  nature,   its  people   17  
  • CONTENT  SPA  GENERAL   Nature  &  ecology   (domain  of  Spa,  Jps  for  family  walks  with  acJvity,  …)     Spa  gamma  &   Belgitude   news   (Spa  =  100%  Belgian)       (f.e.  new     packagaging)   Heritage  of  Spa   Engagement  of     (f.e.  Spa  history  &     Spa  (environment)   Spa  VisiJng  Center)   18  
  • WHAT  DOES  SPA  EXPECT?  29/06/12   20   20  
  • A  PAGE  WITH  A  STRONG  VISION  •  Each  day  bring  interesJng,  original  and  inspiring   content  to  the  fans  •  Each  week  reach  a  mass  audience  by  leveraging  the   posts  to  a  wider  audience  than  its  fans  •  To  set  the  tone  (be  leader)  in  Water  pages  in  Belgium   in  terms  of  Engagement  &  Size  •  In  short:  to  manage  a  page  that  has  strong  Karma       21  
  • MANY DRIVERS. ONE KARMA. Setup   Page Setup Impact   Reach Engagement Intensity       Strong Foundations Consideration Community Vitality   ConversaJon   Posting Strategy Intelligence   22  
  • 24  
  • About  text  Different  tabs   25  
  • Spa  Mama  Baby  Program  Reference  to  website   26  
  • ENGAGEMENT   28  
  • “Fans  don’t  care  about  your     beauJful  designed     Facebook  page”   29  
  • «  All  posts  of  my  friends  and  Liked  Pages  appear  in  my  newsfeed  »   31  
  • Only  Top  Stories  are  shown  (!)   32  
  • A  COMPLEX  EQUATION?   33  
  • UNDERSTANDING  EDGERANK  =  KEY  EdgeRank  is  made  up  of  3  variables:  Affinity,  Weight,  and  Time  Decay.   »  Affinity  is  dependent  on  a  users  relaJonship  with  an  object   in  the  news  feed.     –  It  is  based  on  the  proximity  you  have  with  a  friend  or  Page  (No.  of  comments  and   no.  of  ‘Likes’  from  you  and  your  friends,  Frequency  of  visit  to  specific  Profiles  /   Pages,  Frequency  of  interacJons  with  those  Profiles  /  Pages)   »  Weight  is  determined  by  the  type  of  object,  such  as  a   photo/video/link/etc.     »  Time  Decay:  as  an  object  gets  older,  the  lower  the  value.   34  
  • ENGAGEMENT  IS  KEY  TO  INFLUENCE  EDGERANK    Fans  are  just  the  beginning  (!)  Gesng  engagement  from  those  Fans  is  a  real  Challenge.  To  maximize  your  presence  in  Top  News:   »  Generate  Likes;   »  Provoke  Comments;   »  Invite  people  to  Share;   »  Make  people  return  to  your  Page;   35  
  • Measure, Compare & Optimizethe Karma of Your Page.Presentation Page Karma.
  • Page KarmaRankings & Comparisons LogosBrands want to understand the state of theirperformance. How do I rate against my How do I rate, competitors or compared with the my peers other brands of the country In terms of size, rate Colors of increase, in terms C71 M2 Y35 K0 of C71 M64 Y64 K66 engagement or C52 M43 Y43 K7 R42 G183 B179 activityB42 my fans R42 G42 of R129 G129 B129 # 2AB7B3 # 2AB7B3 # 818181
  • Page KarmaCountry Insights LogosBrands want to understand how people useFacebook in their country What content gets How do people the most engage with my engagement in my brand on Facebook category (type, in my country? format, length,…) ? What are the Colors What time of the differences best to day is the C71 M2 Y35 K0 between men C71 M64 Y64 K66 C52 M43 Y43 K7 R42 G183 B179 publish and G42 B42 R42 women R129 G129 B129 # 2AB7B3 # 2AB7B3 # 818181 content ?
  • Page KarmaRecommendations LogosBrands want to increase their effectiveness % If I have 2 posts to publish, when do I When should I post the second publish on my one ? Page ? What are my competitors Colors Are my competitors’ doing that could Is the level of inspireY64 K66 ? C71 M64 me consideration I Pages growing Y35 K0 C71 M2 C52 M43 Y43 K7 R42 G183 B179 R42 G42 B42 give to my fans R129 G129 B129 quicker than # 2AB7B3 # 2AB7B3 # 818181 the best in my mine ? Category ?
  • Each  month  comparing  engagement  to  our  compe?tors,  the   broader  category  &  country  benchmarks   41  
  • Each  month  comparing  engagement  to  our  compe?tors,  the   broader  category  &  country  benchmarks   42  
  • ENGAGEMENT  RATE  EVOLUTION   1.2   1   0.8   0.6   ER  April   0.4   ER  May   0.2   ER  June   0   43  
  • Best  pracQces  to    engage  the  (Spa)    community   44  
  • 1.  Surprise/privilege  the  fans:  give  them  scoops   Albums  generates  one  of  the   highest  visibility  &  engagement   scores  with  new  Timeline   45  
  • Albums  generate  high  engagement   We  asked  fans  to  like  their  favorite,   resul?ng  in  high  engagement   By  reac?ng  on  comments  by  fans   under  each  photo,  we  managed   to  get  many  comments   46  
  • 2.  People  love  choosing:  involve  them   Don’t  forget  to  keep  the  conversa?on   going  in  the  comments  &  let  fans   know  which  op?on  was  chosen  the   most  by  the  fans   47  
  • 3.  Communicate  Social  AcQons  in  your  posts   48  
  • 4.  Let  fans  fill  in  the  blanks.  Ask  quesQons   Although  Ques?ons  are  not  the  most     sexy  format,  it’s  one  of  the  best  to     boost  engagement         Best  way  to  get  to  know  your  fans  (f.e.  how  many  of  your  fans  actually  use  your   product(s)?)   49  
  • 5.  Inspire  fans  with  offline  (family)  acQviQes   50  
  • 6.  Make  use  of  recurring  events  or  topics   Contextualize  the  content   51  
  • 7.  Pick  topicaliQes  that  match  your  brand   52  
  • 8.  Celebrate  Achievements   From  ?me  to  ?me  reward  fans  with  giQs  or  host   offline  ac?vity  with/for  them   53  
  • 9.  Host  contests  that  stand  close  to  the  fans  needs  or  interests   Inspire  to  par?cipate   54  
  • 10.  QualitaQve  Storytelling:  brand  iniQaQves   55  
  • New  opQons  :  Pin  to  the  top,  star,  milestones   Post  remains  on  top  of  the     page  for  1  week   Larger  visibility   Star  posts  before  you  highlight  them.  AQer  7  days  they  will     go  back  to  the  larger  format   56  
  • Think  about  Milestones   (Re)construct   the  heritage   of  the  brand   57  
  • INFO:  Title  in  Calibra  (Body)  28  pixels.  All  Capital.  BUILDING  A  QUALITATIVE  AUDIENCE   58  
  • MAIN  OBJECTIVES/GOALS   1.  Claim  leadership  posiJon  in  ‘water  category’   2.  Create  a  qualitaJve  audience  with  large   reach  that  would  jusJfy  the  investments  in   social  (keeping  in  mind  that  fans  are  just  the   beginning)     59  
  • WE  HAD  TWO  DIFFERENT  OPTIONS  Sesng  up  effecJve  recruitment  campaigns   »  Frontal  :  through  the  promise  of  the  page   »  Biased  :  via  contests  or  promoJons  -­‐>  the   challenge  being  to  engage  those  ‘fans’   DesJnaJon  tab   for  recruitment   purposes   60  
  • CREATIVE  BEST  PRACTICES  Image  Maxers!    80%  the  impact  of  your  ad.  Best  PracJces:        -­‐  No  more  than  1  or  2  objects/human  -­‐   Human  Faces  -­‐   Close  Up  -­‐   Focus  on  Product  -­‐   Band  RecogniJon  (Logo)  -­‐   Colours  -­‐   Iconic    -­‐   Be  CreaJve       63  
  • CREATIVE  BEST  PRACTICES    Copy  to  generate  an  acJon.    Best  PracJces:      -­‐   Short  Copy    -­‐   CAPITALS  -­‐   QuesJons  -­‐   Focus  on  Benefits.  -­‐   Magic  Keywords  (Free,  New,  Win,…)  -­‐   Call  to  AcJon  -­‐   Contextualize  -­‐   Sense  of  Emergency  -­‐   Brand  RecogniJon  -­‐   Clear  DesJnaJon   64  
  • OPTIMIZATION  DURING  THE  WHOLE  PERIOD  Main Optimization Steps We optimize your investment in REAL TIME in order to reach the best ROI1 - We split the targeting in several sub-segment (Gender, Age, Interest)2 – We analyze witch segment perform the best regarding the message3 - We make a reallocation of the budget on the sub-segment who works the best.4 – It is an iterative process we repeat. Launch middle Reallocation of Budget V € OPTIMAZATION OPTIMAZATION V € X € 65  
  • DAILY  OPTIMIZATION  &  LEARNINGS   1.40  €   1.20  €   1.00  €   0.80  €   0.60  €   0.40  €   0.20  €   0.00  €   0  fans   70,000  fans   66  
  • POSITION  1  –  WATER  PAGES   67  
  • POSTING  STRATEGY  29/06/12   69   69  
  • Monday TuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday SaturdaySunday Men and Women have different patterns
  • PUBLISHING  PLATFORM  Use  of  external  tools  to:  Schedule  posts           Saturday     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Sunday  Create  more  axracJve,  richer  posts.  Easier  moderaJon  of  comments  Stats…   71  
  • WHY  IS  THIS  SO  IMPORTANT?  Influences  the  vitality  of  your  Facebook  page    With  Spa  Belgium  we  strive  to:  •  Be  the  most  axenJve  page  in  its  category  •  Not  let  any  fine  acJon  unnoJced  •  Keep  the  conversaJon  going  on  the  page,  its   posts,  …   73  
  • MODERATION  >  FANS  POSTS   Replies%Of% Likes%of% Average% Page%Name% Fan%Posts% Page%on%Fan% Page%on%Fan% Reply%on% Posts% Posts% Fan%Posts Spa$Belgium 84 46 38 1,0 Pepsi 24 17 5 0,9 evian$Belgium 29 7 13 0,7 Gini 26 11 4 0,6 FreshClub$by$ Perrier 175 44 54 0,6 Innocent$ Belgium 4 2 0 0,5 Bru$ 16 5 3 0,5 Oasis$Fun.be 0 0 0 0,0 Spa  Belgium  is  number  one  on  ModeraJon  of  Fans   post.  With  an  average  of  1  reply  per  Fan  Post.   74  
  • MODERATION  >  PAGE  POSTS   Reply%of% Average%reply%per% Page%Name% Posts%of%Page% Page%on% Post own%Posts% Spa$Belgium 24 69 2,88 Gini 21 58 2,76 Oasis$Fun.be 31 75 2,42 evian$Belgium 14 17 1,21 Bru$ 21 15 0,71 FreshClub$by$Perrier 20 2 0,10 Innocent$Belgium 6 0 0,00 Pepsi 10 0 0,00 Spa  Belgium  is  number  one  on  ModeraJon  of  Page  Posts.   With  an  average  reply  of  2,88  per  Page  Post.   75  
  • SET  UP  A  PROCESS  –  WHO  TO  CONTACT/WHAT  TO  DO  PosiJve   Thank  him  and  encourage  comment   for  more  comments.   Product   If  you  can  answer  straight  away,  do  it.  If   not,  ask  for  more  informaJon  or  say  you  QuesJon   will  come  back  asap  with  detailed   InformaJon   informaJon.  Ask  informaJon  to   dedicated  people.   If  correct,  acknowledge  and  check   how  you  can  make  it  right.   Unhappy   Check     If  wrong,  correct  politely  and   customer   facts   monitor.  NegaJve   Wrong   If  correct,  acknowledge,  publish  the   Check    comment   informaJon   correct  informaJon  and  monitor.   facts   NegaJve   If  wrong,  correct  politely  and   opinion   monitor.   Joke   Monitor,  and  if  needed  delete  based     on  guidelines  of  the  page.   77  
  • REACH   79  
  • WHY  FOCUSING  ON  REACH?   •  With  specific  Facebook  AdverJsing   formats  (Sponsored  Stories)  we   decided  to  boost  the  reach  of  our   page  posts  much  wider  than  its   organic  likers   •  And  by  doing  so  turning  the  page  into   a  powerfull  communicaJon  tool  by   reaching  well  over  2Mio  people  per   week   80  
  • PAGE  POST  ADS  TO  BOOST  VISIBILITY/REACH   Reach  organic  (OWNED)   +     AddiJonal  Reach    (PAID)   Friends  of  Fans,  Specific  target   Fans     Fans    Fans   81  
  • ORGANIC  &  PAID  REACH    Up  to  50K  weekly  organic  Views   Reach  up  to  2  M  weekly  Views   82  
  • PAGE  POST  ADS  EXAMPLE   Page  Post  Ad   Organic:  7K  reach   With  PPA:  600K  reach   83  
  • PAGE  BECOMES  A  POWERFUL  COMMUNICATION  TOOL   30  K   Heritage  of  Spa   AcJvity  Jp(s)   PPA  on  FoF   50  K   1  M   Spa  Reine   PPA  on  Fans   Contest  House   2  x  30K  2  x  50  K   1  x  500K  2  x  1M     Nature  &  Ecology   PPA  on  FoF   2.660.000  post  views   30  K   per  week   Spa  Sparkling  1  M   Sparkling  Day   PPA  on  Fans   Specific  targeted  PPA   50  K   Family  acJviJes   500  K   Thank  the  fans   84  
  • THE  RIGHT  MIX  29/06/12   85   85  
  • AN  ONGOING  STORY…  INFO:  Title  in  Calibra  (Body)  28  pixels.  All  Capital.   86  
  • 87  
  • facebook.com/sospace  slideshare.net/sospace  @pjadriaensens   88