The top 3 online backup trends for managed service providers and IT Consultants


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Topic: Top 3 competitive features of your new online backup solution

Date: Thursday, August 30th 2012

Time: 11 AM (PDT) / 2 PM (EDT)

Speakers: Sheilin Herrick, Director of Marketing and Derek Wood, Partner Product Manager

SOS ServerSave offers a once-in-a decade opportunity to resellers, VARs and MSPs to earn exponential revenue growth, through offering cloud backup for servers to SMBs and Enterprises. Surveys have indicated that 69% of SMBs will purchase an offsite online backup solution in the next 24 months. Early movers would be at an advantage to profit from this onslaught of demand in cloud based backup from SMBs and enterprises. Drive More Revenue with the SOS 360° Partner Program.

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The top 3 online backup trends for managed service providers and IT Consultants

  1. 1. SOS Online BackupTop Three Trends in Cloud Backup Summer 2012
  2. 2. Top Three Online Backup TrendsAgenda: Industry overview and opportunity The SOS 360 Degree Partner Program SOS ServerSave features and benefits Data centers and infrastructure Top three online backup trends Pricing Product tour Q&A
  3. 3. The Industry
  4. 4. SOS Online Backup Leads the Backup Industry Cloud Backup TodaySOS is the technology leader in consumer & SMBbackup• A pioneer in online backup technology since 2006:  Over 500K active customers and 900 VAR partners.  In excess of 100 man-years in product development.Multiple Technology Megatrends Propelling Online BackupAdoption• Expansion of internet bandwidth• Decrease of hosted storage costs• Technical sophistication of population• Significant increase in size and value of digital data IDC confirms that massive adoption by business community is near term:The continued evolution of these same technology trends will • 16% of companies surveyed by IDC are usingcarry cloud backup adoption into the SMB market and to the online backup todayenterprise. • 69% are evaluating and/or planning to use it
  5. 5. What SMBs are looking for in online backup • Initial online backup adoption occurred primarily within the consumer market, where simple file and folder backup technology serves the needs of home users. • SMB & Enterprise data Protection needs are more complex. • As online backup technology evolves to meet these needs at a lower cost SMB adoption will follow. SOS ServerSave is uniquely suited to meet this growing market demand. SMB & Enterprise Backup Requirements Addressed by SOS ServerSave  Total business data Protection, with coverage for workstations, servers, laptops & mobile devices  Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery  Server application backup and recovery (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint)  Centralized deployment, reporting, and remote management systems  Security: support for secure public & private cloud deployments Existing strong growth soon to be augmented by wide-spread business adoption.  Large file backup (200GB+)  Collapsing the RTO & RPO under 30 mins 4Copyright 2011, SOS Online Backup
  6. 6. The SOS 360 Degree Partner Program
  7. 7. SOS 360 Degree Partner ProgramFeatures and BenefitsSOS offers MSPs a business in a box - start selling in less than one week. Website Template Flexibility to update content on website template Integrated billing Customized branding on website template Award winning software No hardware purchase required Weekly live trainings Sales and marketing materials Re-branded client Re-branded sales materials Re-branded marketing materials
  8. 8. The Product Suite
  9. 9. SOS Online Backup Product Suite
  10. 10. SOS ServerSave is a Complete SMB Online Backup SolutionSOS ServerSave Feature Added BenefitsExchange Backup and Granular Recover mail, message, contacts and more Restore deleted files, be regulationRecovery compliantBare Metal ImageCreator Backup Exchange, Windows Servers, SQL Control these from one central location Servers, Sharepoint Servers, and fileservers and quickly send images to SOS cloudOnline Backup & Recovery Backup and recovery for bare metal Control, report, and deploy withoutManager images, files, and folders having to install a separate management agentWorkstation Backup Backup and recovery from laptops, Infinite and automatic archiving, workstations, fileservers, and files and unlimited versioning, unsurpassed speed foldersPremier Web Integration Integrate billing management, merchant Receive a completely rebranded site and accounts, and more shopping cartMobile Backup Android, iPhone Access, share, stream, view data anywhere on the globe.
  11. 11. Data Centers and Infrastructure
  12. 12. Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and TorontoClick Centers Master title styleData to edit  11 global points of presence  SOS backs up data to military-grade data centers in London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Cape Town, and Melbourne  All data centers are secured with 24/7 watch, video surveillance, biometric credential requirements, backup generators, temperature and humidity controls 11Copyright SOS Online Backup
  13. 13. Top Three Trends in Online Backup
  14. 14. Combining Local and Online BackupWhat does this mean?Using a staging server or other local machine to perform aninitial backup (or separate backup) before sending the data tothe cloud. The user would benefit from the software capabilitiessolution, such as recovery tools and encryption.Who would be interested in this?Firms who want to conserve bandwidth or want to control thetype of machine on which their data is stored, but still want a tool withwhich they can encrypt and restore their data.What’s the advantage to me?By selling online backup and a piece of hardware, you can increaseyour revenue on a monthly basis and as a one time sale.
  15. 15. The Rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)What does this mean?Companies are frequently asking, or allowing, their employeesto bring their own devices to the office and use them. Thesedevices should be backed up as if they are company property.Who would be interested in this?Companies who wish to combine the flexibility of BYODand online backup for business continuity.What’s the advantage to me?As a managed service provider, you must be prepared to backup and protect afirm’s entire arsenal of devices. Having the ability to do so puts you at a seriousadvantage over your competitors.
  16. 16. Mobile endpoint protectionWhat does this mean?Backup and recovery for data on smartphones and tablets.Particularly, laptops, iPhones and Androids.Who would be interested in this?Organizations and individuals who regularly work outout of the office.What’s the advantage to me?Offering a solution that backs up any device a consumer or business may have isa major competitive advantage. Separating out this type of backup as another optionand invoicing it separately to the customer is a great way to make extra revenue.
  17. 17. Pricing and Revenue Opportunity
  18. 18. Pricingto edit Master title style Click and Revenue Opportunity  Flexible plans are available to help you get your online backup business started  SOS does not limit your margin or take a commission  Add server licenses and GBs as you grow your business  Business Development assistance is available after you get started Product Series SOS ServerSave 5 SOS ServerSave 10 SOS ServerSave 15 SOS ServerSave 25Server Licenses 5 10 15 25Cloud Space 1024 GB 1536 GB 2560 GB 4096 GBMonthly Price $399 $549 $699 $899Monthly Cost per Server $80 $55 $47 $36LicenseSuggested Retail Price $129 $129 $129 $129Margin per Server License $49 $74 $82 $93Monthly Margin Per $246 $741 $1,236 $2,326Package Copyright SOS Online 17 Backup
  19. 19. Product Demo and Q&A
  20. 20. Click to edit Master title style Get started today!1. Call your SOS Partner Specialist2. Select a plan3. Complete an ROI analysis to find out how much recurring revenue you can make4. Market and sell your new online backup service to your clients5. Watch your online backup client base grow!