Tourism adv and dis axel and joaquín


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Tourism adv and dis axel and joaquín

  1. 1. T o u r is m Tourism is a recreational, leisure or business purposes. the world tourism organizationdefines tourist as people who "travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for more than twenty-four hour and not more than one consecutive year for leisure.Because it brings in a lot of people who are willing to pay for things naturally found in that country, like fudge, and lava rocks. They pay for food, hotels, and other specialties at slightly higher prices than the natives would pay, as they are on vacation, and havemoney to burn, mostly. They then leave, and more come in, it creates jobs, and as long as there are a reason for people to come, then they will .
  2. 2. What converts an area into a tourist attraction• Beautiful scenery• Clean city• Kind people
  3. 3. Scenery• The scenery is very important for attraction of tourism because it something that you can´t lose to visit!
  4. 4. Clean City• If the city isn’t clean the people won’t visit this city because the people like clean cities.
  5. 5. Kind people• The kind people are very important for attraction of tourism, because they can tell you what to do and where to go.
  6. 6. Exciting activites• The Exciting activities are another way to attract tourism. Some of this are: Surfing, Canoeing and Climbing. In winter, you can ski, snowboard, etc;
  7. 7. Areas to relax• The areas to relax are too another way of attracting tourism. Some of the places are, Beaches, Swimming pools, hotels, resources, etc;
  8. 8. Places to visit• You can go wherever you want, but you must visit places with TOURISM. When there is tourism, the place you want to visit has population, so you must choose places with tourism. I recomend to go to: Salta, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, etc;
  9. 9. What advantages does this tourism bring?• Employment• Infrastucture development• Cultural preservation• Enviromental protection• Foreign exchange• Development of health services
  10. 10. Employment• This advantage is very important because the people who work in cities with tourism earn a lot of money. There are so much people that they work a lot.
  11. 11. Infrastructure development• This is important too because it is essential to tourists and to people who live there too. Infrastructure development consists in having clean roads, clean water, electricity, telecom and cybercom.
  12. 12. Cultural preservation• This is good for tourists atraction because carnavals, fashion, festivals, physical history, etc. are very funny for people and there are some places that have better cultural preservation and others less.
  13. 13. Environmental protection• In this way, there are some tourists that have more impact on this than others. This is to help our planet. If the water, the roads, etc, are clean, more people will come to this city. This consists in incentive to preserve nature, wildlife and urban cleanliness.
  14. 14. Foreign exchangeWhen someone of other country comes withanother type of money.
  15. 15. Development of health services• This is important to tourists too because they need a hospital or a farmacy if they have an accident or if they get ill.
  16. 16. But…
  17. 17. What disadvantages does this tourism bring?• cultural destruction• primary products• environmental destruction• marginal employment• low benefits• development of illegal and/or destructive economic activities• ETC.
  18. 18. Environmental destruction• This happens when you replace a natural place for a human made. For Example: When you put a Hotel in a forest. You may chop down the trees to do a hotel.
  19. 19. Pollution• This happens when tourists make a place dirty and destroys the environment. It can happen in a lot of ways, like using cars, factor, throw rubbish to the floor, etc.
  20. 20. Cultural destructionThis advantage, is too an disadvantage because if a german comes here to dance tango, they are dancing our culture, it is like they steal our tradition. We want to see us dancing Tango, not people of other countries.
  21. 21. Seasonal employment no job security, no organizing• Having a Job in a tourist place is an advantage but when it is not the season of tourism, they don’t have work or less than in Season of Tourism. For example, in Bariloche, only snows in Winter, and in the rest of the year, there is no job.
  22. 22. Marginal employment• Its the work of people in other countries that works in (for example) the beach and they sell ice-cream or other things.
  23. 23. Development of illegal and/ordestructive economic activities• The tourists don’t come to a place sometimes because of this. There are people who sell illegal drugs, the species are endangered and there is paid sex. This cause destruction of economic activities.
  24. 24. Outside decision making• When you are not benefit with a man or men who has more power and they don’t care about you.• Decisions made outside of the area, corporate dollars.• Controlled by the elite.