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Powerpoint general knowledge

  1. 1. Fausto A. Orlando r.
  2. 2.  1: Russia: total area: 17,098,242. Northern Asia. Capital: Moscow 2: Canada: 9,984,670, Northern North America, Capital: Ottawa 3: United States: 9,826,675, North America, Capital: Washington 4: China: 9,596,961, Eastern Asia, Capital: Beijing 5: Brazil: 8,514,877, Eastern South America, Capital: Brazilia
  3. 3.  1: Nile: Length in Miles: 4,135, North/East Africa 2. Amazon: Length in Miles: 3,980 South America 3. Chang Jiang: Length in Miles: 3,917, China 4. Mississippi-Missouri: Length in Miles: 3,870, USA. 5. Yenisey: Length in Miles: 3,434, Russia
  4. 4.  Superior: 82,414 km2 Victoria: 69,485 km2 Huron: 69,485 km2 Michigan: 69,485 km2 Baikal: 31,500 km2 Malawi: 30,044 km2
  5. 5.  Artic ocean: The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of the worlds five oceans, Europe, Asia, and North America, mostly north of the Arctic Circle Pacific ocean: The Pacific Ocean is by far the worlds largest ocean at 60,060,700 square miles (155,557,000 sq km). Indian Ocean: The Indian Ocean is the worlds third-largest ocean and it has an area of 26,469,900 square miles (68,566,000 sq km).
  6. 6.  Southen ocean: The Southern Ocean is the worlds newest and fourth-largest ocean. In the spring of 2000, the International Hydrographic Organization decided to delimit a fifth ocean. Artic Ocean: The Arctic Ocean is the worlds smallest with an area of 5,427,000 square miles (14,056,000 sq km).
  7. 7.  1. Antarctic Desert: Type: polar, Area: 13,829,430, Location: Antartica 2. Artic: Type: polar, Area: 13,726,937. Alaska , Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. 3. Shara: Type: Subtropical, 9,100,000, Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Mali,Maur itania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia and Western Sahara
  8. 8.  4. Arabian desert: Type: Subtropical, Area: 2,330,000 Iraq, Jordán, Kuwait, Omán, Qatar, Saudí Arabia,United Arab Emirates and Yemen 5. Gobi Desert: Type: Cold Winter, Area:1,300,000[3]. China and Mongolia
  9. 9.  1. Antartic Desert: Antartic Krill: Small crustaceans that are eaten by many animals. Artic Tern: A small bird that flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again each year. Blue Whale: A baleen whale that is the largest animal that ever lived on Earth. Penguin: Penguins are birds that swim very well but cannot fly. Many penguins live in Antarctica.
  10. 10.  Weddell Seal: The Weddell seal is a large, nocturnal pinniped from Antarctica. Squid: The squid is a fast-swimming invertebrate with ten arms. Shara desert animals: Addax Antelope: is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. They are flat-footed antelopes that can easily traverse the sandy landscape of the Sahara
  11. 11.  Dromedary Camels: There are two major types of camels found in the world, Bactrian and Dromedary camels. The Dromedary camel, which is said to be of Arabian Origin, is the main Saharan camel. Dorcas Gazelle: The Dorcas Gazelle is another exceptionally beautiful animal found in the Sahara. It is the most common species of gazelle and stands up to 65 cm tall and weighs around 25 kg.
  12. 12.  1. Mount Vesuvius: Situated near the famous city of Naples in Italy, vesuvius is a name most people have heard. Situated on the bay of Naples, it is the only volcano in Europe to have erupted in the last century. Its height is approximately 1,281 meters.
  13. 13.  Mount Sinai: Located in Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula, this mountain is roughly 2,285 meters in height. It is a mountain that holds a great religious significance for many religious in the world. Mount Everest: Everyone has heard of the Mount Everest. The tallest mountain in the world, it stands a staggering 8,848 meters above the sea level. Situated in Nepal it is a great attraction for people of all types who want to scale its heights.
  14. 14.  Mount Fuji: Among the most beautiful mountains in the world, Mount Fuji is notable for its beautifully symmetrical shape. Mount Kilimanjaro: Considered the tallest free-standing mountain in this world this mountain is located in Tanzania and is 5,893 meters above sea-level. It is also the highest mountain in Africa.
  15. 15.  Mount Vesuvius, Italy: What makes Mount Vesuvius one of the most famous volcanoes of the world, is that the ash preserved the remains of entire city of Pompeii and its inhabitants as well as their pets as it is. Cotopaxi, Ecuador: Cotopaxi is also one of the volcanoes of the Pacific Ring of Fire. With 86 recorded eruptions Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: This is one of the most famous volcanoes in Hawaii. It lies in the southeast part of the Hawaii, and a major portion of the volcano remains underwater.
  16. 16. Wonder Dt. Of Construction Location Since 7th centuryGreat Wall of China China BC[15]Petra c. 100 BC Jordan Opened October 12,Christ the Redeemer Brazil 1931Machu Picchu c. AD 1450 PeruChichen Itza c. AD 600 MexicoColosseum Completed AD 80 ItalyTaj Mahal Completed c. AD 1648 IndiaGreat Pyramid ofGiza (Honorary Completed c. 2560 BC EgyptCandidate)
  17. 17.  Colombia- Bogota Venezuela- Caracas Ecuador- Quito Peru- Lima Brasil- Brasilia Chile- Santiago De Chile Uruguay- Montevideo Paraguay- Asuncion Bolivis- La paz or Sucre Argentina- Buenos Aires
  18. 18. rank Country Population Date World Source Population 1,354,040, December Official 19.14%1. China[8] 000 31, 2012 estimate Preliminary 1,210,193, March 1, 20112 India 17.11% 422 2011 census result Official United 315,521,0 March 20,3 4.46% population States 00 2013 clock 2010 237,641,3 May 1,4 Indonesia 3.36% census 26 2010 result 193,946,8 July 1, Official5 Brazil 2.74%
  19. 19. Final 2011 Tokelau ( October240 1,411 0.00001% census NZ) 18, 2011 result Vatican July 1, Official241 800 0.00001% City 2012 estimate Cocos 2011 (Keeling) August 9, 0.000001242 550 census Islands (A 2011 % result ustralia) Pitcairn July 1, 0.000000243 Islands (U 66 2008 0% K)
  20. 20. Country Currency Sub CurrencyAfghanistan afghani 100 pulsAlgeria dinar 100 centimesAndorra euro 100 centsArgentina austral 100 centavosAustralia dollar 100 centsAustria euro 100 centsBahamas dollar 100 cents