Migration Magali 2nd


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My family's story

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Migration Magali 2nd

  1. 1.  My Father’s sideMy grandparents got married and had two sons, Alfonso and Alfredo. They had also an older half-brother, Carlos, on their mother’s side. My Mother’s sideMy grandparents married in 1961. They had a son and a daughter. My mother Edith and my uncle Miguel.They called me Silvia because my grandmother wanted to call my mother Silvia but my grandfather didn’t want to, so my mother named me Silvia Magalí.
  2. 2.  My grandfather’s story The first person to come to Argentina was his sister Ramona. She came here in 1949 because there was the Second World War in Spain and they had economic problems. Two years after my grandfather came. Nowadays one of his sisters is living in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. She’s called Elena, she is 91 years old. My grandfather’s name was Alfredo. He lived in Buenos Aires all his life but now he is at heaven because he was killed by criminals in 1996. Some of my father’s aunts and uncles are living in Spain. Also, my father has cousins, aunts and uncles in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.
  3. 3.  My grandmother ‘s story All of my grandmother’s family was born in Entre Rios, Argentina. They migrated from Entre Rios to Buenos Aires. My grandmother’s name was Teresa, she died in 1979. She had four sisters, they were called Ester, Maria, Otilia and Delia and two brothers, José and Pedro. Nowadays only four of them are alive. The four of my grandmother’s brothers are living in Argentina, Buenos Aires but Otilia and Ester are in Pilar, Maria in Morón and José in Moreno. I didnt meet her, my grandfather nor my uncle Alfonso.
  4. 4.  My grandfather’s story My grandfather’s name is Miguel Ángel. He was born in 1935 in Quitilipi Chaco, Argentina with his sisters Judith and Elizabeth and one brother called Jose Luis. All of my grandfather’s family migrated from Chaco to Buenos Aires except for Elizabeth because she was married. My grandmother’s story My grandmother’s name is Nelida. She was born in San Salvador, Entre Rios, Argentina in 1939. Her family consisted of six sisters Victoria, Irma, Teresa, Nora, Ines and Graciela and six brothers Justo, Pancho, Anildo, Rogelio, Rolando and Dovildo. All her family came to Buenos Aires but Pancho and Justo didn’t come here. Then Irma went to Ushuaia. Nowadays only ten of her family are alive. My grandmother, Anildo, Teresa, Rolando, Nora, Ines and Graciela are in Buenos Aires, two are living in Entre Rios, Justo and Pancho, and Irma is in Ushuaia , Argentina.