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Deforestation maga pili pau
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Deforestation maga pili pau


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  • 1. Is the permanent destruction of indigenous forests and woodlands.In other words Deforestation refers to the cutting, clearing, and removal of rainforest.
  • 2. 1- Forests are cut down for many reasons, but most ofthem are related to money or to people’s need toprovide for their families. The biggest driver ofdeforestation is agriculture. Farmers cut forests toprovide more room for planting crops or grazinglivestock.2-Not all deforestation is intentional. Some is caused bya combination of human and natural factors like wildfiresand subsequent overgrazing, which may prevent thegrowth of young trees.
  • 3. Commercial LoggingMiningOil and gas extractionCattle ranching
  • 4. Felling trees for agriculture reasons andfor maintaining families. Felling of trees for firewood and buildingmaterial
  • 5. Habitat fragmentation. This disturbs the animalshabitat and may force them to enter habitats whichare already occupied. This can pose many problemssuch as territorial conflicts, homelessness, lack of foodavailability, etc. Soil erosion occurs when trees and plants areremoved; the rain water washes the nutrients in thetop soil away. Desertification (dry, hot, arid conditions).
  • 6. Climate change (more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere,thus increasing the effects of global warming). Pollution (ground, water and air pollution from oil extraction andmining chemicals). Loss of culture. People who live in the rainforest depend on thenatural environment for food, shelter, materials for cooking, clothing,etc. If the forest is cut down or if their environment becomes pollutedfrom oil extraction and mining, they are forced to move or riskstarvation and sickness.
  • 7. Displacement of people (loss of farmland, forestresources, etc). Social conflicts and struggles over land andnatural resources. Poisoning from oil waste
  • 8. AmazonRainforest
  • 10. Southeast Asian Rainforest
  • 11. What can we do to STOP or at least lessen the amount of deforestationand conserve our own use of natural resources such as wood, oil andgas, electricity, minerals and elements, and water? Brainstorm...heresa start: Always use both sides of paper when writing,drawing, photo-copying, faxing, etc. Recycle paper, cans, glass, and plastic. Read the newspaper on-line.
  • 12. Encourage your parents, relatives, and friendsto buy furniture and wood that is Certified. Thatmeans the wood was legally cut-down.
  • 13. If you buy a product and you notice they usewood chips to package it, write to the companyand suggest they use another packagingmaterial. Join a group that is against deforestation andexpand your ideas to you friends and thepeople.
  • 14. Buy paper products made from recycledpaper: notebook paper, paper towels, toilet paper, books, etc. Use pencils until they are stubs! Think ofpencils as gold (youll never lose them if you do).
  • 15.
  • 16.