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Deforestation group work

  1. 1. (Agustín, Felipe C, Francisco)
  2. 2. • Deforestation is the removal of a forestor stand of trees where the land isthereafter converted to a non-forestuse. Examples of deforestation includeconversion of forestland tofarms, ranches, or urban use.DEFORESTATION
  3. 3. HUMAN CUSES (Agustín, FelipeC, Francisco)Some human causes of deforestation are :• expanding cities,• lack of farming land,• cattle pastures needed to graze in.When people cut down trees to expand land, every treethey cut down is letting out carbon dioxide that hasbeen stored when they have done photosynthesis.When people need place, they kill plants, trees andanimals, as well as the habitat of these animals just toexpand their lands. logging mining
  4. 4. Carolina R, Julieta C, Camila R.
  5. 5. DeforestationDeforestation refers to thecutting, clearing, and removal ofrainforest or related ecosystems into lessbio-diverse ecosystems such aspasture, cropland, or plantations.
  6. 6. Natural causesSome of the natural causes of deforestation are:• Forest fires: uncontrolled fire in an area ofcombustible vegetation that occurs in thecountryside or a wilderness area.• Drought: period of unusually dry weather thatpersists long enough to cause environmental oreconomic problems.• Floods: the main reason that deforestation causefloods, it is because there isn´t plants enough toabsorb the water when it rains, etc.
  7. 7. climate changeFelipe, FrancoandTiago
  8. 8. • As our understanding of the role forests playin stabilizing global climate increases, it isbecoming clear that their destruction is onlyexacerbating climate change. If were seriousabout tackling this, then preserving ourremaining ancient forests has to be a priority.Burning forests to clear land for agriculture releaseshuge amounts of greenhouse gases
  9. 9. • Mature forests store enormous quantities of carbon, both in the trees andvegetation itself and within the soil in the form of decaying plant matter. Forests inareas such as the Congo and the Amazon represent some of the worlds largestcarbon stores on land.• But when forests are logged or burnt, that carbon is released into theatmosphere, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasesand accelerating the rate of climate change. So much carbon is released that theycontribute up to one-fifth of global man-made emissions, more than the worldsentire transport sector.• Deforestation has such a massive effect on climate changethat Indonesia and Brazil are now the third and fourth largest emitters of carbondioxide on the planet. This dubious honour comes not from industrial or transportemissions, but from deforestation - up to 75 per cent of Brazils emissions comesolely from deforestation - with the majority coming from clearing and burningareas of the Amazon rainforest.Carbon storehouses
  10. 10. Animals inDEFORESTATIONBy Alejo and Ivan
  11. 11. Effects on animals• More than half of the animal and plantspecies in the world live in tropical forests.• It destroys their natural homes and habitatforcing them to relocate, sometimes they tryto move into residential areas looking for foodor shelter and this can be very dangerousdepending on the animal.
  12. 12. • Examples:• Jaguars• Hyacinth Macaw (bird)• Golden Lion Tamarin• Amazon River Dolphins
  13. 13. Deforestation…
  14. 14. • Animals help balancing our ecosystem, foodchain and acts as a food for us .So it´s really ashame for us to destroy our animal habitat bycutting trees{deforestation}.
  15. 15. Oxygen Co-EmissionBy: Rocío M., Victoria D., Candela M. and SolP.
  16. 16. • Rainforests are widely believed by laymen tocontribute a significant amount of the worldsoxygen, although it is now accepted byscientists that rainforests contribute littlenet oxygen to the atmosphere anddeforestation has only a minor effect onatmospheric oxygen levels.• However, the incineration and burning offorest plants to clear land releases largeamounts of CO2, which contributes to globalwarming.
  17. 17. • Scientists also state that tropicaldeforestation releases 1.5 billion tons ofcarbon each year into the atmosphere.• Forests are also able to extract carbondioxide and pollutants from the air, thuscontributing to biosphere stability.
  18. 18. Carbon Emmission• Every time we burn fossil fuels such asgas, coal or oil, carbon dioxide is released intothe atmosphere. In a natural carboncycle, carbon dioxide is re-absorbed by plantsand trees. However, we are burning fuelswhere the carbon dioxide has been trappedunder the earths surface for millions ofyears, and were doing it so quickly that plantsand trees that are alive now have no chance ofsoaking it up
  19. 19. • The effect of all this extra carbon dioxide in theatmosphere is that the overall temperature ofthe planet is increasing (global warming).Whilst the average global temperature isincreasing, on a day-to-day level the climate ischanging in unpredictable ways. To try andreduce the risk of ever more extreme weather,we need to reduce how much fossil fuel we areburning. This isnt easy
  20. 20. How does deforestationaffect water cycle?Jazmín and Faustina
  21. 21. Trees store and transpire greatquantities of water; its one of thereasons rainforests remain humid andwet. Take away the trees and that storeof water is lost.Moisture cannot be returned to theatmosphere without the plants. Becauseneither water nor nutrients can cycle ina forest ecosystem after the trees arecut down, extensive cutting can convertlush forests into deserts.
  22. 22. In the water cycle there are only a fewprocesses that gives water back to theatmosphere, such astranspiration, expiration and evaporation.Transpiration is the process by whichwater is loss from plants to theatmosphere. So, if plants are removedthere will be less water returning in theatmosphere. This will eventually cause areduction in the amount of waterreturning the earths surface such as theseas, lakes and rivers.
  23. 23. We can stop deforestation withmeasures such as• Reforestation - Forest plantations• Forest Management / Monitoringdeforestation• High- yield/ hybrid crops• Sustainable practices