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Voice2 at IMS Seminar
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Voice2 at IMS Seminar


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Short version of Voice 2.0 talk given at IMS seminar in Dublin.

Short version of Voice 2.0 talk given at IMS seminar in Dublin.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Voice 2.0 Sean O Sullivan © Rococo Software 2007
  • 2. About Rococo/mySay • Telecoms applications and services • Handset software – Java/Bluetooth embedded solutions – 100 million royalty bearing units shipped – Leading customers/partners • Voice/Web Applications – Using SIP/Parlay standards – Call Routing Portal (Aepona/Eircom) – Call Conferencing Portal (BEA) • Community/ Social Networking – mySay © Rococo Software 2007
  • 3. Some common Web 2.0 characteristics* Architecture of Designed to encourage users to take part, to Participation share, to customise, to connect User Generated Flickr, YouTube, Delicious, mySpace, eBay Content and Amazon all enable their users to create content Remixable flickr let users embed a photo anywhere, datasources and google maps lets third parties build on top mashups Continuous Beta No release schedules - just a slightly improved service, every day or every week Tagging and the Tags power delicious, flickr, youtube; links wisdom of crowds power google search Network effects - the Bittorrent scales as more share the network; more people use the Skype scales using user cpu; digg gets more service, the better it accurate as more users rate stories gets * Shamelessly stolen from Tim O Reilly © Rococo Software 2007
  • 4. What do we mean by Voice 2.0? • Voice centric telephony services that – Work with IP and non-IP phone systems – Harness the internet for some or all of those Web 2.0 characteristics – Integrate web functionality with the phone system to deliver new services • Some examples © Rococo Software 2007
  • 5. Jajah • Web Activated telephony • Skype - “for the rest of us” – No download – No headset – No nuttin’ • Enter two numbers and click the green button – Your phone will ring – Then the other phone rings – Then you talk • Free jajah to jajah calls recently announced • Freemium model – Small % paying for premium services funds the service © Rococo Software 2007
  • 6. Jangl • Originally - Privacy service • Get a jangl number • You control who calls that number • Your real number never revealed • Keyed off email © Rococo Software 2007
  • 7. Chinswing • Online conversations • Like fora - but using your voice • Discussion groups © Rococo Software 2007
  • 8. SayNow • Targeted at Music Industry initially • Artists phone in upates, thoughts, status • Fans phone in “shoutouts”, comments, requests • Now exapnding beyond music © Rococo Software 2007
  • 9. Snapvine • Voiceplayer for your blog or social network page • People leave you voice comments • Used in personals © Rococo Software 2007
  • 10. evoca • Also recording using your phone • Also post to blog, website, etc • Send messages to a group, or your friends • Pitched as “podcast like” © Rococo Software 2007
  • 11. Pheeder • Phone-casting • Call the number, leave a message, it appears on the site, and people can hear it • People can subscribe • Profiles, pictures foster social network dynamics © Rococo Software 2007
  • 12. Pinger • Voice messages to friends • Dial, talk, and the service sends your message to some pre- defined groups © Rococo Software 2007
  • 13. And of course…….mysay © Rococo Software 2007
  • 14. Voice 2.0 characteristics Old way New way People phone people People phone web pages, applications phone people; people subscribe to other people’s phonecasts Most Calls are 1-1 Calls are 1-1, 1-many, many-many Most calls are private Calls are private, subscriber only, moderated, podcasted, or anonymous Services launched Services launched globally geographically Calls happen, then Calls may live a long time, on web pages, archives, they’re over downloads Calls are for talking, Calls are for messaging, to friends, to groups, to SMS is for strangers messaging © Rococo Software 2007
  • 15. Technology • Written in Ruby On Rails • Telephony SIP/Asterisk • Deployed Hosted Service • Scale Amazon EC2 • Backup Amazon S3 © Rococo Software 2007
  • 16. Summary • Voice tends towards being free, on all networks – Value Add services will determine value and drive revenue • Operators can benefit from Web 2.0 momentum – Innovation now rapidly creating services “from the web side” • We now see roughly one per week • Telecom industry = 1 per year :-) – Partnering can accelerate adoption (Helio/mySpace) – You may wait to acquire • Then it may be too late • SOA and IMS help ease operator integration – SIP, Parlay-X – Open APIs Open APIs Open APIs © Rococo Software 2007