Voice 2.0 and IMS Applications


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Presentation on Voice 2.0 given at the IMS ARCs meeting - covers ideas around IMS Applications by looking at today's Voice 2.0 Services

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Voice 2.0 and IMS Applications

  1. 1. one number to get things done, hands-free Sean O Sullivan, CTO sos@dial2do.com
  2. 2. Rococo / mySay / Dial2Do • Rococo: Java/Bluetooth middleware – Shipped on 100+ million phones • mySay: Voice/Web Services – Incubated within Rococo • Dial2Do: Voice Activation platform – End-user focus: drivers with 30-60 minutes hands-free time a day – Business focus: Voice services “for the rest of us”
  3. 3. - IMS and RCS promise many things… - Compelling new applications & revenue streams - However: the applications proposed are often…. - ….well, dull “The future is already here…it is just unevenly distributed” William Gibson - Look at the services emerging in “Voice 2.0” - Can be very useful as guides for IMS/RCS
  4. 4. Some Voice 2.0 themes • Main theme : voice meets web (not VoIP) • Social Phone Book – My contact list should know stuff about what my contacts are doing - now • Social Radar – Who’s near me; do I know them? – What’s near me – Who’s been here? • Geo Life Journal – Digital breadcrumbs - constant, intermittent, tiny, updates • Communication control – Let only who I want, get me when I want, the way I want
  5. 5. A lightning tour of some “Voice 2.0” players
  6. 6. So what do we mean by Voice 2.0? • Voice-centric phone services that – Harness the internet for some or all of those Web 2.0 characteristics – Integrate web functionality with the phone system to deliver new services • Not! – Nothing to do (especially) with VoIP - they tend to work with IP and non-IP phone systems
  7. 7. Voice2.0 ecosystem
  8. 8. Messaging Information Social Networks Low Cost Routing Mobile
  9. 9. Save money or add value “In the old world, the economic activity started when the phone call began. In the new world, that’s when the economic activity ends. The money is all in presence, social networking, Add value filtering, privacy management, and so on. It’s a complete inversion of the economics of telephony. Therefore expect many of the vendors to be disemboweled in the process” Martin Geddes, Telepocalypse Blog Save Money
  10. 10. Operators, IMS/RCS and Voice 2.0 • IMS and RCS capabilities in many Voice 2.0 services now • Find ways to step towards the social phone book – Voda buys Zyb; how can you look at adding connection or status information to address book? • Mine data – Example 1: mine texts for social “zeitgeist” – “Dublin is mostly texting about Bruce Springsteen tonight” – “Sean has been talking to Shona again” on fb • Offer input for digital breadcrumbs – Not your own photo sharing, social networking – Add value to the ones already successful (location, billing, timing, activity, connections)
  11. 11. Watch the Apple App Store
  12. 12. Conclusion • For concrete ideas on tomorrow’s IMS services – Look at emerging “Voice2.0” services today – Focus on what people appear to be using - not what the technology supposedly “promises” • Operators can participate, and profit, in the “Web2.0” phenomenon – Figure out how to expose, share and add user value to their data – Tap common standards now (don’t wait): XMPP, SIP, E.164…
  13. 13. Thanks! For more: blog.dial2do.com Try it out! : www.dial2do.com Email: sos@dial2do.com Find more: http://bobstumpel.blogspot.com/ (look for mobile or voice 2.0) http://www.telco2.net/blog/