Rococo Software Q3 2010
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Rococo Software Q3 2010



Backgrounded on Rococo Software including three product areas: ...

Backgrounded on Rococo Software including three product areas:

- Java/Bluetooth and JSR82
- Bluetooth in the Browser with BONDI / WAC / JIL
- Social Proximity Framework : LocalSocial



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  • The printed version
  • The printed version 3 Ex IONA technologies. Shipping product – give timescales (Beta Dec 2001, GA March) Awards – mention briefly – especially Frost and Sullivan (Entrepreneurial Company)
  • The printed version Bluetooth は携帯情報デバイスなどで数 m 程度のデバイス間の接続に使われる近距離無線技術のひとつです。
  • The printed version
  • The printed version
  • The printed version New version of this based on subsequent foil
  • Ddd The printed version
  • The printed version New version of this based on subsequent foil
  • The printed version

Rococo Software Q3 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Rococo Software Ltd. Powering Proximity Sean O ’ Sullivan CEO [email_address] Bruno Quentin Technical Account Manager [email_address]
  • 2. About Rococo Software Ltd. Founded February 2000, Ireland Sector Wireless Infrastructure Software and Tools Technology Wireless Java (J2ME), Bluetooth, JSR82, BONDI, Social Proximity Awards Infoconomy, Frost and Sullivan Standards and Affiliations Bluetooth SIG, Java Community Process (JCP), Irish Bluetooth Users Forum (IBUF) Funding VC, Enterprise Ireland
  • 3. Rococo vision : Powering Proximity Bluetooth Java Impronto (based on JSR82) Browser Jillity (based on BONDI/WAC) Web and Social Networks LocalSocial Proximity (Bluetooth, NFC, other…) Rococo’s product range is being extended in two key ways: Goal: Make it easy to create compelling applications and services that take advantage of proximity Beyond Java/J2ME , to connect Bluetooth to the Browser , Bluetooth to the Web , to Social Networks , and more 1 Beyond Bluetooth , to embrace proximity in general, regardless of wireless connectivity technology (Bluetooth, NFC, others….) 2
  • 4. Rococo Products Impronto JSR82 Implementation JSR82 Developer Tools Jillity BONDI / WAC Bluetooth Implementation Developer Tools LocalSocial Social Proximity Framework Developer Site and Tools
  • 5. Impronto Java/Bluetooth implementation and tools
  • 6.
      • Rococo helped write the original Java/Bluetooth Standard (JSR82) and continues to drive that standard today (Release 4 just completed). Rococo offers the most widely deployed JSR82 implementation in the world (150M units and counting).
    Rococo and JSR82
      • P2PGaming
    Hardware Tags Proximity Marketing
      • Connected Healthcare
      • OS / Java VM
      • JSR82
      • Java/Bluetooth
      • Phones
  • 7.
          • Rococo, number 1 Independent vendor in Java/Bluetooth with over 150 million units shipped.
  • 8. Impronto Products
    • Impronto Simulator
      • Enables rapid development of Bluetooth Applications in Java
      • No Bluetooth hardware required
      • Can be integrated with development environments from other vendors
    • Impronto Development Kit (DK)
      • Enables deployment of applications onto hardware
      • Use real Bluetooth radio / stack to test apps
      • Windows /Linux Support
    • Impronto Technology Licensing Kit (TLK)
      • Java/Bluetooth OEM offering for manufacturers or suppliers in equipment value-chain
        • Phone, Handset, PDA, Automotive Platform, Set Top Box, Industrial,…
      • Enables rapid creation of JSR82 support in target product line
    • Products have in common that they support the standard set of APIs for using Bluetooth from Java ( JSR82 , or JABWT )
    Build Test Debug Deploy Simulator DevKit
  • 9. Impronto TLK
    • OEM Product – Targeted at Equipment Manufacturers, Handset supply chain
    • Customer chooses target VM, Bluetooth Stack and Operating System Platform
    • Rococo Services available to assist or deliver implementation
      • Rococo Engineering Team will port, test, and integrate full solution based on TLK
    • Dramatically reduces time to produce a tested and integrated Java/Bluetooth solution
      • Passed full JSR82 TCK (multiple times, multiple platforms)
    • Option to add Simulator/DevKit for developer community support
    TLK Ref Implementation impl BTAPI-<impl> BTAPI-common BTAPI Operating System Bluetooth Stack (BlueZ, ericsson, Simulator) *NI (JNI or KNI) VM Application Code Porting layer interface Java Code C Code
  • 10. Rococo, Java, Bluetooth - 150M and counting
    • Member of the expert group that defined JABWT/JSR82
      • January 2001 – April 2002
    • World’s first implementation of JABWT/JSR82
      • Simulator 1.0 March 2002 (patented)
      • First Development Kit Linux November 2002
    • Shipping in volume in handsets
      • 150M+ units shipped to date
      • Motorola, Samsung, SonyEricsson, more
      • VisionMobile “100 Million” club vendor since 2009
    • World’s most deployed, tested independent JABWT/JSR82 implementation
  • 11. Impronto Customers, Partners, Alliances
    • Technology License Kit Customers
      • Aplix
      • Esmertec / Myriad
      • IBM
      • Ericsson Technology Licensing
      • Ericsson Mobile Platforms
    • Technology Partners
      • IBM Websphere Solution Partner
        • Impronto is JSR82 solution for IBM’s J9 VM
      • Bluetooth Stack Vendors
        • BlueZ (open source)
        • Open Interface (now Broadcom)
    • Tools Customers
      • Nokia
      • Siemens VDO
      • Panasonic Matsushita
      • NTT DoCoMo
      • Motorola
      • France Telecom
      • University programmes (BlueVarsity) - 100’s of universities using Impronto worldwide
  • 12. Jillity BONDI / WAC Bluetooth Implementation and Tools
  • 13. Rococo - OMTP BONDI and WAC
    • OMTP - Open Mobile Terminal Platform
    • OMTP launched its BONDI project with the aim of acting as a catalyst to drive the standardization of a small set of key interfaces from web services to mobile devices and also to put in place a well understood and user controlled security policy with which to protect the user
    • BONDI migrated to become part of the Wholesale Application Community (WAC ) from 1st July 2010
  • 14. BONDI Bluetooth APIs and implementation
    • The BONDI Bluetooth Module
    • - Rococo defined the original Bluetooth BONDI APIs
    • http: //bondi . omtp .org/1.5/pwd-1/bluetooth. htm
    • - These have now been absorbed to become part of WAC
    • Rococo now working on several elements of a solution
    • - Updates to the submitted BONDI / WAC Bluetooth APIs
    • - Creating initial implementations of BONDI /WAC Bluetooth Module
    • - Also : tools to enable developers to work with BONDI / Bluetooth APIs
    • BONDI Bluetooth Impl.
  • 15. BONDI / WAC Bluetooth APIs - uses Platform Browser With BONDI / WAC Bluetooth APIs in place, developers can create mobile web apps that can “reach out” from the browser and connect with the real world Web App WAC / BONDI BT APIs Bluetooth Stack / Radio User enters some URL in to a browser as usual Web App uses WAC / BONDI BT APIs to access Bluetooth from the browser Web App can interact with devices nearby over Bluetooth : phones, laptops, controllers, healthcare devices, wearables, more… Uses: gaming, security, healthcare, marketing, and much more….
  • 16. LocalSocial Rococo
  • 17.
    • Social Proximity Framework: Make it easy for developers to create mobile applications that can combine real-world and social information.
    LocalSocial : A Social Proximity Framework Real World What’s around me? What can I connect to? Social World Activity Status Friendship Bluetooth used to scan for people and things nearby Bluetooth addresses stored online, and linked to a user’s social information
  • 18. LocalSocial: Core concept / operation Bluetooth used to scan for people and things nearby Bluetooth Addresses are looked up in the LocalSocial service online Information associated with those addresses can be displayed / shared. For example: social network information from twitter, Facebook, Mixi… Addresses looked up online….
  • 19. LocalSocial : Technical Overview Mobile Device Application LocalSocial API Scanning Store / Retrieve Context Client Library is used to manage Bluetooth scanning, lookups LocalSocial API Social Context Social Tools Location Context Web Software developer links library with their own application LocalSocial Service online provides API for mobile clients to access Manages store of Bluetooth addresses and associated social information
  • 20. LocalSocial SDK Android JSR82 BlueBox Android Dowser Android Proximity LinkedIn Dowser J2ME Mobile Side LocalSocial   Code Server Server Side Java /J2ME End-user Website Oauth Interface for third party service Server DB Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Rococo : Loca l Social Architecture Supported SNS Third party service (server) GigMonkey
  • 21. LocalSocial: all together
    • Find Stuff
    • Find People/Things/Places I know or interacted with near me
    Where am I? - Am I near people, places, things I already know or met before? - What's my context (&quot;walking to work&quot;, &quot;bus to work&quot;, &quot;bus home&quot;, ....) Mobile Device Application LocalSocial API LocalSocial API Context Real World Online World Social Context Social Tools Location Context Web The server looks up BT addresses - if they’re registered with LocalSocial, returns associated Social Network information SNS
  • 22. LocalSocial Product
    • It’s a framework - not an application in itself
    • Designed to be used by developers to build interesting applications
    • What’s in the product?:
      • Client libraries (Android and J2ME today)
      • Web Service API on the internet (called by client library)
      • Documentation
      • Demos to help get started
    • Developers register with LocalSocial to get started
      • Gives them keys, access tokens etc.
      • Works like Facebook Developer
      • Register as a developer, then register apps
    Uses JSR82 when platform supports it
  • 23. How can LocalSocial be used in Applications? Proximity Marketing Solutions Mobile Social Network Apps Peer to Peer Social Games Add Proximity to Phone Address Book With custom hardware (e.g. Facebook Bracelet)
  • 24. LocalSocial Applications: Mobile Social Networks Social Network owner uses LocalSocial in their mobile client apps (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn) Users can scan for other network members nearby Works indoors - where other location options such as GPS / CellID may be weak or unusable Users can control how much of their profile is visible to total strangers (none, just a name, a different name, and so on) Could also work in background - look regularly for others nearby and alert user See the Demo App In 3 later as an example of such an app.
  • 25. LocalSocial Applications: Proximity Marketing 1. ‘Joe’ is fan of Brand X 2. Opts-in to receive offers 3. Registration process associates Joe’s BT address “123” with SN account 4. Proximity Marketing System detects proximate Individual via BT (“123”) 5. What do you know about “123”? 6. “123” is “Joanne” She is English. She is 25. She likes the Gym 7. BrandX delivers relevant promotion to “Joe” Can connect “Like” buttons (aka Fans) from the virtual world with real world stores
    • Enables audience segmentation:
    • Offers based on demographic profile
    • Offers based on user interests
    • Offers based on user content
    • Support for online fans
  • 26. LocalSocial Applications: Gaming RPG ‘Goku’ RPG ‘Bob’ - I am GOKU and I am playing with a brand new version of Dragon Quest A player named “Bob” is in proximity A player named “Goku” is in proximity Attack ‘Bob’ Profile Trade Attack ‘Bob’ Profile Trade Hit by ‘Goku’ Even if not in proximity range anymore, a link now exists in LocalSocial.... so both players can still interact !!! - I am BOB, I did play Dragon Quest in the past. - Suddenly, I am reported that another player, named BOB is near to me. - I decide to attack him. - Dragon Quest notify me that GOKU attack me. - So, I decide to ….. 12m
  • 27. Summary Rococo Software Headquarters 3 Lincoln Place Dublin 2, Ireland T: +353-1-660-1315 F: +353-1-662-0170 Rococo Software Japan Ireland House 4F 2-10-7 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan F: +81-3-5276-5210 F: +81-3-5276-5262 Experts in Bluetooth and Proximity Three product areas: 1) Java / Bluetooth (Impronto JSR82 tools and implementations) 2) Bluetooth in the Browser (Jillity and the BONDI/ WAC APIs) 3) Bluetooth in Social Web (LocalSocial)