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Rococo Software Overview Q3 2010
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Rococo Software Overview Q3 2010



Background on Rococo Software and current product set. Bluetooth, BONDI/WAC and Social Proximity software.

Background on Rococo Software and current product set. Bluetooth, BONDI/WAC and Social Proximity software.



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  • The printed version
  • The printed version 3 Ex IONA technologies. Shipping product – give timescales (Beta Dec 2001, GA March) Awards – mention briefly – especially Frost and Sullivan (Entrepreneurial Company)
  • The printed version Bluetooth は携帯情報デバイスなどで数 m 程度のデバイス間の接続に使われる近距離無線技術のひとつです。
  • The printed version
  • The printed version
  • The printed version New version of this based on subsequent foil
  • The printed version New version of this based on subsequent foil
  • The printed version

Rococo Software Overview Q3 2010 Rococo Software Overview Q3 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Rococo Software Java/Bluetooth Product Background Sean O Sullivan | CEO | sos@rococosoft.com © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Rococo Software : Facts and Figures Founded February 2000, Dublin, Ireland Sector Wireless Infrastructure Software and Tools Technology Wireless Java (J2ME), Bluetooth, JSR82, Social Proximity Awards Infoconomy, Frost and Sullivan Standards / Bluetooth SIG, Java Community Process (JCP), Irish Bluetooth Affiliations Users Forum (IBUF) © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Background Easy! • Mission – Let’s make it 100 times easier to create Bluetooth Applications Too Hard! • Why? – All Bluetooth Stack APIs Bluetooth Apps proprietary in Java • How? – Help create a Java/Bluetooth JABWT/JSR-82 APIs standard – Create Developer Tools that Java Virtual Machine support this standard – License an implementation of this Integration layer standard to handset and other equipment manufacturers Bluetooth Stack Operating System © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Impronto™ • Goal – Make it easy to build, deploy and manage Bluetooth applications • How – Create Java-Based framework that abstracts low level networking issues – Allow programmers to focus on application issues • Product Range – Simulator – Development Kit – Technology Licensing Kit (TLK) © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Impronto Products • Impronto Simulator Build – Enables rapid development of Bluetooth Applications in Java Test – No Bluetooth hardware required – Can be integrated with development environments from other vendors (IBM, Debug Sun, Eclipse, etc.) Simulator • Impronto Development Kit (DK) – Enables deployment of applications onto hardware – Windows and Linux Support • Impronto Technology Licensing Kit (TLK) – Java/Bluetooth OEM offering for manufacturers or suppliers in equipment value-chain • Phone, Handset, PDA, Automotive Platform, Set Top Box, Industrial,… – Enables rapid creation of JSR82 support in target product line • Products have in common that they support the standard set of APIs for Deploy using Bluetooth from Java (JSR82, or JABWT) DevKit © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • JABWT - Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless Technology • Java Community Process (JCP) defines new Java Standards – JABWT Expert Group started January 2001, completed March 2002 • Standard referred to as JSR-82 – Chaired by Motorola; other members include Rococo, Nokia, Ericsson, Mitsubishi, Extended Systems – Profiles supported : GAP, SDAP, SPP, GOEP • JABWT provides an API-based standard for using Bluetooth from Java – Every Bluetooth stack has a different API - switching stacks implies rewriting perhaps 70% of your code – The JABWT API enables the development of genuinely portable Bluetooth applications © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Impronto simulator – product overview • A simulator for developing, testing and configuring Java Bluetooth applications • Platforms supported – Windows, Unix, Linux, etc. (anywhere Java runs) • Enables Bluetooth application development – without having to buy Bluetooth hardware – Bluetooth network is simulated in software – GUI, Logging, Configuration tools speed application development © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Impronto simulator – features • Complete JABWT Simulation Environment – Including virtual device (‘vstack’) for accessing HCI, RFCOMM, L2CAP, SDP, etc. • Management GUI – Tracking & controlling run-time behaviour • Configuration GUI – Controlling configurable aspects of virtual device – XML schema for representation of configuration • Supports point-to-point and multipoint • Full logging capability – Developer has detailed control to watch for and log specific events © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Impronto DevKit– features • DevKit enables deployment of Java/Bluetooth applications onto a mobile device Java/Bluetooth App • Current Platform Support – Windows and Linux • Full implementation of JABWT JABWT/ JSR-82 APIs DevKit – Device & Service Discovery (HCI & SDP) – I/O (RFCOMM & L2CAP) Java Virtual Machine – OBEX – Bluetooth Control Centre (BCC – security, device control) Integration layer • Additional Impronto ease-of-use abstractions Bluetooth Stack – E.g. UUID generation, access to additional stack functionality – Supports J2SE, in addition to J2ME OS © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Impronto TLK • OEM Product – Targeted at Equipment TLK Ref Implementation Manufacturers, Handset supply chain • Includes Application Code – Full JABWT implementation – Full Test Suite BTAPI Java Code – Porting Guide BTAPI-common – Utilities Package BTAPI-<impl> • Customer chooses target VM, Bluetooth Stack and Operating System Platform VM • Focused Services available to assist or deliver implementation Porting layer interface – Rococo Engineering Team will port, test, and integrate full solution based on TLK *NI (JNI or KNI) C Code • Dramatically reduces time to produce a impl tested and integrated Java/Bluetooth solution – Passed full JSR82 TCK (multiple times, Bluetooth Stack (BlueZ, ericsson, Simulator) multiple platforms) • Option to add Simulator for developer community Operating System © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Rococo, Java, Bluetooth - 100M and counting • Member of the expert group that defined JABWT/JSR82 – January 2001 – April 2002 • World’s first implementation of JABWT/JSR82 – Simulator 1.0 March 2002 (patented) – First Development Kit Linux November 2002 • Shipping in volume in handsets – 200M+ units shipped since Q404 – Motorola, Samsung, SonyEricsson, more – VisionMobile “100 Million” club vendor since 2009 • World’s most deployed, tested independent JABWT/JSR82 implementation © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Business Model and Market PRODUCTS SERVICES Developers Early Adopters, Simulator 1K Training Education, Proof of Concept And Consulting Development Wireless System 3-25K Integrators, ISVs Wireless Kit Solutions building wireless apps Equipment Manufacturers J2ME Bluetooth Technology Neg OEM Market: phone, JSR82 Licensing Kit PDA, STB, Home g/w, Automotive © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Customers, Partners, Alliances • TLK Customers – Aplix – Esmertec / Myriad – Ericsson Technology Licensing – Ericsson Mobile Platforms – Sony Ericsson • Technology Partners – IBM Websphere Solution Partner • Impronto is JSR82 solution for IBM’s J9 VM – Bluetooth Stack Vendors • BlueZ (open source) • Open Interface • Tools Customers – Nokia – Siemens VDO – Panasonic Matsushita – NTT DoCoMo – Motorola – France Telecom – University programmes (BlueVarsity) © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Where next for Bluetooth? • Today • Next 6-12 months • Next 12-18 months – Headsets! – Stereo Headsets / – Sports (Europe, USA) MP3 players – Wearables – Cars / Handsfree – P2P Gaming – Sensors (Europe/USA) – Healthcare (FDA – Industrial – Laptop/Phone approval, Low Sync (Europe) Energy Bluetooth) – Rich connected apps – Game Controllers – Soft Remotes (Clicker for SonyEricsson, Mac) Relevance of Java/Bluetooth © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • What next for Java and Bluetooth? JSR82 Bluetooth in Java in Devices Devices Industrial / M2M Sensors Printers Home Gateway Headsets Phones Medical Sensors Set Top Industrial / M2M Boxes Printers Cars / OSGi Home Gateway Increasingly connected to the internet © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Opportunity © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Roadmap • Social Proximity Framework (LocalSocial) • Bluetooth in the Browser (BONDI) • Connected Health • P2P Gaming • Enhancements to JSR82 Standard © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • • Social Proximity Framework – Make it easy for developers to create mobile applications that can combine real-world and social information Real  World LocalSocial Social  World What’s  around  me? Ac7vity What  can  I  connect  to? Status Friendship © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Mobile  Device Web Applica.on Social Context LocalSocial  API LocalSocial  API Context Social Tools Real  World SNS Loca.on Context Online  World At  the  heart  of  LocalSocial  is  an  associa1on between  a  user’s  Bluetooth  address,  and  one or  more  of  their  social  networks. © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • An aggregation service for Social Networks Simplify connectivity for developers using multiple networks An on-device framework Simplify the mobile clients using richer APIs Some applications that will use the above to demonstrate and test their usage Show it works © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Bluetooth in the Browser: BONDI • Deploy mobile web apps / widgets and have them access Bluetooth functionality • Some standards emerging: – BONDI – JIL.org (no Bluetooth as yet) – Now merging in Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) • Rococo has worked on initial submissions for BONDI/Bluetooth APIs – Planning to refine and seek feedback via BONDI community • Also integrating BONDI work with Simulator / DevKit – Enable in-browser testing on Linux / DBUS © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Connected Health • Drivers for Bluetooth in Healthcare – Continua Alliance selected Bluetooth as one of the short-range standards approved for Connect Health Applications – HealthCare Device Profile (HDP) now part of the Bluetooth Standard – Low Energy Bluetooth is set to usher in a significant volume of Connected Health applications from Q4 2010 • Rococo – Implementing HDP in Java on JSR82 – Integrating HDP support to Simulator – Creating value-add support for Low-Energy Bluetooth both on- device and in-cloud © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Peer to Peer Gaming • Proposition: a P2P gaming framework • For what? – Take the burden some of the standard tasks for P2P games development • Advertise game, Start game, pause game, end game semantics • Player join and leave • Manage scoreboard and scoreboard sharing • Optional: web connections to share “events” (game start, end, scores, key game events) - suitable for feeds or publishing to networks • Build versions compatible with JSR82, and “native” • Open for community to enhance • Also support innovative new controller devices (Zeemote) © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • JSR82 ++ • JSR82 standard – Maintenance Release queued up (Q1 2010) – Rococo helping contribute to the MR for 82 – Once done, Rococo will propose new value-add to the 82 API • Proposed Value-Add – Housekeeping/Admin APIs • e.g. as per Marge Project – Better/Simplified abstractions for ease of use – Enhancements to support Healthcare use cases © Rococo Software 2000-2009
  • Summary • Leader in Java/Bluetooth products • New products build on and extend Java/Bluetooth © Rococo Software 2000-2009