LocalSocial Overview Q22011
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LocalSocial Overview Q22011



Overview of LocalSocial: Proximity Platform

Overview of LocalSocial: Proximity Platform



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LocalSocial Overview Q22011 LocalSocial Overview Q22011 Presentation Transcript

  • POWERING PROXIMITY Sean  O Sullivan   CEO,  Rococo  So*ware   sos@rococoso*.com   twi5er  @sos100  
  • Rococo  and  JSR82    Rococo  helped  write  the  original  Java/Bluetooth  Standard  (JSR82)  and  conInues  to   drive  that  standard  today  (Release  4  just  completed).  Rococo  offers  the  most  widely   deployed  JSR82  implementaIon  in  the  world  (196M  units  and  counIng).     JSR82    Java/Bluetooth     OS  /  Java  VM    Phones  
  • VisionMobile Market Maps Distilling market noise into market sense www.100millionclub.com Embedded software shipments (cumulative) handsets shipped 100 million 500 million 1 billion company product type HQ (million) 0 100M 200M 300M 400M 500M 600M 700M 800M 1B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6BThe 100 Million Club is the watchlist of Applications (embedded)software companies whose products havebeen embedded on more than 100 million 3 Quickoffice Mobile Office enterprise application USA 377 Rmobile handsets. The current editionfeatures cumulative shipments up to theend of 2010. BrowsersDespite the apparent opportunity in the 4 ACCESS Netfront browser Japan 843 Eone-billion-a-year handset market, very 5 Myriad Group Browser browser Switzerland 2246 R Rococo: No. 1 Independentfew software companies have managed toovercome the commercial and technical 6 Opera Opera Mobile browser Norway 172 Echallenges inherent in the mobile industry. 7 Various WebKit browser engine USA 515 EWorldwide Handset Shipments in JSR82 vendor with 196M units 2H10780 million Middleware Aricent Media EXP suite audio/video codecs USA 574 RKey insights 8 9 ARM Mali-JSR184 graphics middleware UK 215 R- Total handset shipments for the secondhalf of 2010 were 780 million, a 25% # BitFlash Mobile SVG graphics engine Canada 529 Rincrease over the first half. A handful ofsoftware products, like vRapid Mobile by # Carrier IQ Mobile Intelligence analytics module USA 136 RRed Bend and CAPS by Scalado, managed # HI CORPORATION MascotCapsule graphics engine Japan 675 Eto tap a sizable portion of this figure,having more than 100 million shipments in # Ikivo SVG Player graphics engine Sweden 450 RH2 2010 alone. # Mimer Mimer SQL database engine Sweden 125 R- WebKit continues to grow, fueled by theaccelerated rate of smartphone # Myriad Group Messaging client messaging middleware Switzerland 1182 Rpenetration. Up to the end of 2010, # Nuance VSuite speech recognition USA 500 RWebKit-based browsers had been shippedin more than half a billion handsets # NXP Software LifeVibes MxMedia multimedia middleware Netherlands 855 R- Myriad Group is now the only company # PacketVideo CORE video codecs USA 454 Rto have 3 products with more than 100million shipments, after Nuance merged # Red Bend Software vRapid Mobile firmware update USA 1010 Rtwo products into T9/XT9/T9Trace. With # Rococo Impronto TLK bluetooth middleware Ireland 196 Rthe products combined, cumulativeshipments have reached a staggering 10.5B # Scalado CAPS graphics engine Sweden 830 Rshipments.Research notes Kernel ComponentsHandset shipments refer to cumulative Micron Flash Data Integrator file system USA 1000 Rlicensed units, which have been pre-loaded #on handsets shipped by the end of 2H10. # Open Kernel Labs OKL4 microkernel USA 1200 R Input engines # Nuance T9/XT9/T9Trace text input engine USA 6150 R E=estimate R=reported by vendorPublished in April 2011. Licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 3.0 license.VisionMobile believes the statements contained in this document toCopyright VisionMobile. Some rights reserved. be based upon information that we consider reliable at the time of publication. The 100 million club is based on an original concept by Morten Grauballe. H2 2010 Update v.2
  • Make it as easy to use Proximity in yourapplications, as it is to use Location today How?
  • Proximity  PlaRorm  
  • + + LocalSocial Client Libraries Apps Cloud Service for Mobile Devices Developers build proximity-enabled applications using theLocalSocial Libraries. The libraries in turn use the LocalSocial Cloudservice (via APIs). LocalSocial Developers Retail / Location Cloud Service Partner Apps can react when other LocalSocial-enabled Apps are within range,or when any location is within range. Enables loyalty tracking, hyperlocaloffers, vouchers, gaming, social browsing….
  • ArchitectureMobile   Proximity   Cloud   Social   Oauth   LinkedIn   Android   Dowser   Dowser   Android   Tagster   J2ME   Website   mylocalsocial.com   Interface  for   third  party  service   LinkedIn   Facebook   API LocalSocial  Library   LocalSocial  Service     Twi5er    JSR82   Last.fm   Android   Server   DB    Java  /J2ME  
  • ApplicationsPerson to person Person to Business
  • How  can  LocalSocial  be  used  in  Applica7ons?   LocalSocial     LocalSocial     Cloud  Service   Cloud  Service   Retail  /  LocaIon   Partner   Person  to  Person   Person  to  Business  Apps  can  react  when  other  LocalSocial-­‐enabled  Apps  are   Enables  loyalty  tracking,  hyperlocal  offers,  vouchers,   nearby   gaming,  social  browsing….  
  • Business Model Apps with high API usage pay for throughput Charge for Premium Analytics Share a portion of value-transacted in the platform: Ads, Coupons, Vouchers, Real Time Deals
  • tagster
  • dowser
  • nearbuyers
  • www.mylocalsocial.com Open API Android and J2ME Support Android Market Apps: tagster, dowser
  • POWERING PROXIMITY Sean  O Sullivan   CEO,  Rococo  So*ware   sos@rococoso*.com   twi5er  @sos100