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Promotions-Cellular service providers;survey report on Qos Dimensions
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Promotions-Cellular service providers;survey report on Qos Dimensions


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  • When my mom cooks fish curry…the sugandh travels to my room…..thats her promotion strategy that makes me want to eat….similarly any promotional activity must make the customer buy!!!
  • First lines of promotions…..Other two can be categorised as sales promotions
  • Retailers are help in pushing the products to the customersengagement programs are currently available on marketVodafone offers Mera Offer which is based on the currencies which is called the Vodafone currency. Company gives a target to the the retailers, after the achievement of that target, Vodafone currency is added to the retailer’s account. Various gifts are provided based on the pointsRegular retailer meet is there at regular interval of time. Top retailers are provided with different schemes and free outing. Certificates are given to them and this gets displayed in their shops. AIRTEL offers Navartna retailer contest. Company gives gifts on achieving the target. AIRTEL Premier League is based on the point system. Recognition is given to the retailers on Airtel journals. UNINOR is organizing one display contest in which the retailers are getting one mobile phone if they will display more leaflets and posters on their shops. They also make happy the retailers by involving them in the lucky draw coupon contest.Similarly, Tata Docomo also provides free talk time offer to the retailers on achieving certain Activation target.
  • .
  • Mass Customization…as a sample of the service…companies have restricted their promotion packs from frc to src…all companies follow similar plans…
  • Reliance & vodafone provide handsets with service subscription!! Bundling is also done with I-phones and blackberry.On shop activities are also have a significant role in generating business as these are the last adds to which customers come in contact before buying the product/service. According to psychologists humans are more under the influence of fresh exposure as compared to past ones and this is called as recency effect.
  • Indian telecom sector is a…docomo- differentiated pricing strategy….idea has kept itself away and has maintained its own pricing strategy all through. difficult to beat a competitor on network bases then it would be comparatively easy to snatch the customers on bases of some schemes like limited free calls, sms at 10 paisa etc. As a result of increasing efforts to expand market share and profit level, telecom operatorshave developed several strategies including “price war”. These had led to series of drops inmobile phone installation fees, call rates and free Short Message Services (SMS).
  • Most of the promotional activities emphasize and revolve around this basic slide….Bsnl and reliance… can hve a look
  • Airtel concentrates on connecting, bonds and relationships …idea addresses many social issues through their ad campaigns..aircel goes the causal way…docomo campaigns concentrate on empowering customers
  • Airtel emotional tap…they’re back with their trademark Jingles in jotera who mera after the one by ARRThey make u think and place the their idea at the endReliance uses storytelling in their adsAircel uses its cricket connect and verbal information on plansDocomo ads are the tata way- value is wat you payBill board adv in major cities…Large hordings…bus stops…and on the dividers
  • All xceptbsnl sponsor for sportsevent!cricket!.......small stalls popping up and selling sims…though u think it’s a promotion..mostly its just done to achieve targetsPromotional alliances in movie trailers to download ringtones and caller tunesAircel and tataindicom are famous for thisAll the players are present in social networking sites….how far they are effective- Mr. Kaushik and Miss. Uma can answer u on this
  • Abhisheik…though ads and promtions play a considerable role in developing brand awareness and brand image,,,they seldom influence buying…..WOM seems to be the most influencing factor…the only factor that influences wom is QoS….so…wat are the factors that influence Qos
  • Abhisheik…
  • These are the rankings of the companies based on their scores…Reliance lags far behind in reliability……due to its improper billing…….
  • Airtel and vodafone have Special Customer relationship centres and help centres in all the important cities……though it would increase the no. of calls a customer care number can be established to talk directly to the CC executives…imstead of going through all those lengthy option typing busines….
  • All the companies try to provide assurance…but airtel tops the list… people are not hesitant to even deposit their money in the airtel money services-that’s a big acheivement for a mobile service provider……
  • With so much of crm initiatives and technology…when I contact a customer care executive……why cant they answer my call starting- hello Mr.sorupan…how may I help u sir!!!! This a touch point to enhance customer experience…..Maybe that can happen in future….
  • These are directly related with the brand image…..and ofcourse everybody tries to excel……except BSNL
  • The very purpose of a mob phone is to talk wherever and whenever u want to talk…….a lot of people changed their numbers when we were in lecture hall complex just because they were not able to stay connected to their loved ones during the class hours!!!
  • The reliability and validity was checked….it also has a good fit/////all the components have a significant influence on the service quality….It was also revealed that dimension of Network Quality was the best predictor of service quality in thetelecom sector and is followed by Responsiveness and others factors. Network quality had themost important positive impact on customer perceived Services quality.
  • Voice messages were launched in india thinking that it would be a great hit….but indian customers are hesitant towards such service!!!Many institutions did not agree to contribute to the concept of Vodafone delights…which led to its failureIdea has entered into an alliance with vodafone to enhance its network coverage….but the calls are not charged as per the standard plans when they are in the signal tower range of vodafone…Some companies like idea provide doorstep bill collections for postpaids…..many customers dodge these service personnels…and also default on their payments….
  • Transcript

    • 1. Sathiya Soruban.EPROMOTION
    • 3. Proposing a new offers to attract the retailer ‘Mera Offer’ - Vodafone Currencies ‘Airtel Premier League’ - Recognition on JournalsTRADE PROMOTIONS `Navrathna Retailer Contests’ –Gifts ‘Display Contest’ ‘Lucky Draw Coupon ‘ Free Talktime Offers on achieving activation targets High Margins Boards& Banners Retailer Meets Certificates to Display Schemes and free outings
    • 4. “important role in retaining old consumers and attracting new ones” BASE & StrategySALES PROMOTIONS Segmentation Circles Competition
    • 5. Introductory offers……… Free Sim Cards FRC & SRCPRODUCT PROMOTIONS Namma Thamizhagam Pack- Local Usages One India Packs Free Talktimes ISD Packs Students Packs- Nanban pack/Thala pack Combo Packs
    • 6. Upselling & Cross sellingSeasonal Special Recharge packs- free subscription offers& talktime offers-through SMS & Automated voice callsProduct Bundling – Special offers with Mobile phone buyersOn shop activities have a significant role ingenerating business as these are the last Ads to which customers come incontact before buying the service. humans are more under the influence offresh exposure as compared to past ones . Pos – Pamplets & PostersCorporates- Bundled packs with wireless , Fixed line , BroadbandClosed group calling- Price slashesCustomized Corporate caller tunesNo conventional channels of promotions are used
    • 7. ‘’prepaid market with low ARPU(Average Revenue per unit) and high minutes of usage(MoU)’’ Tariff plays the main role in marketingPRODUCT PROMOTIONS Penetrative Pricing Competitive Pricing=>’PRICE WAR’
    • 8. Tagline USP Segment Target Position Airtel Express Top Elite YUPS Aspirational;L yourself Brand;VAS Class;corpora ifestyle tes Vodafone Power to you Advertiseme Upper Students;cor Cheerful;HuBRAND PROMOTIONS nts;VAS class;corpora porates morous tes;lifestyle Tata Docomo Do the new Per second Middle class Students;seni Pay as per pulse or citizens use Idea An Idea can Low cost Middle;upper Students;wor Smartness change your booster middle class kers;labourer life packs s BSNL Connecting Govn. ; Senior Middle Reliable;low India Quality citizens;cons class;urban& priced ervative rural audience Reliance Karlo dunia Handsets Lower;lower Rural, daily Confidence muthi mein middle class wagers
    • 10. Bitch Please …….BRAND PROMOTIONS
    • 11. ‘’Promotion Campaigns is the way to differentiate’’ Airtel - Har friend Zaroori Hotha HaiBRAND PROMOTIONS Idea – Education for all ; Use mobile save paper mobile telephony to solve issues Aircel – Save Tigers Vodafone – Happy to help Relinace- Mera plan hai Docomo- Pay for what you use; Keep it simple,silly!
    • 12. • TV Commercials -British Airways to southwest Pacific ;Jo tera hai who mera hai -Just make you think!!! get an ideaBRAND PROMOTIONS -Storytelling -Cute and Charming ZoOZoO -The cricket Connect ; verbal information -Simple and colorful; value is what you pay • Bill Board Advertising • Press Advertising • Radio Advertising
    • 13. • Sponsors Sports..Ipl Community Events Talent Shows Award Ceremonies ConferencesBRAND PROMOTIONS Cultural Events • Kiosks • Promotional Alliances with movies • Product Placement • Social Media
    • 14. ‘’VAS is the only area where there is a huge opportunity of making large profit in current telecom market as ithelps the players to increase their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)’’
    • 15. Appearance of celebrities does not influence buyingbehaviorMost liked AdsThe most effective promotional tools• Tv ads• News papers• Hoardings• Magazines• InternetMost compelling medium that influences buying behavior
    • 16. Influencing Factor of Perceived Service Quality • Reliability • Responsiveness • Assurance • Empathy • TangiblesSURVEY -1 • Network Quality
    • 17. RELIABILITY FACTORS Perform service right the first time < Promised time < Information communication < Accurate billing < Reputation <SURVEY -1 1 2 3 4 5
    • 18. RESPONSIVENESS FACTORS Easy to contact < Resolve Quickly < Willing to help < Prompt Service <SURVEY -1 1 2 3 4 5
    • 19. ASSURANCE FACTORS Courteous < Safe Transactions < Knowledgeable < Instills confidence <SURVEY -1 1 2 3 4 5
    • 20. EMPATHY FACTORS Individual attention < Best interests < Flexible and Accessible <SURVEY -1 1 2 3 4 5
    • 21. TANGIBLES FACTORS Showrooms < Employee Neatness < Materials associated <SURVEY -1 1 2 3 4 5
    • 22. NETWORK QUALITY Coverage( Highways, inside buildings, basements) < Voice clarity < Call Drops < Peak hour calls <SURVEY -1 1 2 3 4 5
    • 23. Most Prevalent Service issues wrong billing ,service Airtel disconnections service disconnections, Aircel connectivity sim registration fails, Idea connectivity, calldrops Reliance wrong billing ,connectivitySURVEY -1 Tata Docomo service disconnections call drops, wrong billing, Sim Vodafone Blocks
    • 24. • Cronbach Alpha Model Summary Model Adjusted R Std. Error of the R R Square Square Estimate 1 .752a .723 .712 .536 dimension0 a. Predictors: (Constant), Physical Evidence, Empathy, Network Quality, Reliability, Assurance, Responsiveness Coefficientsa Model Unstandardized Coefficients B Sig. 1 (Constant) 1.410 .061 Reliability 0.135 .015SURVEY -1 Responsiveness 0.171 .002 Assurance 0.110 .032 Empathy 0.095 .041 Network Quality 0.276 .000 Physical Evidence 0.082 .059
    • 25. • No proper research Voice Messages-Expected to be great feature • Not selecting the right service design and Standards Vodafone Delights • Not delivering on standards Idea Cellular – Vodafone signal towers • Uncouth Customer behavior in postpaid bill paymentsGAPS