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Portfolio Vol. 1

  1. 1. Clifton E. Sorrell Jr. Portfolio Samples of Creative Work
  2. 2. This portfolio was created to illustrate my projects as a Graduate Student at University of Califor- nia Berkeley in the Master of Landscape Architecture program and projects as a freelance Land- scape Designer. The work illustrated within this portfolio changes in scale to show the progression of the process applied in creating a landscape design. My passion in creating Landscape Architectural design is to blur the lines between Landscape Architecture and Architecture. I have seen in many instances where Landscape Architecture and Architecture on the same projects lacked a cohesive and clear design language. My goal is to create a design language between Landscape Architecture and Architecture to create a complete composition. 1 Design Statement Clifton E. Sorrell Jr. 4935 San Pablo Dam Road Apartment #510 El Sobrante, California 94803 (510) 758-4662 sorr7676@msn.com
  3. 3. A freelance landscape design project for a client in Livermore, California. A client wanted to redesign his backyard to a place of leisure to resemble an Italian Mediterranean Garden. The deliv- erable was a schematic design planting plan and a plant data chart. BACKYARD REVITALIZATION 3 A studio design project at University of California Berkeley, were the goal is to program an open space area that is vacant next to a boat house community in Sausalito, California. GALILEE HARBOR 7 A studio design project at University of California Berkeley, were the goal was to develop an Indian Reservation to incorporate a private trail system for the Native Americans and public trail sys- tem for visitors to learn about the Native American History of the Pomo Indian in Ukiah, California. 2 POMO INDIAN RESERVATION DESIGN 11 Table of Contents I have ten years experience in design and project coordination. Skilled at building effec- tive working relationships with clients, consultants, team members and vendors. Suc- cessfully lead projects with junior staff to produce, design development, construction documents, construction administration and specifications. Proficient in AutoCAD and Microstation in creating construction documents. Efficient in hand sketching conceptual drawings and details. Extensive experience with; Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and 3dmax for creating 3D model illustrations. Efficient in Micro Soft Office Suite to create documents and spreadsheets. Seeking a challenging Landscape Architectural position in a team oriented firm that strives for excellence. RESUME 20
  4. 4. C SITE N B A D A freelance landscape design project for a client in Livermore, California. The goal is to redesign the backyard as a place of leisure to resemble an 3 Italian Mediterranean Garden. Proposed Plan H G A Existing House footprint E Tempered Pool w/ non-slip edge E B Textured Concrete Barbecue Area F Drought Tolerant Lawn F C Gray Stone Paver walkway G Arbor Fence w/ vegetation D Textured Concrete Pool Courtyard H Round Lawn Pavers Backyard
  5. 5. The client expressed that he/she loves the laven- der plant and mediterranean gardens. This insight drove the design process of the project. The lavender plant used within the design is called Lavandula stoechas - French Lavender. French lavender is heavily used within mediterra- nean gardens for its great aroma, medicinal use and great color. These attributes of French La- vander will be the drive force behind the design. The plant arrangement plan - scheme 1 and scheme 2 tries to take two different approaches to the mediterranean garden for the client. 4 The goal was to spread the lavender plants Design Process throughout the plan but not to make it over power- ing. The thought to spread them out would allow the client to enjoy the aroma of the plant any- where within his/her backyard. Revitalization @ SATURN WAY, LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA
  6. 6. A B SECTION KEY SECTION - A 5 Site Sections SECTION - B
  7. 7. Planting Legend NO. PHOTOS SYMBOLS BOTANICAL/COMMON NAME QTY. SIZE COMMENTS P-5 S-1 Lavendula stoechas Location by 15 5 GA, 3 - French Lavender Engineer T-3 1 P-1 Dietes iridioides 33 5 GA. P-3 P-2 - Fortnight Lily 5 2 Stone S-4 Pavers S-2 Teucrium fruiticans ‘Azurium’ - Bush Germander 5 5 GA. 1 S-5 V-3 1 1 P-2 4 P-2 Limonium perezii S-4 P-2 - Sea Lavender Statice 117 5 GA. S-1 S-1 1 1 1 Existing House 2 S-7 P-2 1 4 Footprint P-1 S-3 Grevillea lanigera 2 5 GA. V-3 P-2 6 - Woolly Grevillea S-5 1 1 6 S-4 S-1 S-1 P-2 S-2 1 3 S-4 Euryops pectinatus 1 4 4 5 GA. 3 - Golden Shrub Daisy S-1 V-3 S-7 P-2 1 1 1 17 S-4 P-2 P-1 P-3 Trillium chloropetalum 34 1 GA. - Wake Robin 1 P-2 5 3 V-3 6 S-1 1 1 S-2 S-5 S-5 Hebe ‘Veronica Lake’ S-7 P-2 4 - Hebe 10 5 GA. 1 P-1 1 11 4 V-3 S-8 S-1 P-1 S-1 S-8 S-1 1 Salvia clevelandii S-6 Concrete 1 1 5 1 1 2 P-1 - Cleveland Sage 3 5 GA. Patio 2 V-3 P-4 Tagetes lemmonii P-2 1 - Copper Canyon Daisy 1 5 GA. 15 P-2 8 P-2 4 S-7 Salvia greggii 5 GA. - Autumne Sage 4 T-1 S-3 1 1 P-2 P-5 Strelitzia reginae - Bird of Paradise 3 5 GA. 6 V-3 Lawn P-2 S-3 1 Area 3 1 T-1 Cupressus sempervirens ‘Stricta’ 5 GA. - Columnar Italian Cypress 5 P-1 P-2 3 20 P-3 S-1 P-3 S-1 P-3 S-1 S-4 S-8 Fremontodendron Californicum P-1 8 1 6 1 5 1 1 - California Flannel Bush 2 5 GA. T-1 4 8 P-3 10 T-2 Cercis occidentalis 24” S-5 - Western Redbud 4 BOX 3 T-3 Olea europaea T-2 - Olive Tree 1 24” BOX 1 Hardenbergia violacea V-3 Location by T-2 P-4 S-6 V-3 T-2 S-5 S-6 V-3 T-2 S-5 S-6 V-3 - Happy Wanderer 9 5 GA. Engineer 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1
  8. 8. B E G Existing Galilee Harbor A E F G C N A Mixed-Use Building B Boardwalk at Galilee Harbor beach 7 D G C Proposed Plan Historical sunken ship on the Island D Rose Garden G E Sculpture Garden D F Water Fountain H G G Restored Tidal Marsh H Community Center Galilee
  9. 9. The Napa Street Galilee Harbor is an eclectic boat residential harbor com- In creating the community as a place of destination, there are key additions within munity adjacent to open space in the City of Sausalito. The proposed design the design: for the open space will connect the boat community to Bridgeman Street by 8 developing the open space as a destination with amenities. • Mixed-use building with work studios, restaurants and condos • Boardwalk at the Galilee Harbor Beach Perspectives The design goal was to create a sense of place for the residence of Galilee • Historical sunken ship on the island for viewing Harbor to have a connection to their community. The proposed design to the • Rose garden with an array of different rose species open space will create a sense of movement for bicyclist to move through the • Public Sculpture Garden site away from heavy traffic on Bridgeman Street. Also, the proposed design • Water fountain node will establish a series of bicycle and pedestrian paths with a series of events • Restored existing tidal marsh for viewing enjoyment. • Community Center Harbor @ NAPA STREET, SAUSALITO, CALIFORNIA
  10. 10. A B C SECTION - A SECTION KEY SECTION - B 9 Site Sections SECTION - C
  11. 11. The pedestrian paths are walkways that allow persons on foot to move through the site. The pedestrian path- ways are a network of paths that connect the commu- nity center, mixed-use building, boardwalk, beach and Galilee Harbor boat community to Bridgeman Street. These pathways vary in width and material. PEDESTRIAN PATH 6’-0” PATHWAY The bicycle paths are corridors which will allow bicyclist to move quickly through the site. These bicycle paths will connect to the City of Sausalito’s bicycle paths out- side of the designed area. The material of the bicycle 10 paths will be concrete mixed with brick pavers or de- composed granite. Circulation Diagram Analysis BICYCLE PATH 8’-0” PATHWAY The bicycle and pedestrian paths are corridors which will allow bicyclist and pedestrians to move quickly through the site together. These pathways will be 12’-0” wide to allow both circulation types to use the same pathway. Also, these paths will be used in the event of an emergency for emergency vehicles. The material of the bicycle paths will be concrete mixed with brick pav- ers or decomposed granite. BICYCLE AND 12’-0” WIDE PEDESTRIAN PATH PATHWAY
  12. 12. Quercus virginiana Chamaecyparis Melaleuca stypheliodes Sequoia semperverias Phoenix canariensis - Southern Live Oak lawsoniana - Port Orford - Black Tea Tree - Coastal Redwood - Canary Island Date Palm Cedar Cotinus coggygria Cornus florida “rubia” Berberis thunbergii ‘Atropurpurea’ Leptospermum scoparium Aeonium arboreum ‘Atropur- - Smoke Tree - Pink flowering dogwood - Red-leaf Japanese Barberry - New Zealand Tea Tree pureum - Purple Aeonium 11 Plant Pallet Sarcococca hookeriana var. Buxus microphylla japonica Agapanthus orientalis Dietes iridioides Rosa spp. - Sweetbox - Japanese Boxwood - Lily of the Nile - Fortnight Lily - Rose Juncus inflexus - Rush Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Aureocaulis’ - Golden Crookstem Bamboo Galilee
  13. 13. Black Locus hardwood Pervious Concrete - boardwalk material - concrete pathways Decomposed Granite - granite pathways 12 Site Material Pallet Brick Pavers - brick pathways Harbor @ NAPA STREET, SAUSALITO, CALIFORNIA
  14. 14. G > 3 H C SUZZONI SITE UKIAH, CALIFORNIA E 2 > G G 1 > F N EXISTING SITE D PLAN E G H F 1 2 3 13 G Proposed Plan A Site Development -1 F Native Raingarden E G G B Site Development -2 Outdoor Fitness Station C Site Development -3 H Private Community Park H D Pomo Indians History Plaza B N E Pomo Indians Village Replica Pomo Indian PROPOSED SITE PLAN A
  15. 15. Deconstructing the basket weaving ma- terials to it’s natural state Native Pomo Indian cooking utensils and basket weaving materials. Sedge Perennial Grass - Carex spp. The design pat- Deconstructing the tern translated from basket weaving tech- the basket weaving nique to extract a process are simple design pattern forms used within the site diagramming process The design patterns (left to right); The Bullrush and Sedge nodes, coils (trail system), spirals grasses are used in the coiling method and spiral- Bullrush Perennial Grass - Scirpus spp. ing method in constructing a basket Housing 1 2 3 4 3 Public entrances Trial system 1 1 Private entrance 14 Design Process Outdoor fitness station 2 2 Public entrances Open space 3 Private entrance Pomo village replica Pomo native garden 2 Public entrances 3 2 Private entrance Site-1 community Site-2 community 4 3 Public entrances Site-3 community 2 Private entrance Reservation Design @ LOW GAP ROAD, UKIAH, CALIFORNIA
  16. 16. Pomo History Plaza The Pomo History Plaza is an open air court- 15 yard that tiers down the mountain side. This Proposed Site Mapping Analysis and Perspective exhibits the cultural history of the Pomo Indians on transparent sheets of glass, which erects from a copper base. The historical content is etched within the sheets of glass and illuminat- ed at night. This allows for the History Plaza to serve as an educational feature for the nearby schools and visitors to the site. Tree Clumping Built Structures Open Spaces The tree clumping The built structures The built structures map illustrates where map illustrates where map illustrates where the high volume of the buildings are lo- the buildings are lo- tree cover is located cated on the site cated on the site on the site
  17. 17. Pedestrian Circulation Bicycle Circulation Automobile Circulation The pedestrian circula- The bicycle circulation The automobile circula- tion illustrates how and illustrates which trail tion illustrates where and where individuals move can be used for bik- how the cars will ap- through the site ing. This trail path will proach the site. be built to accommo- date for harsh circula- tion from cycling. 16 Proposed Circulation Diagram Analysis Private Circulation Public Circulation The private circula- The public circula- tion illustrates where tion illustrates where the private trails are the public trails are located among all the located amongst the other trails to allow rest of the trails to al- private movement low movement to all between each indian the public events and community. There will extracurricular activity be a lockable gate on the site. were the private trail and the public trail cross paths.
  18. 18. A Section Key SECTION - A B 17 Section Key Site Sections SECTION - B Pomo Indian
  19. 19. Carex spp. Scirpus spp Quercus douglasii Decomposed Granite - Sedge perennial grass - Bulrush perennial grass - Blue Oak tree - Imperial Gray 18 Site Material and Plant Pallet Baccharis pilularis Grass spp. - Coyote Bush - lawn Aesculus californica - California Buckeye Reservation Design @ LOW GAP ROAD, UKIAH, CALIFORNIA
  20. 20. Qualification Profile I have ten years experience in design and project coordination. Skilled at building effective working relationships with clients, consultants, team members and vendors. Successfully lead projects with junior staff to produce, design development, construction documents, construction administration and specifications. Proficient in AutoCAD and Microstation in creating construction documents. Ef- ficient in hand sketching conceptual drawings and details. Extensive experience with; Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and 3dmax for creating 3D model illustrations. Efficient in Micro Soft Office Suite to create documents and spreadsheets. Seeking a challenging Landscape Architectural position in a team oriented firm that strives for excellence. Experience 2004 – 2008 Senior Job Captain MBH Architects Alameda, California Perform as a project manager on major projects, attend project meetings, coordinate and delegate work to staff and consultants; assist in training and developing of junior staff, review contracts from clients, submitted request for payment and receive request for payment from consultants. Coordinate and lead project team in the development of construction documents under the supervi- sion of Studio Director. Issue documents for bid and permits and revise drawings as necessary per Bulletins, RFI’s, Addendums and plan check comments. Participate in the development of and as- sure compliance with “in-house” technical and production standards Perform construction administration by creating logs and processing all documents in a timely man- ner and in accordance with the Client/Architect Agreement. Review shop drawings, submittals, RFI’s, 20 change orders, and application for payment for general conformance with the construction docu- ments. Perform job site visits to review progress of construction, prepare and issues field reports. Assess challenges and recommend solutions to the Studio Director for implementation Resume Project types ranged from commercial buildings, large retail buildings and retail developments with construction types from II to V
  21. 21. 1997 – 2004 Architectural Designer Target Corporation Minneapolis, Minnesota Perform as architectural designer to lead construction document process for a minimum of eight commercial retail stores per year, with emphasis on quality assurance and timeliness Contributed to design development and construction documentation of over 35 Unique stores, new stores, remodel stores, prototype stores and special projects in various geographic loca- tions, including the analysis of state code and site requirements for implementation into build- ing designs Initiated design strategy solutions to significantly reduce costs associated with field order modi- fications and other design revisions Coordinated project development by collaborating with engineers, consultants and vendors to address any necessary information regarding commercial design projects. Coordinated with store planner to arrange interior spaces within the building shell to be productive for store op- erations. Special Projects & Freelance Nov 2009 – Present Founder/Designer Archiscape El Sobrante, California Currently created a freelance company doing Architectural Landscape design and Architectur- al building design, creating preliminary to schematic design work for clients with design-build 21 requests. • Private Residential Landscape Design – Livermore, California Resume • Latham Square Office high-rise tenant improvement – Oakland, California Feb – April 2009 Landscape Architect Intern Bionic Landscapes San Francisco, California Perform as a Landscape Architectural Intern constructing title block for construction docu- ments and site plan analysis under the supervision of the Owner/Landscape Architect. • Shield-Ried Park site analysis – Richmond, California
  22. 22. April – Aug 2008 Senior Job Captain Lowney Architects Oakland, California Perform as a Senior Job Captain under contract to complete construction document and construc- tion administration phase of architectural project. Participated in a design competition for the City of Oakland to qualify the firm in being the project designers. • Whole Foods Grocery Store – San Jose, California • African American Community Center – Oakland, California 2001-2002 Freelance Drafter SD Sorrell Drafting Minneapolis, Minnesota Perform as a freelance draftsman in creating construction documents to implement a three season- al porch and wooden deck on a private residential home for a contractor as design-build. • Private Residential home addition – Savage, Minnesota Education and Certifications Master Landscape Architecture – Graduate School University of California - Berkeley, 2009 B.S. Architecture; Minor in Art and Landscape Architecture University of Minnesota, 2004 Certified Advanced Architecture-Structural –Civil Design Drafting Minnesota School of Drafting (Now Herzing College), 1996 23 Resume