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Craig Msae Power Point

  1. 1. Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, Fairfield, Iowa, U.S.A.
  2. 2. In the past 15 years, students at Maharishi School have won more than 100 state, national, and international championships.
  3. 3. • Grades 10–12 score in the top 1% nationally, and in Iowa, on standardized tests (ITED) • 95% of graduates accepted at four-year colleges • Over ten times the nation’s average for National Merit Scholar Finalists
  4. 4. First Place : Ten first-place finishes in the senior division of the Eastern Iowa or Hawkeye state science fairs. Grand Champions: Eight grand champion awards in the past decade in the junior division of the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair.
  5. 5. State Record: 46 state championships in creative problem-solving competitions Destination ImagiNation and Odyssey of the Mind, more than any school in state history. World Record: 3 times winners of the World Championships of Destination ImagiNation, and more top-ten finishes than any other school in the world.
  6. 6. State Record: More Critic’s Choice State Banner Awards for speechand drama than any other school in the history of the state. National Champion: Bravo Cable Channel High School Theater Competition.
  7. 7. First Place: American High School Math Exam, Iowa Division, four years in a row First Place: Five first-place finishes, Iowa State History Fair, Senior Division First place: Twice winner of the state spelling bee State Record: Congressional Art Competition grand prize three years in a row First Place: Iowa Poetry Association’s high school contest First Place: Iowa “Young Writer of the Year” award State Champion: Iowa Junior Chess Championship First Place: Iowa Educational Media Association (Photography) Grand Prize: International Photo Imaging Education Association competition
  8. 8. State Champions: 16 boys’ state tennis championships since 1991, more than any other school in the state in this period. State Champion: Girls’ state singles tennis State Record: Tennis Triple Crown winner two years in a row
  9. 9. State Champions: Golf team and individual
  10. 10. “ Playing for Maharishi School is the best team experience ever. . . . Everyone’s very supportive and unselfish—totally coherent. You won’t find people like this anywhere else!” Sophia Iwobi—Maharishi School Basketball Captain. First team all conference and winner of full scholarship to University of Vermont.
  11. 11. “ Maharishi School is a world-renowned independent school of the highest caliber.” — Pat Bassett, President, National Association of Independent Schools, Washington, D.C., USA
  12. 23. “ Teens who practiced 15 minutes of the Transcendental Meditation program twice daily lowered their daytime blood pressures over four months, and their pressures tended to stay lower.” — Dr. Vernon Barnes, Ph.D., Medical College of Georgia’s Prevention Institute in Augusta, GA Invincibility for Every Student
  13. 31. How does a small school in Iowa grow to international acclaim? Ashley Deans explains how in his clear, concise, and compelling account of 20 years of unprecedented successes at Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment. The innovative, scientifically validated programs pioneered at this school are being adopted in hundreds of schools worldwide—to ensure that children everywhere grow up to be healthy, happy, well-adjusted, successful adults and to promote a peaceful, affluent world. Accredited by the Independent School Association of the Central States, Maharishi School accepts students with a wide range of academic abilities and from a broad spectrum of economic backgrounds. Ashley Deans, Ph.D ., a physicist and lifelong educator, is director of the award- winning Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Fairfield, Iowa, U.S.A.
  14. 32. “ Stress is impacting our schools with damaging effects on students and teachers alike. Nothing we have tried seems to help for long. With beautiful stories and scientific evidence, Ashley Deans tells the remarkable story of Consciousness-Based education—a practical program with an impressive track record of success in schools and colleges. This book restores hope, gives concrete evidence, and lays out a framework for a simple, effective solution to an ever-increasing problem.” — Ralph Wolff, Ph.D., Executive Director, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, U.S.A.
  15. 33. Since 1970, over 600 scientific research studies, performed at more than 200 universities and research institutes in over 30 countries, have reported a wide range of benefits resulting from the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique indicating the rise of enlightenment and invincibility in the life of the student. Invincibility for Every Student Invincibility Through the Development of Perfect Health: • Increased resistance to disease • Decreased hospitalization • Decreased anxiety and faster recovery from stress •  Reversal of aging Invincibility Through the Development of Ideal Social Behavior: • Integration of personality • Increased efficiency • Reduced hostility and aggression • Reduced substance abuse • Effective criminal rehabilitation Invincibility Through World Peace: • Reduced crime •  Reduced terrorism • Decreased conflict between nations Invincibility Through the Development of Total Creative Potential: • Increased creativity, intelligence, and learning ability • Higher levels of brain functioning • Improvements in academics and school behavior • Benefits for special and remedial education