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SCALEit program - One week introduction from 2011
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SCALEit program - One week introduction from 2011


Published on

This was the program 20 Danish hightech startups experienced when they visited Silicon Valley for one week in june 2011.

This was the program 20 Danish hightech startups experienced when they visited Silicon Valley for one week in june 2011.

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. 20 danish IT startups in Silicon Valley
  • 2. InspirationTHIS PROGRAM IS FROM 2011! A similar program will be offered in 2012 June 6th - 10th, 2011
  • 3. SCALEit program, 2011 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday June 6th June 7th June 8th June 9th June 10th Intro / get started! Pitching Meet the Ecosystem Silicon Valley insights Setup in SV! Equity? Business setup? The EXIT - time to pull Incubator visit, The Hub,Slot 1 Contracts? The role of the out and pass your business Downtown San Francisco Introduction to the SV lawyer, DLA Piper on! program, Innovation Center Denmark and Session and discussion on L The bank in SV - your Silicon Valley Partnering! HOW to make it hereSlot 2 A financial partner! With U Scaling together (Q&A). With Torsten Silicon Valley Bank N Kolind,YouNoodle C Eat & meet entrepreneur Startup Visit: Zendesk, withLunch Eat & meet each other H Martin Friid Nielsen, Soonr Company visit: Google CEO Mikkel Svane S V Venture Capital!Slot 3 Time to meet an Sand Hill Pitch preparations and Road investor Startup visit general business Meet a web-startup in San touching upon the lingo of Stanford University Francisco Free time Silicon Valley Campus trip with aSlot 4 Plan meetings for this time discussion on or enjoy San Francisco entrepreneurship Feedback sessions San Francisco meetup Visit Steve Blank at hisEvening personal ranch We will bring in 12 At I/O Ventures you will extraordinary advisors pitch to +200 people. Please note that all events and meetings are not finally confirmed and are based on availability of the speakers
  • 4. MO ND AY 6Introduc?on  to  Innova.on  Center  Denmarkand  the  SCALEit  program Jeff  Snider,  Progression  Partners Using  Silicon  Valley  to  globalize  your  startup  -­‐  proven  models   and  how  they  workPitch  prepera?ons.  Get  ready  to  go  down  the  elevator!Bill  Jose,  Go  To  Market  Consul?ng
  • 5. MO ND AY 6Visit the ranch of Silicon Valley legend, Steve BlankSteve Blank is a Silicon Valley-based retired serial entrepreneur,founding and/or part of 8 startup companies in California’s SiliconValley after dropping out of the University of Michigan. A prolificeducator, thought leader and writer on Customer Development forStartups, Blank teaches, refines, writes and blogs on “CustomerDevelopment,” a rigorous methodology he developed to bring the“scientific method” to the typically chaotic, seemingly disorganizedstartup process.
  • 6. TU E SDA Y 7Launch  Silicon  Valley  (  are  aIending  the  launch  of  30  startups.  In  front  of  an  audience  of  VCs,  Angels,  Corporate  Execu?ves,  Bloggers,  Press  &  TV  Cameras,  there  will  also  be  a  wide  range  of  lively,  informa?ve  discussions,  fireside  chats  and  keynotes  to  bring  you  up  to  date  perspec?ves  on  hot  topics.Plenty  of  networking  opportuni?es  at  this  full  day  event Evening  event:  Experienced  Advice  MaGers! We  have  brought  in  12  of  the  most  experienced  advisors  in  Silicon  Valley,   to  work  and  discuss  with  the  group.  Each  company  will  do  a  5  min.  pitch  of   their  product  and  business  model,  and  receive  feedback  from  up  to  3   advisors.  The  event  will  be  closed  off  with  drinks  and  networking.  is  the  venue  sponsor  for  this  event
  • 7. WE DN ESD 8 AYThe  role  of  the  lawyer,  Bradley  Gersich,  DLA  Piper    -­‐  Recent  funding  trends  in  terms  of  types  of  companies  being  funded  and  valua?ons.  -­‐  A  handful  of  the  key  terms  of  a  typical  term  sheet  that  emphasize  sharing  of  control  and  economics. Banking  in  Silicon  Valley  -­‐  an  ac?ve  partner!  Mar.n  Kan,   Entrepreneur  Banking  Services,  Silicon  Valley  BankMeet  secret  successful  danish  entrepreneur!Hint:  serial  entrepreneur,  2  exits,  new  startup Open  discussion  on  entrepreneurship  with  Jesper   Sørensen,  professor  at  Stanford  University  Graduate  school
  • 8. WE DN ESD 8 AY Evening specialAt  the  Blackbox  Startup  House  we  are  invi?ng  20  Silicon  Valley  early  stage  investors  to  an  invite  only  pitching  event.  In  the  casual  seWng  of  this  Palo  Alto  startup  mansion,  each  startup  will  explain  their  vision  in  a  1  minute  elevator  pitch.Style:  Cosy  and  informalAXerparty:  Yes Organizers Partner Sponsor
  • 9. TH URS DAY 9Dancing  with  the  elefants,  Patrina  Mack  and  Gary  Mandel  Topic  of  discussion:  How  do  you  play  with  the  big  guys  in  Silicon  Valley!  Input  and  exit  opportuni?es  in  Silicon  Valley,  Mark  Grossman,  Pagemill  Partners Visit  Google  HQ  in  Mountain  View Learn  from  a  successful  investor,  entrepreneur  and  Venture  Partner  in   Sunstone  Capital,  Juha  Christensen
  • 10. TH URS DAY Share those business cards! 9At  I/O  Ventures  in  San  Francisco,  we  open  the  doors  for  the  Silicon  Valley  startup  community,  to  a  evening  event  of  pitching  and  networking.  We  will  serve  drinks  and  snacks,  so  arrive  early  -­‐  we  expect  a  full  house  this  evening  (100  people).The  top  20  danish  startups  will  perform  the  famous  1  minute  elevator  pitch  -­‐  so  be  ready!    Place:  I/O  Ventures.....Organizer Partner
  • 11. FRI DAY 10Visit  The  Hub,  A  startup  incubatorHow  to  setup  in  Silicon  Valley,  discussion  with  CEO  of  ZenDesk,  Mikkel  SvaneWhat  did  SCALEit  do  to  your  business?  What  will  you  do  now?An  informal  and  open  discussion  with  Torsten  Kolind,  CTO  at  Younoodle
  • 12. So how did it really go in 2011?We  surveyed  the  20  par?cipa?ng  companies
  • 13. 100%
  • 14. Overall, how satisfied are you with the week of SCALEit?
  • 15. How would you rate the performance of ICDK in organizing SCALEit?
  • 16. Will you improve or optimize your business because of SCALEit (product tweak, target group, business model etc…)Yes,  I  will  seek  more  funds  and  try  to  scale  fasterYesYesNoYesProduct  and  enduser  focusBusiness  model,  target  group  and  attention  to  salesYes..  We  learnt  a  lot  in  terms  of  scalability  of  our  products  and  have  changed  our  strategy  after  SCALEit..  now  going  after  bigger  markets.Product  and  market  strategyYesYesYes,  new  roll-‐‑‒out  plan  among  other  thingsBusiness  model  has  been  improved  due  to  ScaleITAbsolutely.  The  value  added  to  my  business  because  of  the  SCALEit  programme  is  invaluable,  not  least  in  terms  of  business  model,  organizational  setup,  distribution  channels  and  our  place  in  the  "funding  value  chain".Yes.  Sell  in  presentations  and  biz  modelYes!YES!Most  certainlyAbsolutely.  Were  far  more  focused  now  on  our  core  product  and  have  a  far  more  structured  roadmap  laid  out  now,  at  least  for  the  next  6-‐‑‒12  months.Business  model,  company  structure,  internationalization  plansA  more  refined  business  model,  a  sharper  pitch,  validation  of  our  global  potential,  invaluable  contacts  and  a  finetuning  of  our  ambition  level.Yes.  Target  Group  will  be  more  clear!
  • 17. How likely is it that the network/contacts you established during SCALEit will lead to valuablebusiness opportunities for you or your company?