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3 months in Silicon Valley
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3 months in Silicon Valley


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. ACCELERATE 12 week program Scale through Silicon Valley
  • 2. THE INSIGHT In Denmark we build great technology products.Understanding and executing globally is where we need to improve.
  • 3. WHAT? We want to bring 10 danish technologycompanies with scalableproducts to Silicon Valley.
  • 4. WHY?Because the Silicon Valley Ecosystem is a global access point for scaling technology companies.
  • 5. Sure, but WHY?Because Danish companies,with scalable potential, needto connect internationally toleverage their true potential.
  • 6. So WHO?We target companies with existing or betaproducts. Examples of qualifying companiesare: ★ An early-stage company. 2-10 employees. Age 1-3 years. Seed funded. ★ An established company. 10-50 employees. Revenue to support global expansion.
  • 7. Okay, PROCESS?During a 12 week period we want you to stay in SiliconValley for three slots of two weeks each.
  • 8. Our mentor modelOne external mentor will be following each companythroughout the program. This experiencedprofessional’s goal is to propel you to success in SiliconValley. 20 hours of time is allocated to this person.We have further budgeted DKK 20.000 for additionalmentoring and consultancy. Local assistance fromexperts is part of your success in Silicon Valley. Themoney follows you - you get to choose who to work with!
  • 9. What else is included• 10+ workshops with in-depth work on various aspects of your company• 10+ external events and conferences (paid for)• 5+ events showcasing you, e.g. our group pitching to Silicon Valley investors and feedback sessions with local entrepreneurs, advisors and investors• Introduction to at least 2 domain experts targeted to your industry• Incubation. We have your workspace covered. You will be working from offices with 50+ other tech companies• Access to people you only dreamed of getting in contact with!• Scaling it and building network with the most promising Danish technology companies
  • 10. WHEN WHAT WHERE August 14th Preparation and introduction to mentors Denmark September 3rd Introductions & Company Setup Silicon ValleySeptember 14th Strategy Evaluation & Product Development Optional October 1st Customer & Business Development Investor Pitching Silicon Valley October 12th Strategy Evaluation & Product Development Optional October 29th Business Development Silicon Valley November 9th Keep building your business Optional Future
  • 11. August 15-16, 2012 PREPARATIONS Before leaving Denmark, you will attend a workshop and be matchedwith a mentor. Questions like these will be discussed: How to build and manage a tech company in two countries? What is the strategy of your stay, and how can you achieve your company’s goals? What to expect of the trip?
  • 12. September 3rdSeptember 14th INTRODUCTION & COMPANY SETUP 2012 • Back Office ‣ Incubation - a work desk in a attractive office space (included in the program) ‣ You will get help finding: A place to live, a U.S. cellphone, ordering business cards etc. • ‣ Set up and get going in Silicon Valley Pitch training - become skilled in creating the perfect pitch - clients, partners or investors ‣ Meeting with lawyers: Capitalization of the company; equity distribution for founders, advisors, board, investors ‣ Meeting with Angels & VCs: Typical funding milestones and expected equity distributions ‣ Meeting with Accountants: How to organize your financials to manage funds effectively ‣ Preparing for your sales/partners meetings: Etiquette, slides, how to make the ask; How to close deals effectively! (full day) ‣ Feedback session. Focus: pitch and business plan • Mentorship ‣ Individual mentorship This program is work in progress. Expect changes and improvements to the final program!
  • 13. September 17th October 28th DENMARK or 2012 SILICON VALLEY? We have incorporated some individual time for you to either stay in the valley or go back to Denmark. There will be no official activities other than what has been agreed with your mentor(s). However to get the most out of this program, it will have the greatest impact if you stay, work and network in Silicon Valley.
  • 14. October 1rd CUSTOMER, BUSINESS October 12th 2012 DEVELOPMENT & INVESTOR PITCHING•‣ Customer Development Scaling with marketing! Insights to success strategies for startup companies‣ Meeting set-up with major players/customers and introduction to those using the network of your mentor and the rest of the SCALEit team•• Business Development Your first employee(s) in the U.S. Who and how?• Feedback session with experienced professionals. Focus: customer/partner acquisition•‣ Investor Pitching Pitch more than 20+ Silicon Valley investors. This is a unique opportunity for you to get funded•• Mentorship Individual mentoring This program is work in progress. Expect changes and improvements to the final program!
  • 15. October 15thOctober 26th DENMARK or 2012 SILICON VALLEY? Again 2 weeks of no official activities other than what has been agreed with your mentor. You should continue your business development and take advantage of contacts to interested VC’s you have pitched to and other strategic partners in the Valley.
  • 16. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT &October 29th -November 9th 2012 FUTURE IN THE U.S.?•‣ Business Development How to build an ecosystem around your company: Partners, vendors, distributors, channels, clients (full day)‣ Negotiation and the unwritten rules: How to get big companies to take you seriously when you are a startup (full day)• Future in Silicon Valley?‣ Planning on staying long term in the U.S.? You need a work visa!‣ Should you have a U.S. entity of your company? Should you be incorporated in Delaware? Should you personally stay in the U.S.? The answers to these questions will stand clear after having participated in our program.•‣ Mentorship Individual mentoring This program is work in progress. Expect changes and improvements to the final program!
  • 17. ... A life changer!Apart from the intensive program describedwe will also take you out to relevant eventsand bring in people you only dreamed ofmeeting. You can expect this program to bea life changer for the way you think business.You will learn how to truly think global. Notonly within your current venture - but infuture endeavors. This is an investment thatwill last forever!
  • 18. Do we need this initiative in Denmark? We sure hope you think so. Help spread the word! Thank you . !