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SaaS and Product Metrics SaaS and Product Metrics Presentation Transcript

  • Testing, measuring and metrics Soren Harner, Bigcommerce
  • About me2012 VP Engineering Stage 2 Startup Venture-backed $35MM Stage 1 Startup2010 Founder & Datavore Bookstrapped2007 VP Engineering Stage 2 Startup Stage 2 Startup2000 Search & Analytics, Stage 3 Acquisition Director Engineering Venture-backed > $80MM
  • Business Metrics• Cost to acquire customers (CAC)• Average Revenue per User (ARPU)• Churn • Avoidable & unavoidable• Conversion (CVN) • Compare Search, Display, Radio, etc.• Life time value (LTV) • LTV = ARPU/Churn • LTV / CAC > 1 is success!• Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) View slide
  • LTV / CAC1.2 Model “successful” 0 Q1-10 Q2-10 Q3-10 Q4-10 Q1-11 Q2-11 Q3-11 Q4-11 To IPO range is maybe 4 to 6 LTV / CAC today Fine print: Like all metrics use to track, not as strategy View slide
  • Split Testing Website• Persona analysis and customer interviews on new brand• Of new traffic, 50% old, 50% new• Measure effect on conversion: looked at new trials after 50/50 coming from old and new to determine lift with 95% confidence interval of 20-30%
  • Product UX TestingWorkshops Concepting Qualitative Quantitative Prototypes(personas) (sketches) (Axure) (Loop11) You can use an iPad at a Cafe and show keynote. Key point is to test mockups on people first.
  • Continuous Delivery• Feature flag everything and gently deploy• Weekly deploys (should be daily)• Read (dev, staging, production)• Monitor (i.e. NewRelic)• Practice BDD & continuous integration
  • Ask permission, get feedback
  • Product Metrics• Customer success TTL TTFS • Time to first sale Aug • Time to launch July• Trend monthly or June weekly cohorts May• Engagement score during trial 0 25 50 75 100
  • Feature KPI• Before you build a • e.g. completing task feature, define a success more quickly KPI • Add instrumentation • e.g. Number of before and after product reviews completed • Deploy to subset of customers to test • e.g. 30% fewer abandoned carts • Consider Mixpanel
  • Startup Friendly Stack• Use Ruby Sinatra (or Clojure) + CoffeeScript + Backbone + Handlebars on Heroku• Nesta for CMS and learn textmate, Haml & Sass, see sharner/Workshop-Site• HTML5 mobile first, responsive design• Use Mailchimp & google forms• Log events to understand customer success (see Heroku Plugins)
  • Peopleware• Technical co-founder challenges• Don’t offshore• Don’t churn people• Find designer who codes frontend and does user testing