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Twitter Overview & Best Practices
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Twitter Overview & Best Practices



Presentation which disccuses how to use twitter and also twitter best marketing practices.

Presentation which disccuses how to use twitter and also twitter best marketing practices.



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Twitter Overview & Best Practices Twitter Overview & Best Practices Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter
    Sorav Jain
  • What Is Twitter?
    Public instant messaging
    A way to talk about what you’re doing ‘right now’ – publicly, by default
    Short messages – only 140 characters (with space)
    Opt-in – you choose who to watch and you see their public messages
    Can also talk privately with others
    Many ways to send and receive tweets
    Sorav Jain
  • Twitter’s Growth
    Twitter has about 4 million users now
    363,000 users in the U.S.
    There are more than 1 million tweets/day
    Sorav Jain
  • What Good Is It?
    Get feedback about your business – track what people are saying and address problems quickly
    Mingle with the ‘famous’ in your industry
    Stay on top of trends
    Monitor what’s being said about your customers to help them protect their own brands
    Sorav Jain
  • Example 1 and 2: Dell, Comcast
    Dell earned $1 million through Twitter in the last year
    Dell sends messages to its Twitter subscribers about special private sales
    Comcast is turning around their negative reputation by displaying genuine interest in customer issues posted on Twitter
    This means the companies tweet and retweet responses to people posting tweets in form of complains/appreciations. This is either done as response @customer tweet
    Sorav Jain
  • Example 3:Airtel
    Airtel Broadband Issue
    I Tweeted about the problem I was having
    Within 30 minutes, @airtelcallhome contacted me
    Emailed the company representative
    Problem was soon solved
    Airtel still has a happy customer! I tweeted about this experience..
    Airtel’s brand value was increased!
    Sorav Jain
  • Most Importantly, Twitter…
    Puts a personal face on your business
    Gets you a steady stream of ideas and links that you can use in your own business
    Enables you to get (and offer) help
    Connects you with others who share your interests, personally and professionally
    Sorav Jain
  • 5 Stages of Acceptance
    Denial – Why should I care about this?
    Presence – I don’t get it, but I guess I should get a free account.
    Dumping – Posting links to blog, PR docs
    Conversing – Talking to others one-on-one (Individual accounts does this mostly)
    Microblogging – Sharing useful info and conversing one-on-one (most company do this)
    Sorav Jain
  • Getting Started
    Visit twitter.com and sign up for free
    Get a handle that relates to your business
    Multiple accounts – personal & business?
    Fill in your profile using keywords
    Upload your photo (gain credibility!)
    Add your location if appropriate
    Sorav Jain
  • Getting Started, Continued
    Visit search.twitter.com and look for others who share your interests
    Look at your followees’ followers to find new people to follow
    Watch, learn, and enter the conversation when you’re ready (lurk for a few weeks)
    Tweet often – daily is recommended
    Sorav Jain
  • Let People Know You Tweet
    Put your handle in your signature for email, forum posts, blogging
    Put a logo on your website, linked to your Twitter page
    Sorav Jain
  • What Should I Talk About?
    Share great links and resources you find
    Share information about your business
    Reach out to people who use your services or products (make a list of customers and check if they are available on twitter)
    Talk about upcoming company events
    Share problems and ask questions
    Add links to your latest blog posts
    Sorav Jain
  • Best Practices
    Think before you type! It’s permanent and searchable
    Be authentic – it’s about letting people get to know you personally and professionally
    Don’t push your services or products – it can get you banned
    Share information and become valued as an expert in your field (if you do not have any company related tweet then tweet on Industry)
    Sorav Jain
  • Dealing With Other People
    Follow those who interest you
    Unfollow people to stop seeing their messages (there’s no need to reciprocate if you’re not interested)
    Block problematic people – that means they won’t be able to see your updates
    Spam is rampant – just don’t follow it!
    Sorav Jain
  • Useful Tips
    Use @handle to reply or refer to people (this is displayed to all)
    Use direct messages (D handle) to talk privately with another person (done privately not seen to all)
    Retweet (RT) interesting tweets to others in your network – it’s respectful
    Hashtag (#topic) tweets to create a custom results page
    Sorav Jain
  • 3rd Party Tools
    Hundreds! TweetDeck and Twhirl– desktop applications to manage your account
    TweetBerry and iTweet (and other mobile apps)
    TweetLater – set keywords for search and have results delivered to your email
    TwellowHood – find other Twitter users by geographical location
    Sorav Jain
  • Groups
    Not yet a Twitter feature – in the works
    Will enable you to categorize your followers list and choose to send tweets to only certain people
    You can set up groups on 3 rd party software like TweetDeck, but only to view incoming tweets, not to ‘broadcast’
    Sorav Jain
  • Tweets Best Practices
    Do not forget to use potential Keywords to target;
    For ex: If I am targeting people interested in Branding on Facebook– I will tweet with keywords; Facebook, Branding, Facebook Branding Tips, Social Media Facebook Branding etc. People when search through search.twitter.com with any of the keywords may reach to me / follow me (example on next slide)
    Respone@customer is a great way to converse with clients on their tweets or queries related to Hexaware / Industry / Services.
    Tweeting on daily basis a added benefit. If you are in short of company related tweets , tweet with industry related interesting facts + keywords.
    If tweeting about a webinar identify people interested in it through search.twitter.com and tweet about webinar@interestedpeople.
    If you do not want response from the company id on twitter then create a marketer’s id and converse through it. Conversation is important.
    Sorav Jain
  • Keyword entered
    Creates impact on SiddhMishra as the tweet reaches directly to @box of Siddh. Similarly other people who follows me notices the conversation
    Sorav Jain
    Sorav Jain
  • Wipro Tweet Examples
    Innovation through collaboration - Wipro and Harvard study http://tinyurl.com/n3s3z2
    Wipro enters into 5-year strategic agreement with Charming Shoppes http://tinyurl.com/mxmdkw
    Consulting is the latest weapon in Wipro arsenal: Wipro in discussion with Financial Chronicle http://tinyurl.com/lmhqqt
    Wipro among top 'green brands' in India http://tinyurl.com/nj2d9b
    Industry Research: The Innovation Value Chain http://tinyurl.com/lpav6g
    Wipro CMO,Jessie Paul in Outsourcing Journal: How Outsourcing Speeds, Standardizes, and Automates Routine Marketinghttp://tinyurl.com/lu7rma
    Wipro to go aggressively after Govt contracts http://tinyurl.com/l4yue7
    Wipro offers frameworks and solutions for Cloud Services market for global scale rich internet applications http://tinyurl.com/njctf3
    RT@ET_NOW_Live: ET Encounter with the Joint CEOs of #WIPRO. An exclusive interview with both CEOs only on ET NOW. 6.30p and rpt at 11pm ( Retweeted the statement made by @ET_NOW_Live on Wipro)
    Wipro Enters into a Strategic Partnership with BJ’s Wholesale Club http://tinyurl.com/m42adz
    Sorav Jain
  • Wipro Brief Report
    Wipro is following 116 profiles, which includes (Check the Print screens in the next slide for few examples of people/companies Wipro is following, it mainly includes their clients / analysts/ Targeted companies).
    Wipro has 981 followers.
    Wipro tweets on an average 2 tweets a day.
    Wipro also has 2 another twitter profile
    Wiprocareers following 466 people with 427 followers,
    Infocrossing following 68 with 116 followers
    Wipro’s Marketers’ have their name personal profiles to target customers.
    Sorav Jain
  • It is important to follow important people to increase followers. The important people may be a analyst, client, company, prospective clients etc.
  • Thank You
    Sorav Jain