Sorav Jain's Profile | Resume | 2012


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My resume for your reference. Visit: for more details.

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Sorav Jain's Profile | Resume | 2012

  1. 1. Profile 2012 Sorav Jain •Blog: • • • • • •
  2. 2. Qualification Under GraduationCourse: BSc Plant Biologyand BiotechnologyInstitute: Loyola College,Chennai, IndiaYear: 2004 – 2007 Post GraduationGrade: DistinctionAwards: Best Orator Course: MS inAward from Loyola International Marketing Management Institute: University of Leeds, United Kingdom Year: 2007 – 2008 Grade: Merit Awards: Leadership Award, Class Champion Award, Best Presenter Award
  3. 3. Work Experience 2004 – 2007 2009 – 2010 Heading Digital MarketingPart Time Content Full Time Marketing Division.Writer and Search Program Specialist at Strategizing Social Media &Engine Optimization CMO Axis, Chennai Digital Marketing PresenceExecutive at Contempo India. for Top IT and PersonalTechnologies, Chennai. Brands of India 2007 - 2008 2010 – 2012 Established and Heading Echovme.Part Time Customer Thinker in Chief / CEO Strategize Social MediaService Executive at at Echovme, Chennai, Presence for brands.Marks and Spencer, India. Execute Digital MarketingLeeds, United Services.Kingdom. Organize and Deliver Digital Marketing Trainings
  4. 4. Skills I Owe* Refer Slide 6 •Ability to Create & Manage Team •Ability to Manage Projects and Get it Speaking Executed. Refer Slide 5 •Ability to Achieve Desired Goals. Event •Ability to Sow Visionary Seeds in Leadership Organizing Employees or Colleagues•Sales, Marketing &Customer RelationshipManagement•Tapping New Markets BD Skills Creative •Visualizer •Campaign Designer •Contest Planner • Strategizing Unique Social•Approaching NewProspects I Owe Media Presence for Individuals / Brands. •Manage Client and Client & More their Needs. Handling •Planning Account •Entrepreneurial Skills •Regular Reporting Social •Presentation Skills •Understand and Networking •Customer Service Skills Adapt to their Tunes •Listening Skills •Content Writing Skills Refer Slide 9 * Based on Experience the above skills are developed / proved.
  5. 5. Events I Organized Key organizer of Search Summit 2010 in association with The Knowledge Foundation, Chennai. Thinker in Chief and Organizer of Social Media Summit 2011 organized in association with M.O.P Vaishnav College, Chennai. Refer: | Story of Social Media Summit: Regular social media bonfire organized by echovme team, inviting various social media experts from the city to deliver SM knowledge with enthusiasts. Refer: Organized Mashable’s Social Media Day in Chennai and regular Mashable Meetup s. Refer: Organized regular Social Media Club meets in Chennai in year 2009 – 2010. Refer: around 30 workshops on Social Media Marketing. Refer:
  6. 6. Speaking Experience* Guest Speaker / Trainer:Jagran Institute of Vellore Institute of Confederation of Loyola Institute of Great Lakes Institute ofCommunication & Technology & Indian Industry – Business Management, ChennaiManagement Management ePublishing Event, Administration, Chennai Chennai Visiting Faculty at Madras Advertising Club *I have experience of speaking at various events, colleges, business meets, social media or digital marketing events since 2010. Refer: for complete summary
  7. 7. Brands Echovme / I Worked With* Managed & Strategized Digital Marketing Campaigns for Top 3 Indian IT companies, leading diamond portal andauthors while working with CMO Axis.** To know individual case studies kindly request for echovme’s (company) portfolio by writing a email
  8. 8. Media Coverage to My Credit The Hindu Click here for enlarged view of articles The IndianTimes of India Express
  9. 9. Social Networking Credibility 15 presentations shared, 274 followers., 18,000+ views. Active blog. Blog post Slideshare shared weekly once. Gets 272 friends in my circle. re-published on 574 connections have . added me in their circles. Google+ Blog 2,000+ monthly visitors.Recently joined. 180+ Social 1300+ Connections. Used majorly for personalfollowers. 700+followers for boards Pinterest Media Facebook reasons. Manage around 30 – 50 pages. Activecreated. Presence presence. Totally 15,000+ views for YouTube Twitter 10,000+ followers, 16,000+ 5 – 10 videos shared. tweets made. Regular on twitter. Share many social LinkedIn media related updates on regular basis. 1700+ connections. Participate in relevant groups. I add people on LinkedIn post exchanging cards or meeting up at events.
  10. 10. Some More DetailsAge, DOB 24 yrs. | 20/08/1987Marital Status MarriedCity, Country Chennai, IndiaAddress 11/12-3, kalathiappa Street, Choolai, Chennai - 600112Email Sorav@echovme.inPhone +919791134451Language Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, MarwariKnown