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Social Media Marketing Trends 2014 - Journalism / Media Industry / Publishing / Newspaper
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Social Media Marketing Trends 2014 - Journalism / Media Industry / Publishing / Newspaper


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Presentation from my talk at Digital India event organised by WAN Ifra. Social Media Marketing trends was customised to Journalism / Media Industry / Publishing / Newspaper.

Presentation from my talk at Digital India event organised by WAN Ifra. Social Media Marketing trends was customised to Journalism / Media Industry / Publishing / Newspaper.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. @SoravJain@SoravJain
    • 2. @SoravJainMedia in Indian Landscape!
    • 3. @SoravJainMedia in Indian Landscape!
    • 4. @SoravJain Media in Indian Landscape!
    • 5. @SoravJainMedia in Indian Landscape!
    • 6. @SoravJainMedia in Indian Landscape! Source:JuxtTOI/IMAI
    • 7. @SoravJain 96 Million Users (28% Growth) 217 Minutes Spent by an average visitor 25 - 40 Million Users Listening, One to One #Hashtag Charm 9.1 Minutes spent by average user 50+ Million Users SEO Value. A blogger’s must have! 20+ Million Users. (58% growth) Professional Glory. 18.1 Minutes spent by average user. 1.5 Million Unique visitors. 9.1 Minutes spent by average user. 585% Growth. Picture based. 31.5 Million viewers (27% Growth)Data: Comscore, March 2013 36 Million Blog traffic. Thought Leadership. Presentation, Video & Document Upload. Location based. Picture based. For Mobile Users.
    • 8. Transition Phase of Communication…
    • 9. @SoravJain Social Media Life Cycle Source: @MaheshMurthy
    • 10. @SoravJainSource: @MaheshMurthy
    • 11. @SoravJainSource: @MaheshMurthy
    • 12. @SoravJain You need to think beyond Broadcasting! Think beyond Sales! Social Media Marketing
    • 13. @SoravJain Social Media For Business ORM WOM Marketing Personal Branding Social CRM Interactive Marketing Customer Service Research 2.0 Crowdsourcing Public Relations Online Office Recruitment & Employer Branding Get benefitted from user generated contents & intelligence Effective listening and recommending their products. Know trends, customer insights, obtain reviews and opinions Know what your consumers are speaking about you Set up campaigns to make it go viral Set up campaigns to make it go viral Engage customers for experiential marketing 24/7 Support and problem solving Become virtual world popular
    • 14. @SoravJain Trends this year!
    • 15. @SoravJain 1. Facebook Marketing is Getting Dirty!
    • 16. @SoravJain 10% 11% 7% 15% 20% 8% 12%
    • 17. @SoravJain 2012 2013 2014 80% 16% 12% 6-8% Organic Visibility of Your Facebook Post Across Your Fan Base
    • 18. @SoravJain Invest in Boost Post
    • 19. @SoravJain Watch out how you post! How you post? News - Link News – Photo – Link News – Status – Link News – Link – 1.91:1
    • 20. @SoravJain It’s a Myth that only Visuals have better reach!
    • 21. @SoravJain 2. Create Niche Facebook Communities!
    • 22. @SoravJain 5M page views / month generated from Facebook Source: Mahesh Murthy
    • 23. @SoravJain Newspaper Women Youth Married Bollywood Politics Men Politics Sports Bollywood Build an Ecosystem of Content Distribution  Niche Communities will Benefit More!
    • 24. @SoravJain 3. Monetizing Facebook Presence Space for sponsor? Space for sponsor logo? Exclusive Tab for an Ad? •Facebook Offers for Advertisers. •Sponsored Updates - Once a Day!
    • 25. @SoravJain 4. Invest in Google+, Connect with Google+ Coordinators • Google+ adds more value to your website’s SEO Value. • Google+ can be built organically, currently!
    • 26. @SoravJain 5. Brands will consider GIF images! – as they work well on Google+ Tag the names, brand names, use hashtagging and keep the SEO value of Google+ into consideration.
    • 27. @SoravJain 6. The Missing connect! If you are aiming to drive traffic from Social Media to your News Channel, You need to aim to drive audience from the real world to Social World to join your community! Let stories have a Social Connect, Let Journalists have a Stronger Social Media Personality! Give your Social Presence some space!
    • 28. @SoravJain 7. Consider LinkedIn Today, Seriously! LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Pages has helped in Thought Leadership! Contact LinkedIn India to learn how can you get your brand featured?
    • 29. @SoravJain 8. Influencer – Journalist - Relationship Most of the brands across the World will tap in the influence of Celebrities and Twitter personalities! Make your Journalist’s Twitter profile more prominent. Let celebrity talk about you! Engage Twitter celebrities. Promote Hashtag through them.
    • 30. @SoravJain 9. Instagram & Pinterest will Grow!
    • 31. @SoravJain 10. Invest in Visuals & Varieties of Engagements! Think beyond News! infographics Comic Strips Cartoons Attractive Images Quizzes PollsCrosswords Tips Remedies Guides Facts
    • 32. @SoravJain Increase Curiosity, Ask Questions! Replace Broadcasting with Crowdsourcing! Crowdsource Ideas & opinions & publish them!
    • 33. @SoravJain Be more Responsible.. Are you observing comments?
    • 34. @SoravJain Connect with Me.. • • • • 9791134451 • • • •