Facebook Advertisements for Lead Generation- Exclusive!


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Explore how Facebook Advertisements can help you generate leads for your business. Connect with sorav on http://www.twitter.com/soravjain | http://www.linkedIn.com/in/soravjain | http://www.facebook.com/echovme

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  • Facebook Advertisements for Lead Generation- Exclusive!

    1. 1. Facebook Advertisements for Lead Generation Date: 8/March/2013 www.soravjain.com www.echovme.in/workshops www.Twitter.com/soravjain www.Facebook.com/SoravJain
    2. 2. Agenda• How is Facebook Ads different from traditional, Google ads.• The Synergy of Lead Generation!• Case studies to begin with• 8 Step Process for Facebook Advertisements -> Setting Objectives -> Defining Target Audience -> Creating Landing Page (With Form) -> Adding Incentive -> Set Budget -> Create Ads -> Bid for Ads -> Upload and Manage• Practical Hands on Dashboard• Practical Hands on Facebook Ads Power Editor (Difference)• Re-targeting using Facebook Ads ( Using Email Addresses or Database You Have)• Facebook Conversion Pixels• Case Studies• Questions and Answers
    3. 3. Understanding Search Engine Advertisements and Facebook Advertisements Image Source: AllFacebook.com
    4. 4. 6 Reasons Why Facebook Ads are also called Social Ads?
    5. 5. 1. India has about 110 Million+ Internet Users of which 62 Million uses Facebook That’s More than 50% of the Internet Using Population..Chennai has about 30 Lakh Facebook Users.More than subscribers of TOI and The Hindu.. You Can’t Disagree to the Fact we are more glued to Facebook
    6. 6. 2. Facebook is not just the ‘Youth’ thingy Look at the demographics..Your Ads can be targeted only at the Specific Age Group & Gender
    7. 7. 3. You can deepen your segmentation process Education, Marital Status, Sexual Orientation , Organization, Birthdays!
    8. 8. 4. Your reach could be then narrowed down to Interests of your TA. Keywords, Keywords and Keywords!
    9. 9. 5. Y0u Decide the C0sts and N0t Faceb00k! Your Budget Can be As Less as 1 US $ to get Started with Facebook Advertisement
    10. 10. 6. Ads Has Social Ability Too If you engage with Ads, your Friends gets to know about it!
    11. 11. Different Types of Facebook Ads! Pay Per Click Ad Like Based Ads Page Post Advertisement Application advertisingSponsored Stories Advertising External URL Event AdvertisingFacebook Offers There are some more!
    12. 12. The One You See on Your News Feed… Mobile or News Feed Ads Promote Posts
    13. 13. Facebook Lead Generation Process Define Create Define Add a Target Landing Set Budget Create Ads Bid for Ads Retargeting Objectives Incentive Audience PageImage Source: blitzlocal
    14. 14. Objectives, creatives for Facebook Ads Attractive advertisement & landing page Offers or Incentives or Value Proposition Lead or Sale Email Marketing + RetargetingImage Source: DealerPlatform.com
    15. 15. Set Objectives Generate Likes Name Generate Promote Leads Post Phone Number City Designation Organization Promote Advertise EmailApplications Offer Query XYZ…. Promote Drive Traffic Choose the data points you want. Event Phone Number, Email and Name is a must!
    16. 16. Define Your Target Audience Criterion SpecifyAge Group Very important specification.Geographic Location CountryGeographic Location CityGender Depends upon your Business Model. Of course Jewelry cannot be targeted at Men!Sexual Orientation NOT yet Valid in India! (No Bias)Marital Status Works well on occasions (especially if you are in a gifting sector) or matrimony or into DETECTIVE agency!Interests Add as much as relevant keywords to reach out to niche.Education
    17. 17. Creating Landing PagesLanding Page is the first page that the audience sees when he/she clickson your Facebook Advertisement. This plays essential role in Generating Leads.
    18. 18. Direct Landing Page on a External Website Toll Free Logo Number Bullet Call to Points action FormCredibility Factor Trust Factor Testimonial
    19. 19. Landing Page on aCustomized Facebook Tab••
    20. 20. Add Incentives This will enhance decision making & help you capture leads…•Discounts and offers•Early bird registrations•Free downloads•Freemium access•Free access•Enter into the Contest•Discount Code Incentive 1 Incentive 2
    21. 21. Facebook Ads Facebook Dashboard Power EditorDesigning Facebook Advertisements!
    22. 22. To Begin with – See who is Targeting you! https://www.facebook.com/ads/adboard
    23. 23. www.Facebook.com/Ads
    24. 24. The process…The first step is to choose what you want to advertise. You can choosean external URL or a Facebook Page, App or Event.
    25. 25. Pick from New Choices!Get More Page You can write your own ad copy, but the title of the ad is stillLikes unchangeable as the title of your Facebook Page. If your Page name is too long, the ad will only show the first 25 characters of your Page name.Promote Page This is a way to advertise one of your recent posts and the ad isPosts prewritten for you. This type of ad still appears on the right side of Facebook Ads, as shown in the preview, and it appears in the News Feed where people can interact with the post itself right from the a.Advance Options Selecting this option allows you to have more flexibility in the bidding on your ad. If you select this option, you still have the same options of choosing to advertise your Page or a page post, and you will have to make those selections initially. The main difference here is in how you want to bid for your ad.
    26. 26. Remember, Relationship!• There should be a correlation between your landing page and your advertisement! You Advertisement communicates about what you have in Landing Pages to offer!• Don’t Miss Lead!
    27. 27. The Relationship is Clear between Advertisementand Landing Page of Makemytrip.com
    28. 28. How to Advertise? - Images Use branding in the imagesImages of people should be clear, face should be essential y portrayed and enlarged Use colors in your image that contrast with Facebook’s shades of blue Prefer horizontal images, than the vertical images. Prefer white background and sharp edges.
    29. 29. How to Advertise? - Content Ask Questions Reactive Titles For City Specific Targets / Events Don’t forget Call to ActionBe clear with your Give a compelling reason to click: access to promotions (deals, Ask people to LIKE yourmessage – what are you coupons, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways) brandoffering and why should auser care?
    30. 30. Some Good & Bad Indian Examples! Missing Call to Action Vertical Image
    31. 31. Using Power Editor to Manage Ads in BulkImage Source: Blogergosum
    32. 32. 8 Good & Exclusive Things About Power Editor
    33. 33. Customize Retargeting Allows Duplication Upload Bulk Ads fromusing email / phone of Ads Excel Choose From Type of AdvertCreate conversiontracking pixel Choose Your Ad Placement (Desktop, NewsFeed . Mobile)
    34. 34. Power Editor Value1. Allows Different Kinds of Advert2. Offers bulk uploads3. Create conversions Pixels4. Allows duplicating advertisements5. Can manage all your pages from one place6. Allows better placement of advertisements (Mobile devices and on News Feed)7. Allows Retargeting (Using email addresses you owe) - You can create your audience8. Allows you to go for Optimized CPMs
    35. 35. Integrate Conversion Pixels for Better OptimizationSource: Marketingtechblog
    36. 36. Learn About Bidding Options! How do you decide on Bidding Cost? -On the basis of Split Testing. -By running a trialCost Per Click (CPC)  You will be charged only when someone clicks the Advertisement . Suggested one for driving traffic to Landing Page or External URL.Cost Per Mille (1000 Impressions)  To achieve goals related to Facebook. Example: Facebook Likes (Get more Fans), Join Event, Play Game (Applications) etc.Optimized CPM: let Facebook optimize the delivery of your ads to reach any of the following goals: Clicks / Action / Social / Reach. You can also manually configure your objectives, bids and set a ‘Conversion Spec’ https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/ads-api/conversion-specs/
    37. 37. Whats Conversion Specs?Conversion specs allow advertisers using Optimized CPMto optimize ad delivery for specific actions and alsoinclude those actions in conversion reports. – Facebook • https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/ads- api/conversion-specs/
    38. 38. Split Testing Your Ad & Your Ad Budget Ad #2 Campaign #1 Ad #1 • Body of your ad • Photo in your ad • Headline of your ad (only for external URL) • Bidding model (CPM vs. CPC)List of Things that you may want • Sponsored Story vs. Regular Adto Split Test  • Costing
    39. 39. Evaluating Ad PerformanceActions: 2 LikesClicks: 3Reach: 2099Amount Spent: $0.27 (CPC – 0.10 US $)CTR: 0.088% (This differs)Cost Per Click: 0.09 US $Cost Per Fan: 0.13 US $ | Rs. 6.50 Per Fan
    40. 40. Reading Material/ Sources• Hubspot: Examples of Facebook Ads http://bit.ly/Lo8tqw• Hubspot: How to create Killer Facebook Ads (Downloadable PDF) http://bit.ly/wZoWPQ• Hubspot: Simple Step by Step process on Facebook Ads http://bit.ly/Kp3ncc• Social Media Examiner: How to use Facebook Ads, an introduction: http://bit.ly/IlpSez• Social Media Examiner: Make your ads effective: http://bit.ly/KqGSS2
    41. 41. Facebook Ads Success Case Studies Source: Facebook
    42. 42. Case Study 1 EMC Academic Alliance – Generating enquiries and enrollments using Facebook AdsFacebook Ads Results•Interests targeting was used to reach a selected •30X ROI on spend on Facebook Ads from salegroup of users of tickets•Users were targeted geographically based on •10,500 tickets sold directly using Facebook Adsthe cities in which the event was planned •35%of all ticket buyers were invited by a•Events were advertised to prospective fans Facebook friend to the eventwho could RSVP directly through the ad•Friends of connections targeting was used toreach friends of the fans of the Page.•Sponsored stories were used extensively togenerate new fans for the Page.
    43. 43. Facebook Ads Results•Invests in Sponsored stories in •30%of all student enrollment queriesconjuction with country and age originate from Facebook10% increase intargeting to reach friends of current fans. students enrollment400% increase in•Ads related to career opportunities are website traffic over the last yeartargeted to relevant students. •2X increase in enquiries from•Page post ads targeted to current fans universities/institutions to join theare used to boost specific posts program•Regular engagements. •1 million users on Facebook educated about EMC World, an annual IT conference, due to Page posts
    44. 44. INR 1.5 million/month generated from Facebook 150K+ users see content from the Page every day 1,500 stories are created by Page users each dayBuilt support base of 90K engaged fans that doubled contributionsin past 12 monthsGrew Page fans by 4000% in last 12monthsSales increased by 300% in the second year of operationsReceived 5.3 M viral impressions to Facebook Page during 2012Olympics 25% of online revenue comes from Facebook, with a very high degree of repeat purchases among Page fans 5X ROI on total advertising spend with Facebook 30%-40%of website traffic comes from Facebook
    45. 45. Queries?Post your queries on our Facebook Wall:http://www.facebook.com/echovme
    46. 46. Connect With Trainerwww.twitter.com/soravjainAccess Presentation Onwww.slideshare.net/soravjainEmail:Sorav@echovme.inPhone:9791134451LinkedIn:www.linkedin.com/in/soravjain