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Social mobile game discovery
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Social mobile game discovery



With 2 million applications on the market, social is dramatically changing the ways mobile games are being played and discovered. ...

With 2 million applications on the market, social is dramatically changing the ways mobile games are being played and discovered.

Scoreloop SDK and the BlackBerry Games app focus on social sharing, recommendations and discoverabiility of mobile games.



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  • William – My Modifications
  • Appstore just a shelves and a windowThat’s not all you do isn’t it?User acquisition: expensive
  • CPI, LTV… measuringIt doesn’t make sense to measure if no ways of getting people to come back. Is there something wrong with your game? Not necessarily… maybe people just forgot… they need someone to remind them.There are nearly 1 million apps available in the app store and 1 billion of them are being downloaded every month. This makes app discovery a lot more challenging for developers, perhaps an even tougher mountain to climb than creating the app itself.http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2169475/4-Ways-to-Help-Consumers-Discover-Your-Mobile-Apphttp://www.phonedog.com/2011/02/01/how-many-times-are-downloaded-applications-actually-being-used/http://www.localytics.com/blog/2012/app-user-loyalty-increasing-ios-beats-android/Retention suckshttp://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/05/ios-app-success-is-a-lottery-and-60-of-developers-dont-break-even/
  • Total active apps 850,000 (App store)700,000 (Google Play)100,000 (BlackBerry World)130,000 (Amazon Marketplace)
  • http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/04/08/apple-google-mobile-apps-canalys/
  • http://tag.microsoft.com/community/blog/t/embracing_mobile_social_gaming.aspxhttp://www.afjv.com/press1003/100326_etudes_joueurs_reseaux_sociaux.phphttp://img.analytica1st.com/analytica1st/
  • Social discoverabilityNot only about telling, but liking, ranking, rating, sharing, recommending, bragging, commenting…Sharing special moments
  • Key features of the Games application. A developer can get this by integrating Scoreloop SDK (key features: Leaderboard, achievements, challenges, virtual currency, gaming data storage…). An example “achievement” next

Social mobile game discovery Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 020 April 2013How to win fans and engage peopleSonja Ängeslevä – skangas@blackberry.comScoreloop team
  • 2. 120 April 2013• Scoreloop SDKs cross platform since 2008• Over 250M users across platforms• BlackBerry 10:• 4/10 Top Paid Games are social (April 4)• 5/10 Top Free Games are social (April 4)• Mobile social gamers 53% female (Flurry 2012)• Social means viral (free!) marketing• Mobile social gaming yearly growth rate 30%(Plunkett Research 2012)Prove it!BlackBerry®Z10smartphone
  • 3. 220 April 2013This is not marketing
  • 4. 320 April 2013Lazy users don’t open the apps1.2B mobile web users worldwideSmartphones 40% of allshipped handsets sinceFeb 20121 in 4 mobile appsonce downloaded,are never used againTotal appdownloads13.4 billionIn Q1 201360% of developersdo not break even1,5 millionapps onApp StoreandGoogle Play
  • 5. 420 April 2013Community push <3 CPI & LTV• Too many apps• Casual gamers do not follow games media• Developers are still learning about marketing:How to improve stickiness and retention• No word of mouth• Fan community push an opportunity
  • 6. 520 April 20130100200300400500600700800900A G m B WPHow to stand out?
  • 7. 620 April 201374% of revenues from App StoreApple App StoreGoogle Play, WindowsPhone Market, BlackBerryWorld26%74%
  • 8. 720 April 2013App Store is not the only way• Cross platform: gamers are notin any one market• Fragmented market• Few companies gain revenuesvs. wider range of developersmaking money• Easier to push to top 10BlackBerry®Z10smartphone
  • 9. 820 April 201335-44 (26%)26-34 (22%)18-25 (30%)13-17 (17%)55-65 (2%)45-54 (3%)Source: Flurry 2012, N=63.727Age group2% 3%26%22%30%17%How to tell how awesome your gameis?
  • 10. 920 April 2013Remember long tail?
  • 11. 1020 April 2013BlackBerry Games app in a nutshell• All games will be social & socialdiscovery is the key– Social sharing– Long tail discovery• Instant messaging and SNScommunities to share gamingmomentsBlackBerry®Z10smartphone
  • 12. 1120 April 2013 Connect with other BB10 gamers Find friends on BBM & chat on BBM Discover your friends’ games See friends gaming activities (startedplaying, achievements, challengesplayed, high scores…) Compare gaming skills with friends Download a game from the BlackBerryWorld and/or launch a game from theGames appKey features
  • 13. 1220 April 2013Timeline is valuable1. Be social (rank, chat, compare)2. Manage (play, manage your presence)3. Discover (activities, gaming moments)4. Share (activities)5. Possibility to highlight latest gaming moments6. Easy to connect, invite, recommend and chat
  • 14. 1320 April 2013Contact & download• I want to hear from you: skangas@blackberry.comScoreloop SDK:• https://developer.blackberry.com/native/documentation/bb10/com.qnx.doc.scoreloop.lib_ref/topic/overview.htmlThe Games application:• http://devblog.blackberry.com/2013/03/social-gaming/