Gold Oil Peru offshore z34_NAPE 2012
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Gold Oil Peru offshore z34_NAPE 2012






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Gold Oil Peru offshore z34_NAPE 2012 Gold Oil Peru offshore z34_NAPE 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Block Z34, Offshore PeruGold Oil is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company with assets in Colombia andPeru. The company was incorporated in 2004 and has operated in Peru since 2005Description: Large offshore block (370,000 Hectares), offshore Talara Basin Adjacent to the Talara oil fields (1.68 billion barrels produced), though targeting superior quality Pariñas formation reservoir The block is in water depths ranging from 100m to >2000m Gold Oil 100% working interest held in two wholly owned subsidiaries Despite proximity to nearby producing fields the block is undrilled to date Royalty minimum rate is 5% <5000bopd then a sliding scale of up to a maximum 20% royalty at >100,000 bopd, Corporation tax - 33%Current Licence Status: Acquired 2,013 km of 2D seismic in 2009; processed and interpreted Acquired over 808sq km marine 3D and additional 2D in July/August 2011 Erika North 3D seismic interpretation completed 3D areaThe Opportunity: Significant prospects defined on 3D seismic, with additional potential in 2D identified Attractive fiscal terms in an emerging region Material working interest and potential operatorship availableOffering: Gold Oil’s preference is for interested parties to earn a material interest in the Block by funding the 2012/2013 drilling programme (minimum 2 wells), including a competitive promote and paying a share of past costs. The level of promote will form the biddable component in the process. Erika South 3D area The ownership structure of Gold Oil in Block Z34 allows flexibility on deal structure (asset vs corporate)
  • Tectonic Elements  In Z34 the deltaic sequence is present in large fault blocks and anticlines  Greater displacement between the faulted blocks  Listric faults have facilitated collapse of the shelf area  Traps are predominantly fault bounded closures some of which have an element of independent dip-closure, and anticlinal roll-overs Northern Z34, Type Section Southern Z34, Type Section
  •  Unlimited oil charge assumed given the nearby presence of onshore oilfields and expectation of regional Cretaceous source rocks at depth with favourable migration pathways vertically and along faults.Charge  Oil charge considered to be beneath Z34 area, yet fields to the east appear to be full to spill – anticipate no constraint on oil charge  No evidence of gas mature source rocks in region  Target section for most prospects shallow or subcropping inshore  Similar age and type reservoir section expected for all prospects (except stratigraphic traps)Reservoir  Stong support for presence of reservoirs based on seismic facies  Reservoir sequence is younger than onshore fields, and likely to be texturally more mature  Likely facies equivalent to Pariñas Formation with a porosity typically 19-40%  Fault block closures are proven immediately to the east in the Talara oil fieldsTrap/Seal  Francesca is a tilted fault block in the north with rollover component  Cuy (B) has a four way dip closed element Seismic Data shows Juxtaposition of Reservoir / Seal Facies in Deltaic Sequences Beneath Prograding Deeper Marine Shales 4
  • Erika North 3D area Erika South 3D area 5
  •  Likely Cretaceous candidates of Muerto Northern oil and Redondo generative Drainage Cells Formations are near to kitchen Northern Prospects top Palaeozoic Examination of the total sedimentary thickness of the seabed to top Palaeozoic indicates that it is predominantly between 2700 and 4000m thick, which are the green and red contours on the attached maps Blue= Thicker These two contours are considered to be Red= Thinner indicative of the oil mature window, suggesting most of Block Z34 is in the oil Drainage Cells window at the present Southern day for the main Prospects Redondo Formation Type II oil prone source rock Southern oil generative kitchen
  • IL 1475 Fault closure at multiple levels in the Eocene Compartment of the 2D lead Pisco 400msecs of closure at green horizonPink horizonTWT MapContours 50msecs XL 2650 XL 2650 IL 1475 7
  •  Fault closure at multiple levels in the Eocene Pink horizon TWT Map Contours 50msecs I Arb Line 1 Arb Line 2 Arb Line 1 Arb Line 2 I I 8
  • Pink Horizon Dip and fault closure at multiple levels in the Eocene TWT 400msecs of closure at green horizon and 300msecs at pink Contours 50msec IL 1635 Green Horizon TWT Contours 50msecs salt salt 9
  • Stratigraphic Traps Of The Oligocene And Miocene?West EastWater depth 1300m Cross Line 10
  • 11