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  1. 1. Captain America: The First Avenger the film there is a good looking male lead, Chris Evan, this attracts a femaleLO3 audience, the producer would have targeted a female audience to generate aProducer and Audience wider audience and bringing in different demographics. There is also the use of Star theory, it is one of the key elementsWhatever genre a film is, it is important to the film’s success, the actor thatthat producers always target their appears in this film is well known to theaudience this is to be able to generate target audience due to his role is themore money, if a producer knows his/her Fantastic 4 films, he played Jonathan ‘theaudience they know how to make their human torch’, in the two Fantastic 4 filmsfilm, how to market it and make it which is a popular comic book just likesomething their audience wants to see. The Captain America the First Avenger film. Using this actor attracts the audienceCaptain America the First Avenger brings because of his appearance in these otherthe Marvel superhero to life, set during films. To be able to find out his audienceWorld War 2, it tells the story of a sick the producer would have had to conductman from Brooklyn who is transformed different types of research such asinto an undefeatable superhero, Captain primary, secondary, quantative andAmerica. qualitative. Looking into previousDirected by Joe Johnston, distributed by superhero films, Ironman and Thor forParamount Pictures and with a budget of example, as well as speaking to the$140 million the film was an expected hit. audience directly in some way.The movie was released on the 19th of July This film would have been marketed in2011 in cinemas with an audience that many different ways; this allows a wideconsisted of 64% mostly men and 25% audience to have a glimpse of thebeing over 25 years of age, this movie is upcoming movies, some examples ifaimed towards the fans of the comic marketing methods are TV Trailers,book, the producer, Kevin Feige, targeted internet websites and billboard posters.these fans in order to generate interest Trailers are a way of promoting films; theyand make it big at the box office. The are shown directly to viewers throughproducer was clever with this film, typical their TV. They are normally 2-3 minutes superhero movies all long and will show their audience a have the same type glimpse of the film to try and entice the of audience the public. Early footage of Captain America stereotypical male of was shown at San Diego comic con in a certain age, but this 2010, the director then stated that filming film is also aimed had begun. This link shows the Director towards women. In and cast members discussing the film.
  2. 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjO6J Youtube is a big way of promoting filmsyRMwrw and movies, most trailers of films are now on Youtube which means trailers areThe first television advert aired in America accessible onduring the super bowl, paramount paid $3 demand; moremillion to show a 30 second ad. Both of people will usethese gained more hype about the film Youtube andand bringing in not only the fans from view a film theycomic con but unsuspected fans during may have heardthe Super Bowl which is a huge sporting about. This movie was played beforeevent that is watched by over 111 million different video clips on Youtube. This is apeople. The first full TV advert wasn’t way of collecting new followers and fansreleased until May 2011. and creating a new audience from theThe Link below shows the offcial trailer for massive audience of Youtube users.the movie. In the cinema trailers are shown TV moviehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu8Zl goers so they are already aimed at theirv7ji1s audience, different genres of film trailers are shown at specific showings of film, forSocial networking sites such as Facebook example in a horror film that is classified are used to an 18 trailers that of upcoming horror promote films will be shown, this is so the film films; people trailer is shown to the target audience. who use Also at the cinema there are many these sites different film posters of upcoming movies, can post people are commonly queuing at a cinema their vows so people get the chance to look aton the latest film which will then grasp the different films that they maybe interestedattention of the countless people that in. This meant that Captain America wouldmay see this post. With sites such as have been shown at new movies beingFacebook the promotion is very clever it released at the cinema, as well as similarwill note down people statuses and things movies it was also shown to a differentthey have liked and use this information audience who might not have thoughtto advertise a film they might be about this film until seeing the trailer.interested in going off their information.Captain America had its own Facebook Movie posters and billboards will be seenpage in which fans could log into and look all over a couple of weeks before the filmat to see the latest pictures from onset of is released, normally in busy town centresthe movies and well as all the latest gossip and bus stops, everyone will see theseand movie clips. posters on a day to day basis especially if it’s on their route to work/school.
  3. 3. There were many different posters up at room for synergies, it gave an opportunitycertain points such as posters this meant for vertical integration. This means thateveryone would see this movie poster on the company was doubling their money,a certain route. they were profiting not only from the movie itself but from games, CD’s andSpecial websites can be found that are toys that came with the phenomenon.based on films, websites such as IMDBoffer a storyline as well as a full cast and Two films to compare when it comes tocrew list with different facts about the the producer and audience two films thatmovie. There are also different review sites that can be searched to look at a film to seeother people opinion of the film. CaptainAmerica features on both IMDB andEmpire which is a website and magazinethat reviews films as well as interviews were both released in 2011 are The Thingwith the cast and crew. directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr and 50/50 directed by Jonathan Levine.Word of mouth is a clever way of Statistics show that The Thing should havemarketing, people will watch a film or see been huge success at the box office; it wasthe trailer and will then talk about it to distributed by Universal Pictures and hadtheir friends who could then pass it on to a budget of $35 million, in theory this filmothers, it a free way of the film company should have been a major hit but it wasn’tmarketing their film. Everyone was talking very successful compared to the movieabout this upcoming film, most people 50/50 which was distributed by thehad seen the trailer but for those who independent company Lionsgate and withhadn’t they had people telling them about a budget of only $8 million. In its firstit, whether it was through a trailer, online week 50/50 came in at number 6 at theor on the radio people were hearing about box office whereas The Thing made it toit. number 5 in its first weekend, there are Synergies are anything that is different factors to take into consideration related to the film that can be when looking at these two films in their sold separately such as toys, opening weekend. The Thing was shown CD’s, games and clothing. in 304 cinemas and took in £485,534,These also make more money but also 50/50 was shown in 228 cinemas and tookadvertise the film at the same time. in 410,251, this is only a smallBecause this movie was based around a difference and clearly showssuperhero it meant that there was a lot of the popularity of the film
  4. 4. 50/50 due to the number of cinemas both can relate to the character and still find itfilms were shown in. To date the movie enjoyable and humorous to watch.50/50 has taken £967,388 and The Thinghas taken £485,534, this means that thesmall film has been much more successfulthan the anticipatedHollywood film TheThing. One of themain reasons for thisis star theory; thismeans that a personwill choose to watch afilm because of acertain actor/actress. The bigger theactor, the more successful the film. SethRogan who appears in the film 50/50 hasbecome a big Hollywood name over the past years, he comical characters attract his audience which rangefrom teens to late 30’s, appearing in filmssuch as Superbad and pineapple expresshas helped in create his fan base. TheThing has no big, well known actorsappearing in the film which doesn’t attractthe attention of film goers, leadingviewers to want to watch a film with somethey know and have the guarantee ofknowing they will enjoy the film.Seth Rogan is seen as significant to histarget audience, he is known for playing adrop out character, his comedy and‘stoner’ personality is relatable to histarget audience especially young adultswho feel like they are or want to be partof Seth Rogan’s life on screen. This isknown as reception theory; the audience