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Film annotations

  1. 1. Film annotations Sophie Allen
  2. 2. Layout etc and how it teases the audience. The camera is at a medium shot of theThe model is positioned to look away from the protagonist of the film at eye level, thiscamera which suggests mystery as the audience puts the reader on the same level as thewill wonder what the model is looking at. She protagonist, suggesting that thealso has her wavy hair out of her face and tied protagonist is just as vulnerable as theto one side in a plait, this suggests that she is a audience about the film; it is also atplain and simple girl, who gives little of what this kind of shot to make it moreher hair looks like. Her face is expressionless intense.yet serious, her wide eyes suggest that she iswatching or waiting for something. The model The colours are simple: black, gold, orangeis given pale flawless skin which targets the and the skin colour of the model. Thesemale eye of the audience who will be seeking lack of colours suggest the seriousness andbeautiful women. Her clothes are black with grim atmosphere of the film.slight orange tinge on the inside of her zip. The Black connotes mystery and death – whichblack further supports the idea of mystery and are the two main themes throughout thedeath whereas the orange supports the title film. Gold and orange are the main colourswhich suggests that she is heavily involved of the film title which gives the audiencewith the plot. some form of recognition with the film; they also suggest richness and energy asThe font of the words are well as danger as the orange here is usedall capital letters and near for fire. The rest of the colours are theabout the same size which natural colours of the model, whichsuggests that they are all suggests purity as well as important as each other. The lighting of the poster has bright light The layout of the film poster is very coming in from the right side of the poster in simple, with the model dominating the the last third. The light suggests goodness and entire page, and there are no distractions draws the model in, however due to the on the poster other than the writing. This models serious face; the light may also be ensures the audience complete concern used as a trick to hide badness. If this theory with this character as they will wonder is true then it also makes the model dominant why she is so important. as she looks brave enough to face anything. The text does not rule the page, nor are The darkness behind the model suggests that they shoved in a corner; they are at eye the model is trying to escape darkness or bad level with the model which suggests things. Also the fact that the light is in front of some form of equality. the model may also suggest that her journey will soon come to a good end.
  3. 3. Teasing the audience and uses andgratifications How it teases the audience As said in the layout text box in the film, because there is only the model in the film poster, it suggests that there is nothing else the audience need to focus on that the character is the main factor of the film and nothing else is needed to draw the audience in. Since the name of the protagonist is above the title and release date of the film it suggests that it is her story of the film, this draws them in as it further excites the audience to know why she is so important. Also the fact that the model is looking towards the light with a serious expression makes the audience wonder what is in the light and make s the audience wonder what kind of troubles she must face in that light. Uses and Gratifications This appeals to the audience as the film is based on a series of books and so the readers will automatically go and see it, also because of the cast and company that made it, the audience that follows star theory will also watch it.
  4. 4. Layout etc. The camera is at long shot at eye level. This allows the audience to see the four main characters as well as theirThree of the four characters are surroundings. The eye level is to suggestdirectly at the audience, this draws equality between the audience and thethe audience in as it makes the characters, and the characters are just asaudience feel important because the powerful as the audience with how thecharacters are looking at them. Two story unfolds.of the characters are smiling with theeyebrows drawn together, thissuggests that they are either The main colours are green, gold and white.mischievous or they are the two Green suggests goodness and naturalfunny characters in the film. The qualities, which suggest that good willother character behind the two triumph over evil. The gold suggestshumans, the horse, is looking off to richness and luxury, the fact that the onlythe right whilst holding a sword in his female character in the poster has goldmouth. This may suggest that the suggests that she has both richness andhorse is dangerous but also protective luxury or she will soon get it. The whiteof the other characters or the female suggests purity and cleanliness as well asas the other character – even though standing out against the green. The otherhe is facing the camera – his body is colours are natural dark colours such asfacing away and his frying pan is brown and black which are used to standraised and at the ready, this raises the out against the other colours as well as tostereotype of men helping and saving suggest goodness; this could mean that thethe damsel. The female is directly in characters behind the female are going tothe middle and gives direct full help her in the film. The female character isaddress to the audience, this suggests wearing a pink and purple dress whichthat she is the main character and the suggests that she is living up to her femaleplot revolves around her. role of being vulnerable but the purple also suggests royalty which may foreshadow her future in the film.The layout of the poster has all threecharacters in the middle which makesthem important to the plot, also thefact that the poster is taken place The lighting of the film is bright with the only shadow in the poster isoutside may indicate that that is naturally under the characters but also on the cliffs behind the tower;where most of the film is or it may where the protagonist’s story begins. This suggests that surroundingsindicate natural values in the film. with light are good and the tower is in darkness because it’s evil.
  5. 5. Teasing the audience and usesand gratifications. How it teases the audience Though it’s a children’s film, because there is no villain lurking in the corner smiling evilly at the three characters, it makes the audience wonder what will happen in the film, or wonder why they should watch it. Also, instead of a release date it reads: ‘in 3D only’ which suggests it’s got good graphics and will appeal to the younger audience. gratifications Uses and Because it was made by Disney the audience trusts it because they know it will be good regardless of who is staring in it etc.
  6. 6. Layout etc. The camera is at a long shot of the protagonist of the film at eye The model is facing the left, away from level, this puts the reader on the the bones which suggests that she is same level as the protagonist, trying to turn away from what she or suggesting that the protagonist is someone else has done, this may either just as vulnerable as the audience suggest that she is innocence or about the film; it is also at this seductive, both of these theories are kind of shot to make it more supported to her facing the audiences but intense. her eyes are turned the other way which could either suggest that she can’t face anyone or she is searching for next prey. Her hair is long and draped over her The main colours of the film are obviously naked body which is there to blue and two shades of orange. attract the male audience. The model may The blue is continuing the films also appear to be dangerous as the ship theme of the sea and adventure as seems to be going away from her. well as to encourage the concept of natural surroundings. The different shades of orangeThe layout of the poster may remind audiences suggest energy as well asof the little mermaid in which the mermaid somewhat danger as the orange onwas sitting on a rock with water around her the ship suggests fire and deathand a ship was close by, in which case this due to the black smoke.poster would be in contrast with that poster as The other colours are the darkthe ship seems to be going away rather than colours at the bottom of the postercoming towards the mermaid and the mermaid which gives a contrast to the otherdoesn’t look happy but rather expressionless. colours but also suggests dangerThe mermaid is in the middle of the poster and and perhaps death as the coloursthe first left, she seems to dominate the title of are black.the film as it looks as if she is actually sittingon it The lighting on the poster is bright and may convey some kind of natural theme as the image is during the day.
  7. 7. Teasing the audience and uses andgratifications. How it teases the audience It would manly appeal to the male audience because of the sex appeal however it may also appear tot he female side for the mystery of the poster, and for example the audience may wonder what the model is looking at. Uses and gratifications This appeals to the audience because it is part of a famous series and because the audience knows famous actors like Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz are going to be in it, which further develops the star theory.