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Evaluation powerpoint

  1. 1. Question 2- how effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Coherence- black and white ● Black and white effects have been used on both our main product and also the ancillary texts, as it creates a distinctive house style and also continuity between the music video and the print work. These things create visual themes, as audiences will expect to see these technique in later products from the artist, creating anchorange and stardom, according to Dyer.
  3. 3. Coherence- lighting ● There is also very similar lighting on the main product and ancillary texts, which again highlight that they are one brand and make them recognisable. The lighting in the video goes from extremely high key to low key when it comes to tragic memories, and exactly the same approach has been taken with my digipak, as pictures of the artist are brightly lit whereas pictures of the 'missing' child are pitch black with dim lighting around her silhouette.
  4. 4. Mise en Scene ● The costumes used in both ancillary and main products were exactly the same, giving direct continuity between the two. The mise en scene used was causal and fatherly for the artist, which gave a direct link to the narrative of the video and amplified the message of a realistic and doting parent. The girl wears winter clothing, which is a typical representation of a child in cold weather but also puts the minds of actual parents at rest when they consider the welfare of the girl when she is lost, so audiences were also considered.
  5. 5. Font- type and size ● The fonts used in my digipak were 'Backspacer Tribute to Pearl Jam' and 'Cash Currency'. I decided to use these fonts as the first one gave a very archaic typewriter feel, which I saw as original and redundant to the quirky and alternative genre. 'Cash Currency' was selected as I felt it had Western connotations, which gave continuity to the main product as cowboy boots are visible on our main artist.
  6. 6. Font continued ● The font size on my print advert was 60 for Backspacer Tribute to Pearl Jam and 55 for Cash Currency, and on my Digipak the first font mentioned was size 35 and Cash Currency was the same, meaning that there was a barely noticeable difference between products and a very obvious brand identity that could be recognised by anyone.
  7. 7. Audience Feedback ● In my feedback, I asked whether 'black and white and sepia were effective/connoted the genre' and was assured that they gave a retro and alternative feel that could easily be linked back to the video. I also asked whether the relationship between the girl and artist was clear to which my audience replied that the white hue around her in the darkness connotes she is very important to him, which would again highlight the continuity from the main product.
  8. 8. Black and white- reading ● Complying with Raymond Williams' theory of preferred, negotiated and oppositional readings, I feel the preferred reading for repeatedly using black and white would be that it has deep and meaningful connotations and is being used to reflect a memory. Complying with Goodwin, the black and white throughout every product amplifies that the grieving and loss felt by the father (artist) goes further than the video.
  9. 9. Posture ● I feel there is coherence between the posture of the artist in the main and ancillary products as his poise is determined, connoting that he would do anything in this world to find his daughter again. In the print advert, his intense gaze at the public would appeal to audiences due to the direct address, which is also what he does frequently in the video through the use of close ups.