Evaluation Question 4


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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, and planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. I have learnt a lot about the media technologies I have used in the process of creating my media package (film trailer, magazine front cover, film poster). They have played a vital role in my research, planning, construction and evaluation and without them my project would not be successful. I have used the following software simultaneously:
  3. 3. I have had past experience with Blogger, already having a blog myself and using it during my AS coursework, however by constructing my film trailer media project, I have learnt new skills and have discovered new tools. Blogger is very useful as it enables a person to build a blog page within minutes and showcase their work to the world. It was the perfect platform to display my project timeline/journey. Blogger has been extremely useful to me in showcasing my research, planning, construction and evaluation of my media products. It has enabled me to upload videos, images, slideshows, prezis easily and effectively and write about each process that has gone into creating my media package which includes a film trailer, film magazine cover and a film poster.
  4. 4. Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator helped me create a star circle icon for my magazine front cover. I drew a circle on Illustrator and put lines at 45 degree intervals then created a star with the shape tool. I then duplicated the stars and placed them at 45 degree positions around the circle and ended up with the finished icon. By using Adobe Illustrator I have learnt many skills and it has been a great benefit in the construction of my film magazine cover and my film poster. Being able to use this software has enabled me to achieve my original flat plans to a creatively professional level. To create the stars to support the critic comments on my film poster I used the shape tool in Adobe Illustrator, I then duplicated the first star 3 times and spaced them out appropriately.
  5. 5. Photoshop CS 4 Photoshop has improved my product greatly, and I believe it was the perfect software to create my magazine front cover, film poster and collages/mood boards I created in my research process. I used Photoshop more in the construction part of the project; I used a wide range of creative tools, including; enhanced image editing tools, the move, pen and text tool, duplication, changing opacity and use of the effects palette. Adobe Photoshop has been extremely useful in the construction elements of my project. It has helped me generate and make a professional reality of what I sketched out in my flat plans for my magazine and film poster and as a result has allowed me to work effectively.
  6. 6. DaFont.com I came across DaFont.com when I started researching into fonts I wanted to use in my media products. The website has also contributed to the construction of my work as it has helped my print products, in particular, sport professional fonts that suit my genre and as a result create realistic products that draw in my target audience. For example the expert credit font was available on DaFont.com and this helped my film poster look professional.
  7. 7. Final Cut Express The innovative software has also greatly improved my planning and evaluation, for example, I used this software to produce my Animatic during the planning stages. By adding video it has made my blog timeline more visual and exciting and the Animatic helped me plan my shot durations and correct soundtrack choice. I have also used higher end Final Cut skills in my evaluation number 1 to create my response. Overall proficient software Final Cut Express has allowed me to achieve above and beyond my plans for my trailer. Final Cut Express has been invaluable to me during the course of my project, especially in my trailer construction stages. It enabled me to create a professional trailer and animated logo as it is actual industry technology. The use of Final Cut was mainly spent on the construction, I believe I can now use it more effectively through the lengthy time I spent editing my trailer. I am now aware of how to satisfy the drama genre through the use of video transitions and particular shots. Final Cut Express has allowed me to make effective use of a comprehensive set of editing options, for example I’ve used the select tool, the select track forward tool, the razor blade tool, and a range of the dissolve effects (cross dissolve, dip to colour dissolve, fade in fade out dissolve), rendering, filters to brighten shots, adding text and colour blocks.
  8. 8. iMacs and Scanner The Apple Mac has been the most essential piece of technology as I have used it throughout the project and it has allowed me to create my final products and update my blog timeline using Photoshop, Blogger, Final Cut Express, Powerpoint and Adobe Illustrator. And more importantly has given me access to the internet which has assisted me in my research. I have really enjoyed using the computer and all the software available on it. I used to scanner in all sections of my project; to scan my flat plans, storyboard, planning documents and audience feedback comments onto the Mac and then insert into my blog. This made my production more efficient and creative.
  9. 9. I have used cloud-based presentation software Prezi throughout my project, especially in the research, planning and evaluation stages, in particular in the research stage. The program has allowed me to present my project in an innovative, creative way. Prezi is a virtual canvas which presents information professionally, it was really helpful when researching, planning and evaluating as it permits me to showcase my ideas and thoughts regularly and effectively. It allows you to go into great depth and allows you to add videos, photos and links making it a superb method for constructing media ideas and plans. I have created 7 Prezi’s throughout my project; Research Evaluation Planning/Construction
  10. 10. Slideshare has allowed me to upload my Powerpoints onto my Blog successfully. It is a great tool which displays my presentations in a professional, easy to read manner. I have used it in my research, creating a Powerpoint conversion for my secondary audience research. I have also used Slideshare for this evaluation. Slideshare also adds variation to how I present my thoughts and ideas.
  11. 11. Powerpoint Powerpoint has been an excellent tool in enabling me to present some of my research and this evaluation question in an alternative way rather than just writing a regular blog post; it ensures I use a range of media software to display my work. Powerpoint is a great, effective creative tool which has allowed me to go into vast detail whilst also allowing me to be innovative and imaginative.
  12. 12. Google has been an invaluable tool in all aspects of my project, research, planning, construction and evaluation. It has allowed me to search for useful information suitable for my project and the drama genre, it has allowed me to search for images from professional institutions and texts to compare my ideas and final products with and as a result has allowed me to develop my initial ideas to create more professional looking products that suit my target audience.
  13. 13. You Tube has been extremely valuable to me during the whole course of my project. It has allowed me to upload videos of my project reflections; me discussing my ideas and thoughts as well as talking about my progress. I have also uploaded my audience feedback focus group videos which I have used for research and planning. Moreover I uploaded my film trailer and animated logo in my construction stages. I used YouTube right at the beginning of the project, during the research stages when I was looking at professional trailers of a similar genre to ensure I followed the forms and conventions in my own film trailer. Also through YouTube I found out how to create a fake bruise with makeup which was really useful. YouTube is a useful and effective tool for displaying videos and therefore has allowed me to achieve my plans for my media project.
  14. 14. Grab The Grab tool on the Apple Mac Computers has benefitted me throughout my project as it has allowed me to take effective regular screen shots of my work as it progresses. I have used this tool throughout my project; In the research and planning stages I used the grab tool to showcase how I experimented with keyframe animations in order to create my final animated logo. In my construction stages I used the grab tool extensively when taking progressive screen shots to showcase the production of my print products and trailer. Magazine Cover Film Poster
  15. 15. SLR Cameras The SLR Cameras have been vital to my project as they have enabled me to document the majority of my planning, for example taking photos of my actors in costume, taking photos for the recce and risk assessment , and on set production images. Moreover I captured my final images for both print products on this camera and it has ensured that my photos look professional and as a result of this it has ensured that my print products are also to a professional standard. I have furthered my knowledge of how to operate the college cameras more effectively; learning more about shutter speeds, and developing my general skills using the camera. They have been very useful in capturing the perfect shot I needed for my print media products (poster and magazine cover).
  16. 16. Tripod The use of a tripod let me ensure that the construction of my trailer went successfully, as it made sure my shots were steady and framed exactly how I wanted them. Moreover it allowed me to use the panning technique which is present in my trailer. Overall it made sure that my final trailer looked professional. Here is a shot of me on set using the tripod:
  17. 17. Canon Video Camera Without a video camera the production/construction of my trailer would have been literally non existent. The camera has allowed me to take my initial ideas from my planning stages and create them in order to create a successful and professional drama trailer. And above all it has allowed me to achieve my plans for my media product.
  18. 18. Canon Legria I have used a Canon Legria HD Camera to produce videos of my focus group for my audience feedback and my project reflection videos. It has benefitted my media project as the video footage makes my project more visual, real and interesting. Moreover it presents my findings more creatively and effectively.
  19. 19. How well did I made use of these new media technologies? In conclusion this project has definitely helped me improve my skills in all of the media technologies I have used. The use of these new technologies meant producing products was quick and effective to do and enabled me to display my work using interactive and creative methods. I feel I am now much more skilled, in particular in Photoshop and Final Cut Express, however I have more to learn. I think I used most media technologies to the maximum potential I am capable of, especially Prezi and all the different variety of cameras I used. The technologies made the processes during my project more fun and interactive and without them I wouldn't have been able to make my media package to the high standard that I did. On reflection I could have perhaps used Dafont.com more in parallel with Photoshop to create even more creative, varied and professional print products. And I could have experimented with more of the effects in Final Cut Express, for example I could used the text scroll option for the credits to improve my trailer further. Moreover I would have liked to use Final Cut Express more during my evaluation questions as it is a great way of displaying thoughts and conclusions and really interacts with the viewer more than a block of text does, however I didn’t feel as though I had enough time to create a video for more than one question.