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Evaluation q 6

  1. 1. What I have learnt about technologies from the process of constructing my product? I have learnt a lot about the technologies I have used in the process of constructing my media product, I have used the following software simultaneously: Sophie Stratford
  2. 2. I have had past experience with Blogger, already having a blog myself, however by constructing my magazine products I have learnt new skills and have discovered new tools. Blogger is very useful as it enables a person to build a blog page within minutes and showcase their work to the world. It was the perfect platform to display my timeline. Blogger has been extremely useful to me in showcasing my research, planning and evaluation of my media products. It has enabled me to upload videos, images and write about each process that has gone into creating my media product. Sophie Stratford
  3. 3. InDesign has given me some great benefits, including; a wide range of creative and productive tools, Preflighting and enhanced production tools which sped up my process and installed fonts effectively and robust text composition which has helped me create exciting, sophisticated text with professional typography features including styles and text wrap. These tools have all helped me to create my final product (Contents Page and DPS). Using Adobe In Design I have learnt many skills and it has been a great benefit in the creation of my media product. It has helped me to construct and bring to life my whole Contents page and Double Page Spread effectively . I mostly used the text, paintbrush and eyedropper tools. And In addition the rectangle and polygon frame tool and place tool for images. Sophie Stratford
  4. 4. I have picked up many new skills from Adobe Photoshop that have all gone into creating my media product. Photoshop has been a brilliant tool for my product and has helped me generate and make a reality of what I sketched out in my front cover flat plan. Sophie Stratford Photoshop CS 4 has improved my product greatly, and I believe it was the perfect software to create my front cover and evaluation mood board. I used a wide range of creative tools, enhanced image editing tools, the adjusting panel and auto-blending of images to create my front cover product. I largely used the text tool, rectangle tool, ellipsis shape, the rasterize and distort tools and the use of many layers.
  5. 5. Final Cut Express 4 I used Final Cut Express to create my evaluation video and edit other videos I created whilst completing my research and planning. It has been a brilliant tool in editing video footage and creating a video from photos, music and text. The innovative software has greatly improved my research and planning; by adding video it has made my product more visual and exciting. Final Cut Express 4 has allowed me to easily drag-and-drop clips, images and music into the Timeline, mix different video formats and make effective use of a comprehensive set of editing options.
  6. 6. The Apple Mac has been the most essential piece of technology as it has allowed me to create my final products using InDesign, Blogger, Final Cut Express and Photoshop. I have really enjoyed using the computer and all the software available on it. I used to scanner to scan my flat plans onto my Mac and then insert into my blog. This made my production more efficient. Sophie Stratford
  7. 7. I have learnt how to operate the college cameras effectively; learning about shutter speeds, and developing my skills using the camera. They have been very useful in capturing the perfect shot I needed for my media product. I also learnt how to make use of the college’s studio effectively, I used the studio for my front cover shoot as I needed high key lighting. Sophie Stratford I have used a Canon Legria HD Camera to produce videos of my focus group and audience feedback. It has benefitted my media project as the video footage makes my project more visual, real and interesting.