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Production Diary

  1. 1. PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK(Including Possible ContingencyPlans If Problems Anticipated)September 2012(Detailed MonthlySummary)This month was the first stage of theproduction process, I was assigned mygroup. At first I was in a group withSophie Ounsworth and Emily Shepherdhowever due to a timetable change I hadto change groups and was working withSara McGranaghan, Devon Newton andEdward Guy. The group then split againdue to a disagreement in the genre ofmusic video we wanted to do. This leftme and Sara working alone as a two,until Abbey Moss started on the courseand joined our group. We knew that wewanted to do a music video but wereunsure what type of music video wewanted to do.Now I have settled into a groupnext month I aim to complete myancillary research and constructionof both Ancillary 1 and 2. Also Ihope to look at other music videosto research ideas from them.October 2012(Detailed MonthlySummary)I started to look into research into myAncillary Projects, I looked at CD coversby Allister, Paramore and Taking BackSunday and then composed my own CDdisk that represented the conventions ofa music CD disc. Similarly, I looked intoresearch of music posters, I looked atone by Madonna, Wretch 32 and Pitbulland then Similarly created my ownposter due to the conventions I foundthat all of the poster held.Considering I set myself the targetlast month of ‘complete myancillary research and constructionof both Ancillary 1 and 2. Also Ihope to look at other music videosto research ideas from them’. Thismeant that I should assign myselfnext month to Market Research asI didn’t get to start it this month.November 2012(Detailed MonthlySummary)This month we received some bad newsas a group that Sara was no longercontinuing with the course and thereforethe music video was now just mine andAbbey’s.Me and Abbey got a lot of research doneinto what people wanted to see, wecreated a questionnaire and handed itout to people to see what people wantedto see in a music video similarly. Wecreated an ideas mind map to discuss allof the thoughts that we had and seewhat we think would work and not work.We did this so that all of the choices thatwe made were agreed between us bothand we weren’t just making one personsidea of the perfect music video andignoring the other persons perspective.I looked into other music videos andanalysed the conventions they used, Ilooked at Beyonce, Radiohead and LittleWe need to continue our mainproduct research next month andhopefully decide on a song for ourmusic video, a genre to look at andcreate market research aboutwhat people want in a music videoto help us with our music videos.
  2. 2. Mix. However we decided that due tothe majority of our market researchsaying they preferred Rock video’s thatwe would do a rock video.December 2012(Detailed MonthlySummary)At the beginning of December we startedto plan our music video, we chose thesong ‘Rockstar’ by Nickelback due to thefeedback that we received saying thatthe majority of people wanted arock/pop music video.We need to generate a mind mapof ideas that we have as a group tomake sure that we are on thesame lines with what we want todo for our music video.Mon W/B07/01/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)This week I finished off our initial mindmap and analysed the results that I gotfrom our idea generations as a group.We decided that we didn’t want to makea conventional music video and wantedto go against the conventions by usingdifferent characters, locations, notobeying a certain dress code and usingpersonal props chosen by the characters.I’d like to have all of thestoryboard and script finished nextweek so that I can start filming theweek after.Mon W/B14/01/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)This week I focused on creating a scriptand a storyboard for our music video,this was very time consuming and meantthat I was running behind the date Iwanted to start filming by a week.Due to me not completing thetarget I set myself for this week Iam keeping the same target fornext week.I want to have the storyboard andscript finished next week so that Ican start filming the week after.Mon W/B21/01/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)This week I carried on and finished mystoryboard and script ready for filmingnext week.Next week I want to hire a camerafrom college to get used to thesoftware and the editing softwarewhilst we aren’t rushing with ouractual footage.Mon W/B28/01/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)We started filming our music video thisweek. We have filmed a few clips incollege to get used to the technology andget an idea of how the software works.We have six clips at the moment and thisis a good starting base for the editingprocess.Next week we need to film somemore shots and get everythingready for the filming in the half-term as this is the time I hope toget all of the filming done.Mon W/B04/02/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)We used our time this week in college toprepare getting everything ready for halfterm. We made sure that we had a clearplan for the week ahead and had someoriginal footage. We decided where wewanted each shot to be filmed ideallyand aimed to stick to this in the nextweek.Next week is half-term we need tohire out the camera and go outand get a variety of people to filmfor our music video, possibly inManchester City Centre.I aim to have at least 70% of thefootage filmed in this next week.Mon W/B11/02/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)Filming in the week was harder than weboth originally planned, we set a full dayaside to film in Manchester City Centre,however we found that people weren’tvery interested in being part of our musicWhen we get back to college weneed to upload all of the footagethat we have onto Premier Pro andlook at the footage that we gotseparately.
  3. 3. video, we left Manchester City Centrewith only five usable footage pieces.We met up for a second day in theholidays to film more clips. This day wassuccessful however we only had limitedcharacters to be filmed this day.Separately both of us tried to get footagefor the music video, I have took the videocamera and Abbey will be filming on heriPhone. I got three more people to usefor the music video.Syncing the lips of the music willtake up a lot of the lesson whenwe get back and therefore shouldfocus our time directly on this.Mon W/B18/02/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)When we got back to college we foundthat the lip syncing part of editing was alot harder and more time consumingthan we had both originally thought itwould be, this meant that we have takenup four hours just syncing the footagethat we already have.Similarly, we found that the footage wehad got separately also clashed and tookover what we had filmed, meaning thatwe had filmed the same lines.We need to split the scripteffectively so that we aren’t bothfilming the same lines andtherefore keeping us in a viciouscircle of not having enoughfootage. Similarly, I think maybewe should be in charge of editingthe footage that we filmed and justasking the other member forconfirmation as tweaking andworking together on the editing isusing valuable time that we needfor filming.I’m hiring the camera again fornext week so that I can try andfinish all of the filming.Mon W/B25/02/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)I hired the camera for the first half of theweek and managed to get eight morepeople to star in our music video. Thetask of getting people to appear in ourmusic video was proving harder than weoriginally planned this meant that wewere totally behind schedule for howmuch footage we had, similarly a lot ofthe footage that we have doesn’t fit withthe song and when it’s slowed down stilldoesn’t look neat enough to keep as partof the finished product which meant thatwe still are missing a lot of footage.Next week I think we should aim toget more footage if possible andstart to edit more of the footagethat we have, we need to start tomake sure that we have a basicoutline of what we still need tofilm.Mon W/B04/03/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)This week wasn’t as productive as Iwould have liked, me and Abbey bothtried to edit different sections of themusic video however again we weregetting in each other’s way and thereforenot getting much progress done, thismeant that the stress that we weregetting behind schedule was hittinghome and I was losing focus on the task.I need to set myself clear, smalland more achievable targets tocomplete the work. I need to workon my music video more out oflesson time as with two peopletrying to work on it in lesson itbecomes stressful.I need to make sure that all of thefilming is finished.Mon W/B11/03/13(Detailed WeeklyI started the week by making a day today plan of everything I needed to do soNext week we NEED to start to editideally due to the technical
  4. 4. Summary) that it was more achievable. I set twodays aside to film some more footageand got another bulk. We now haveabout 50% of perfect footage and a lot ofaverage and spare footage complete thishas meant that our music video is finallystarting to flow.This week we faced a lot of technicalproblems with the computers at collegewhich meant that we were out of workfor two days due to the computer notstopping crashing. This put me back afew steps on my personal week planner.problems we have faced we arenow behind the original plan ofaction. If we are still encounteringproblems I think that we shouldfilm next week until we are able toedit effectively again. This meansthat we may be behind with theediting but at least we should havecompleted all of the necessaryfilmingMon W/B18/03/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)This week we still had problems with thecomputers this meant that I used myplan B and filmed more footage over thisweek whilst Abbey decided that shewould try to edit footage, this was a timeconsuming task and meant that shedidn’t get much work done. Wecomplained again about the software onthe computer we was using and ourtutor decided that he would find usanother computer to move to next week.Hopefully next week we will be ona new computer where the editingsoftware works properly if this iseffective hopefully we will have allof the footage ready to edit and beable to get more editing done.Mon W/B01/04/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)We moved rooms this week due to thetechnical problems over the last twoweeks, we lost about seven clips whichwas quite a large part of our music videoconsidering we didn’t have all of thefootage edited and uploaded properlyoriginally.Next week I aim to complete all ofthe filming. Ideally I don’t want tobe filming after next week again,this is mainly due to the fact thatfilming is time consuming and theediting is more important. SimilarlyI want to have all of the footageuploaded onto Premier and placedin the correct order.Mon W/B08/04/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)All the filming was done this week thatwasn’t completed Abbey said that shewas getting more footage however wasabsent from the process for a week andtherefore meant that we were againbehind time for the collection of footage,finally at the end of the week I had atleast one clip for every line of the musicvideo, this did mean that a few lines thatwere repeated had a repeated clip but atleast it created a complete music video.This was all uploaded and lip-synced untilI could work on it next week moredetailed.Finish last minute filming thatneeds changing, complete musicvideo edit to a completed andappropriate first draft standard.Upload the music video ontoYoutube and create a focus groupabout the audience feedback fromthe music video.Complete any outstanding tasks onthe blog.Mon W/B15/04/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)This was originally the deadline weekand therefore I have been in collegeevery day from 9 until 6 trying tocomplete incomplete tasks however I stillRedo ancillary 1 and 2 using stillimages from my music video.Complete pieces off the blog thatare missing.
  5. 5. have a lot of editing that needs to bedone if I want it to be perfect. Thefilming is all done now except twosections where I haven’t taken intoaccount the instrumental three secondsbefore a line and therefore I have a blackspace that I need to re-film some footageso that it is perfect similarly the line ‘Geta front door key to the Playboy Mansion’still needs to be filmed.Upload any necessary work ontoBlogger.Complete a second draft of mymusic video, changing editing onthe final part of the music video.Film the line ‘Get a front door keyto the playboy mansion’.Mon W/B22/04/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)I have filmed the final sections of myfootage and sorted my editing out forthe whole music video. I have redone myancillary’s this week and they linkperfectly to the main piece as it usesfootage from the music video to createsynergy between the products.I have completed question one and fourof my evaluation this week and receiveda lot of feedback from my audienceresearch that I can use for myquestionnaire. The focus group wasworthwhile and has shown me otherpeoples outlook on what could beimproved.Get all work completed. Checkblog and complete any outgoingwork for deadline.Mon W/B29/04/13(Detailed WeeklySummary)I checked my blog. Rearranged titles andlabels to make sure that the layout wasneat and professional and I submittedmy work.Final deadline day.PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK(Including Possible ContingencyPlans)