Evaluation Question Two


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Evaluation Question Two

  1. 1. Question 2 – How effective isthe combination of your main PRODUCT and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Q2 Question 2 – How effective is the combination of your main PRODUCT and ancillary texts? MASTHEAD: The Evaluating a “trashy” masthead is over- Television Guide sized and large and magazine: TV EASY is to the far left corner of the page. Price in the style of a sticker: “peel off” effectDate of magazine – also used with several colours in order to standLarge font in capital outletter so that it standsout to the person Tabs listing everyreading the magazine day in the– Colours clash in week, Mon-Sun inorder to stand out order to allow the(red and yellow) reader to flick to a certain day through the thumbnail Anchoring Other soap features on cover of the magazine being referred to as characters name’s such as “Joe” in Corrie Magazine Website link
  3. 3. Q2 Question 2 – How effective is the combination of your main PRODUCT and ancillary texts? Giving the magazine a good name by Magazine is a “free” highlighting that it is magazine as apart of News popular Of the world: Website listed at the top as well as “news MASTHEAD: italic font of the world” and masthead is hidden behind the Only one photo on photo which makes the cover: the the image stand out cover star a BIG even more CLOSE UP. Effective and Issue number and date of makes the the magazine magazine look plain but classy. FEATURES: all related to Plain cream background “Twilight” as it is a twilight used on the background o special the cover – Looks simplisticFREEBIES: in a red box in the yet it settles well with theleft corner – done in a theme of the magazineclassier way than a trashy which has a simplistic layoutmagazine: colours match. Bold font in CAPITAL LETTERS: Words “BITE ME” – Relating to the fact his character is a “vampire” – Play on with words
  4. 4. Q2 Question 2 – How effective is the combination of your main PRODUCT and ancillary texts? MY PRODUCT: MASTHEAD behind stars head. “FRESHERS SPECIAL” – all features consist of relating to FRESHERS as it is a special for Freshers.For my ancillary product, I chose to doa Television Magazine named vision,with its main feature being Cover star referred to as“FRESHERS”, I have chosen a classier character name: JPTelevision magazine as I feel it relates Bold font in CAPITALbetter to my soap opera. The following LETTERSmagazine below is my inspiration forhow I aspire Vision to look. Website link listed in the top left of the magazine. List of fresher’s features inside the magazine.
  5. 5. Q2 Question 2 – How effective is the combination of your main PRODUCT and ancillary texts? Evaluating an E4 poster: SKINS Different facial expressions – Showing their characters personalities through there faces.All characters All characters in the showpositioned situated in different angles anddifferently however doing different things in order tostill in a line enabling portray their charactersthem all to be seen personalitieson the poster Faded background “theme” – grey, dull colours representing a negative dirty youth. Making the characters look “un-clean” representing a party scene which is what SKINS is about. Representing E4 with the colour scheme and E4 Logo
  6. 6. Question 2 – How effective is the combination of your main Q2 PRODUCT and ancillary texts? MY PRODUCT: E4 Branding – E4 COLOUR SCHEME: Characters in their character Purple and Yellow costumes which have been planned and also minimal E4 Logo scribbled out in order makeup on the female characters to blend in with the crease in in order to create realism – as the tape with the writing on they are studentsFont used in text is the same and also theE4 font - Given the audience the date andtime so they’re aware of when FRESHER’Sis going to be on E4.Layout of characters thought about andput next to each other into pairs of whatstory lines they have been in together inthe trailer. For example Monica andSam the two far left characters arelooking miserable and un happy asthey are within the show therefore thisis revealing their personalities andissues through their facial expressions. Background images faded in order to make characters stand out
  7. 7. Q2 Audience and Representation:Q3 Audience Profile Mood Board: • Aged 15-20 • Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter • Students – School/College/University (Still in some form of education) • Part-time Employment (weekend/evening work) • Weekend Partiers (student nights/weekends) •Good Appearances – Looking good • Television/Internet interests • Interested into up-to-date The images in the mood board reflect the things that my audience of Fresher’s are interested in. These are music products and things that I hope are reflected within my trailer as brand identity, I believe some of the thing on the mood board are relatable towards other E4 programmes which is the brand FRESHERS is going to be shown on
  8. 8. Q2 Question 2 – How effective is the combination of your main PRODUCT and ancillary texts?Representing “Age” through Fresher’s: Student clothing: WARM Lack of makeup on all female COATS, Layered up however characters as they’re all students still fashionable. they wouldnt be as “dolled up” in Issues within the day time for College/University the soap opera and the magazine relate to the younger generation 15- 20 (realistic story lines) GEEK GLASSES: Worn by the younger generation – IN FASHION: Modern. Modern clothing: FASHIONABLE - Represents a younger youth: Checked Shirt – Up-to-date clothing