Inception magazine analysis questions 4 and 5


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Inception magazine analysis questions 4 and 5

  2. 2. 4. Who do you think it’s target audience is and how does it appeal to them? For the front cover I think that the target audience would be 17-50 years old, the magazine would not appeal to anyone younger as they would prefer to watch the movie as oppose to read about the reviews. This magazine would appeal to both men and women. It would appeal to men due to the gun and the colour scheme. The gun connotes violence and the colour scheme is quite masculine. Where as the women would be drawn to the magazine as A list heart throb Leonardo Dicaprio is on the front of the magazine. Leonardo captures the attention of any middle aged women.
  3. 3. 5. Analyse the effectiveness of the magazines conventions? The image is of Leonardo Dicaprio, he is the main character in the film, being an A list actor it is imperative that he is central on the cover. This will draw the attention of the audience/ readers because they will want to watch a high quality A list film.
  4. 4. The typical colour scheme of thriller magazines is either red, black or white. The blue in the magazine connotes the dreams that happen within the movie. The dark cover creates a sense of a tense atmosphere that attracts audiences that are interested in thrillers.
  5. 5. The title is laid out over the middle of the page, Inception is written in deep red which intensifies the film a little. ‘Inception’ is the only bit of text that is as almost as big as the magazine masthead. Also it is the only section of text that is the same colour as the masthead.
  6. 6. The language used on the front cover isn’t very sophisticated, however using A list celebrities draws attention of the public/ readers as they would want to know about films that they have starred in ‘The matrix meets 007 on steroids’ this suggests that the film is as good as the 2 of these movies put together.
  7. 7. The masthead isn’t very effective the rest of the text is designed to be 3D, the masthead I feel just ruins the effect of the 3D background and text. In addition to this the slanted text surrounding Leonardo is quite hard to read.
  8. 8. The promotional banner is very tight and clean, the directors name and the cover line of ‘The matrix….’ the piece of text promotes the film very easily by using 2 very successful films to promote the film is very clever. The ‘on steroids…’ suggests that the film is better then both them films put together. That would make the audience want to view the film a little bit more and would also make the audience want to buy the magazine in order to read about the film.
  9. 9. The cover lines are very clever I like the way that the text slants it makes the text seem 3D. However the cover lines are very hard to read as the slanted text gets smaller as it’s going in so you cannot read the text that is being shown.
  10. 10. The font used is bold but dark, the font used is good as it is very clear to read. Usually magazine covers have bold text in order for people to read it. If the font is too small then it is very difficult to read so people will not want to purchase the magazine. In addition to this the costume is a dark suit which creates a certain intensity to the magazine the dark suit how important and driven the character is.
  11. 11. Prop: The Gun in the actors hand connotes the thriller/action genre. The gun connotes a violent nature in the film, however the gun could also suggest that he needs protection, from something or someone. Setting: The setting is a aerial shot of Tokyo or New York as it is quite hard to tell, as the picture is distorted. The setting is very effective as it shows the cloudiness of our dreams.