Middle page spreads


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Middle page spreads

  1. 1. Exploring Middle Page Spreads Sophie Hudson
  2. 2. This middle page spread carries on with the same story over a double page, which is conventionalof the middle page spread. This page stands out, and the large image draws the readers attention tothe page, with this famous iconic woman that can relate to the 20-30+ target audience of Voguemagazine.The quotes of writing in the bottom left hand corner of the image attracts the readers attentionimmediately, as it is bold, italic and there is not much writing. So if this quote attracts the readersattention, interesting them to the page, they will want to read the article. This is why the quote isimportant on the page.The image fits in with Vogue’s style, wearing a floaty pastel coloured designer dress, which is girlyand can also relate to the magazines target audience of female, with material surrounding her witha vintage look, and the headband on Florence’s head shows the use of accessorise. This imagereveals that the magazine is about fashion, and the bottom left corner of the main image page givesthe reader the information of where to purchase these items and their prices. J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2
  3. 3. This middle page spread has become more popular, continuing the same topicover the double page, but not continuing the same image or text across the pages.These pages will attract the reader, as they will first see the page on the left, withthe larger images catching the attention of the reader, making them want to findout where to buy the items, and what other items similar to these are available.The white background creates a minimalistic effect, ensuring the main focus of thepages are the images and text. However the thick, orange border makes theatmosphere of the page look neat.The black capital lettered text ‘STYLE’, informs the audience about the pagesubject, and keeps the audience updated about the items.
  4. 4. It is common for a contents page to show animage of the main model image that haspreviously been shown on the front coveron the magazine, similar to this one. Thisgives the reader an idea of the mainarticle/story of the magazine. In thiscontents page the main model image iswearing a red dress, which could suggestlust, love or danger, with a lot of accessoriseincluding big necklaces, a wrist cuff andbelt; these accessories create a busyatmosphere on the models outfit makingthe outfit look exciting and moreinteresting, rather than simple, minimalaccessorise with a plain outfit. The modelhas part other leg showing which is quiteprovocative, although this dress is notparticularly revealing, then her left arm isholding the dress on her thigh while theright arm is on her hips. This could suggestpower and strength, relating to the gesturecode of the models head, which is slightlytilted upwards, revealing her high statusand confidence. The model does not appearto be showing any facial expressions,almost making me as the reader result tothinking of aggression.
  5. 5. The mast head of this page is bold, andconsists of a large font with lower case letters,which makes it stand out and makes it clearwhat the brand of the magazine is, statingwhat the reader is reading!The strap line ‘contents February 2010’,reminds and informs the reader of the issuedate that this magazine was published and ofthe page they are currently viewing. Thewhite background keeps the pae simple, asthe writing shows a variety of bold, italic anddifferent styles of fonts and colours to keepthe readers attention, as well as the twoimages.The page numbers are printed in a larger fontnext to the paragraph of information aboutthat article and the contents of the certainpages, making these clear.Then the magazine has dedicated the rightbottom corner of the page to advertise theVogue subscription , to attract customers towant to sign up to this so they can gain morecustomers. I think the reason the companyhave chosen to put this notice here in thecontents page, is because the contents page isa place everyone will pass, begin one of thefirst pages they come across when openingthe magazine, so they are unlikely going tomiss this.
  6. 6. Masthead- Large, curvy, bold white letters, with grammatically correct placed capital letters, placed in front of a burgundy background, making the letters stand out and engage the audience into picking up the magazine and take interest in browsing its content. Cover lines- These are spread out, so they are clearer to notice, and do not look muddled or mixed up. This layout of the cover lines makes them easier to read, and will make the reader want to read them because they are short, just giving the main information needed to persuade the reader to look inside. The bold burgundy capital letters give variety from the black and pink bold capitals, making the page look more appealing to its audience. The larger font of the ‘28’ draws the reader in, making them want to read that cover line, then being fascinated by this information, they will want to read others below this one.Main cover line- ‘The Style Secrets Issue’, is printed in a larger font than the cover lines, sothe reader will spot this one first and be informed of the main topic of the magazine. Thisincludes white, black and pink colours, which all contrasts against the background modelimage of Katy Perry’s clothing colours. It is feminine colours, with the pink, so he targetaudience is obvious and looks interesting.
  7. 7. Model image- Katy Perry is a well known, famous singer who can relate tomany people, including the audience of this ‘InStyle’ magazine. Her gesturecodes include her right elbow resting in the dip of her waist with her handnaturally closed, suggesting sophistication and dominance, as f she is daringthe reader to purchase the magazine. Her left hand is resting on her left hipwhich shows confidence and could be used to show that she is flauntingherself to the cameras. She seems to be slightly sitting on her right hip whichcould imply that she is relaxed. She is showing a smiling facial expression,which could connote happiness and joy, and success, while her jewelled dress,teamed with a wide, patent waist belt, cuff bracelet, rings and nail varnishcould suggest wealth, and pride in her appearance. Her make up is natural,although her red lipstick could connote lust, love, or even danger, and herwavy, neat pink hair stands out, and is girly and feminine, so will make themagazine cover stand out and catch the readers eyes, it is also smart and classy.
  8. 8. This middle page spread is effective, because if the reader was flicking through the pages of this voguemagazine, this would catch their eye immediately. The bright, contrasting colours, including blues, yellows,pinks, greens and reds, all compliment each other interesting the audience. The model image continuesacross the double page, in a medium shot, following the conventions of a double page spread. The masthead, with white writing, with capital, sharp letters could connote power and status of the model and topicon this page, whereas the more bolder, swirly white font underneath saying ‘sunshine,’ could interest thereader, as sunshine makes people happy, and so they would be engaged, and want to read on. When thereader sees this page, and the models style of clothing and accessories, they will know that these items arethe latest trends, as the magazine ‘Vogue’ is about fashion, so they will want to find out what she is wearing,who it is by, so they can also follow this trend. The heading, informing the reader about the topics of thepage, includes adjectives to make the reader fascinated with the page, and ensure they will want to readmore about it . For example it says, ‘swinging with punchy accessories’. The information of what the modelis wearing is placed in the bottom right corner of the right page, so it will most likely be the last bit of text thereader sees, after they have noticed the models clothing. Whereas the head mast is placed in the top leftcorner, so the title will catch the readers attention.
  9. 9. This cover of ELLE magazine, is an example of JaniceWinship’s theory, as she said models on the covers ofmagazines are nearly always blonde, white, young, freshfaced and blue eyed, and Dakota Fanning is all of thesefeatures. Her dress codes include a pale pink blouse, witha white button at the top and white, cotton, cut out collar,which could suggest femininity, purity and immaturity,showing that she is young. However, her red lips and nailvarnish go against this, as they would connote danger orlove, showing a more provocative image. This provocativeimage could also be mentioned by the gesture codes ofDakota Fanning, as her right hand and fingers are almostresting on her lips, while her lips are not fully closed,suggesting a flirtatious image. Her blonde hair is alsostyled, being curly, but it is not neatly groomed, butinstead it looks natural but tamed. Along with her redlips, her blue eyes also stand out in this image, and wouldbe the first feature the audience spot, as they are so bright.Her direct eye contact could reveal the confidence of thiswoman, however the fact she is staring straight on to thecamera in this close up image, implies that she is of nohigher or lower status than the reader. The target audienceis around the ages of 18-49 years old, and Elle magazine isa best seller, being more popular than Vogue! So the headmast shows a pale pink, fine lined, unfilled, capital lettersto inform the reader of the magazine title, but instead ofusing the name to attract the audience, the producers haveused the model image to catch their attention. The dateline is placed just underneath the title on the right side ofthe page, in black writing, so this will stand out to ensurethe reader knows the issue of the magazine and price. Themain sell line is almost hidden, being in front of thewhite collar of Dakotas top, so this will not be the firsttext the audience view.
  10. 10. ELLE CONTENTS PAGEThis contents page looks effective because itincludes a large image on the top half of thepage, so there is a balance between image andtext for the reader to view. The contents pageinformation is printed in bold, black writingso it is clear to follow and read, while the red/burgundy larger text makes the mostimportant topics in the magazine stand out, sothe reader can realise where the editors wantthem to look. The smaller image on the leftside of the page is also interesting, as it givesthe reader information about the magazineeditor, and what she wanted to achieve withthis magazine issue. The bold, red, originalELLE title reminds the reader of the text theyare reading, which is useful, as it shows thispage has a purpose. The first image theaudience will see is the top image, which willthen interest the reader and make them wantto read on, so by putting this image on thecontents page, the reader can pinpoint thepages they would like to read.
  11. 11. GLAMOUR CONTENTS PAGEThis contents page is also effective, as the largeimage of the model will give the reader an idea ofthe type of magazine this is and the style itincludes. The information about the skirt, arrowedat the side of the skirt also tells the reader the priceof it and gives them an idea that there will be moreitems similar to this in the magazine. The bold titledefines the page and the April 2010 headinginforms the reader of the issue date, which ishelpful, as magazines can sometimes be in theshops before and after the dates on the texts. Thisdate will also give the reader an idea of theseasonal trends. There is also a reminder of themagazine address to the left of the page, whichpersuades the reader to visit the site, after readingthe contents page and finding out what themagazine consists of, it makes the reader want toresearch more on the page to see what else it offers.There are pale pink headings, which are more boldthan the page numbers and information, to give thepage more of a format and guide the reader. Thenthere are quotes from each page to the right of thepage number, and these are used to attract thereaders attention and leave them wondering whatthe quote is about, so this will engage the reader.Also, the white background leaves a sense ofsimplicity to the page, so it is not too busy, and thereader will be able to relax while reading this page,which is clear and easy to read.
  12. 12. STYLES FEBRUARY 2012 AUGUST 2011 DECEMBER 2009 MAY 2008 MAY 2005 Vogue has a wi d e v ari e t y o f s t yl e s i n whi c h i t i s pres ented , wi th s o me i s s ue s be i ng mi ni mal , i nc l ud e fe w c ov er l i nes andO c onc e nt rat i ng o n t he mo d e l i mage , whi l s t o thers are bri ghter,F mo re c o l o urful and i nc l ud e mo re i nfo rmat i on on the front c ov e r. Co v e r I s s ue s o f Vo gue are ne v e r pac ked wi th c ov er l i nes , but e qual l y s pre ad al o ng t he s i d e s o f the page. Cl othesM on t re nd are al ways us e d o n t he mo d e l s and are c reated byA many d e s i gne r name s . The c o l o ur o f t he mas t head c hangesG wi th eac h i s s ue, however the format of the ti tl e i s al ways theA s ame . The mai n s e l l l i ne i s pl ac e d at t he bo ttom of the page, and t he c o v e r l i ne s s urro und t he page , be i ng both on the l eftZ and t he ri ght s i d e s o f t he c o v e r. The mo d el i mages areI phot o graphe d wi t h a v ari e t y o f d i ffe re nt s hots , whether thes eN are me d i um, l o ng o r c l o s e c ame ra s ho t s , t he mod el i mage i sE al ways the i mage the audi enc e s pot fi rs t and noti c e beforeS anyt hi ng e l s e o n t he fro nt c o v er.
  13. 13. Love ma ga z ine sho ws a va r iety o f ima gina tive a nd unique idea s, dr essing theirmodels in super na tur a l o utfits , o r using super na tur a l a ccesso r ies, a nd dr essingthem a s their fa vo ur ite ico ns, eg Agness Deyn dr essed a s the Q ueen in the to pleft co r ner o f the slide. Lo ve’s style is minima lis ti c, so the a udience willconcentra te on the image on the fron t of the cover, whic h is usually themed.While ther e a r e few if a ny co ver lines, giving quo tes such a s ‘FASHIO N AN DFAME’, o r info r mi ng the a udience o f the issue, ‘Super N a tur a l’ to ca ught therea der s eye, giving them a n idea o f the issue’s to pics. T he ma in sell lines includethe na mes o f the mo dels, o r to pics with sma ller wr iting under nea t h this, a lsoexpla ining mor e a b o ut the issue, so the r ea der kno ws wha t to ex pect. T he titlesof the magazine change also, with some of the ma ga z ines showing a sharp,ca pita l letter ed LO VE sign spr ea ding thr o ug h the width o f the co ver pa ge,wherea s the o ther issues do the sa me a s this with a dded deta il o f wild swir ls,pla nt effects , whic h a r e inter es ti ng a nd effective a s they b r ing va r iety to thema ga z ine a nd a dd deta il to the minima l deco r a tio n o f the pa ge. T he b a ckgr o undcolo urs o f the ma ga z ine co ver s r ela te to the mo del ima ge, with the seco nd fr o mleft magazine image on this slide includin g a beige/ brown backgrou nd , addingwa r mth to the mo dels ima ge, a nd co mplimen ti n g her ha ir co lo ur .
  14. 14. From my latest research while researching these covers and middle page spreads, Ihave decided that I would like to create a middle page spread in the style of this pageof Vogue. It follows the conventions of a middle page spread, is eye catching to theaudience, and the image makes the reader want to read the writing on the left sidepage of the double page. I think the image following through across the double pagelooks effective, as it includes quotes in the corner of the image, which then shows thatthe producer has thought about the layout of the page and how they can make thereader be interested in the page and want to read on.
  15. 15. I have also decided that I want one image on the right side or left side of the pageon the contents page, and this will be of the main model image. I have hosen thisbecause it is the main topic of the magazine, and I will be able to quote the modeland put this quote in the image, so the reader will catch the attention of the imageand quote and will want to read the page about it.I will also put the This is all to ensuretitle and date of my the reader can enjoymagazine at the top reading theof the page, possibly magazine withoutincluding the email getting confusedaddress, and a small about the layout, andheading informing will be able to findthe reader that the what they arepage is the contents looking for, so theypage. will want to purchase the magazine again at a further date.