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  • 1. Name: __Sophie Carey__ BTEC Creative Media Production Advert Analysis Name of Product: _Orbit- chewing Gum_ AdvertDetails(what happens?): Science lab Futuristic-space area testing room ( woman looks like a airhosts ) In this advert there are 7 different aged people, are testing the new ‘Orbit’ Gum. Every different person has positive things to say about the Gum. However everything they say is said in a rude way, but the fake acting women stops them before they could say it. Music & Sound Effects: scientific and futuristic noises (machines) Taking the gum wrapper off Trumpets Smile sparkle Happy tingling star sound (0.28-0.29 seconds) Text: the product itself is shown a lot ‘Orbit’ ‘ a good clean feeling no matter what’ Audience: This advert is mainly for adults but can be shown to later teenagers. This advert is very fun and is humorous. People who enjoy gum/regular gum eaters. Everyone In the advert there is a range of different aged and gender people which clearly shows that the gum is for everyone and anyone. Message: ‘A good clean feel no matter what’ – if you eat this gum your mouth will be fresh and clean even if you eat or drink something smelly. That orbit it really fun and it’s not a serious product. The message also is that Orbit is now in a new stylish packs which is a way of showing people how its changed.