New York City


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New York City

  1. 1. New York City as utopia and dystopia. 1 of 20
  2. 2. “Few other cities on earth – if any –have been celebrated more widely ormemorably onscreen than New York.” (Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City.) 2 of 20
  3. 3. “What’s happened tothe American Dream?”“It came true.You’re lookin’ at it.”(Watchmen, 2009.) 3 of 20
  4. 4. 4 of 20
  5. 5. “If heaven is a ‘happy place’ then that ‘other’ place,hell, the place of ‘the evil other,’ cannot be far away. The figure of the city as a fulcrum of social disorder, moral breakdown, and unmitigated evil – fromBabylon and Sodom and Gomorrah to Gotham – alsohas its place in the freight of metaphorical meanings that the word ‘city’ carries across our cultural universe.” (David Harvey, Spaces of Hope, 2000. pg 157.) 5 of 20
  6. 6. “Gotham is New York’s noirish side... whereas Superman’sMetropolis presents New York’s cheerier face.” (New York Public Library) "Metropolis is New York in the daytime; Gotham City is New York at night.” (Frank Miller, writer of graphic novels Sin City and 300) 6 of 20
  7. 7. “Mother City.” “City of Tomorrow.” “…at the forefront of industrial andtechnological progress.” 7 of 20
  8. 8. The World Trade Centre,LexCorp, Metropolis. New York. 8 of 20
  9. 9. 9 of 20
  10. 10. “…founded upon the swampy soils of slow and inexorable moral decay, despite the best of intentions.”“…a rampant per capita crime rate.” 10 of 20
  11. 11. “…the optimism of utopia and the pessimism ofdystopia represent opposite sides of the same coin.” (Ruth Levitas, The Concept of Utopia, 1990, pg 139.) 11 of 20
  12. 12. “It’s [utopia’s] vigour andpopularity [that] stimulated the life of thedystopia or anti-utopia, its alter- ego.” (Krishan Kumar,Utopianism, 1991, pg 47.) 12 of 20
  13. 13. “…creating a new utopia.” 13 of 20
  14. 14. “I can help. I can save you. I can save everybody!”“God didntdo this. We did! ” I Am Legend (2007) 14 of 20
  15. 15. Independence Day (1996) “Theyre like locusts. Theyre moving from planet to planet... their whole civilization. After theyve consumed every natural resource they move on... and were next.” 15 of 20
  16. 16. “Everything Ive ever“We will fail to acknowledge that there cared about, are forces at work beyond our everything Ive understanding.” worked for... has all been preparation for a future that no longer exists.” The Day After Tomorrow The Happening (2008) (2004) 16 of 20
  17. 17. “A world united inpeace... there had to be sacrifice. ” “This citys afraid of me... Ive seen its true face.” Watchmen (2009) 17 of 20
  18. 18. “…fears of a global catastrophe brought on by environmentaldestruction have swollen the anti-utopian currents. World society, it has appeared to many, is being prepared not for… utopia… but… dystopia or anti-utopia.” (Krishan Kumar, Utopianism, 1991, pg 91.) 18 of 20
  19. 19. “Dystopia (or Anti-utopia) represents the fear of what thefuture may hold if we do not act to avert catastrophe, whereasutopia encapsulates the hope of what might be.” (Ruth Levitas, The Concept of Utopia, 1990, pg 165) 19 of 20
  20. 20. “…the concept of utopia is not a Hellenicspeculative fantasy, but a derivation from a historic event: that indeed the first utopia was the city itself.” (Lewis Mumford, Utopia, The City and The Machine in Utopias and Utopian Thought edited by Frank E. Manuel, 1975, pg 3.) 20 of 20