Wood handicraft centre


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Wood Handicraft Centre Interior Design

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Wood handicraft centre

  1. 1. WOOD HANDICRAFT CENTREPresent by Sophia Tiang Kiew Hui
  2. 2. Site Analysis –Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca
  3. 3. Traffic Flow
  4. 4. View from site –River viewView to site –Cheng Ho Restaurant
  5. 5. Advantages of site – Cheng Ho Restaurant• Facing to the river Malacca• Two façade, one facing to river Malacca another facing to Jalan Hang Jebat• Nice view and environment especially night time• Most attractive building among the street• Near to Jonker street, the most crowded area during weekend
  6. 6. Building Program –Wood Handicraft CentreAims and Objective• To reflect the characteristic of the local culture• To create a centre that can show more Malacca wood handicraft knowledge to more people .
  7. 7. Aims and Objectives-Wood Handicraft Centre To provide more information to tourist about culture of wood handicraft in melaka. To provide workshop to let more people interest to know about wood handicraft culture. Provide visitor workshop to let visitor can handmade wood handicraft by themselves. To provide lesson for some of people who interesting to learn about wood handicraft.
  8. 8. ConceptThe concept for the Wood HandicraftCenter is “INTERGRATION” which comesfrom the baba-nyonya. Wood handicraftCenter is a place that to show woodhandicraft knowledge to people. From theconcept, 2 keywords had came out whichare connection and Movement that will beapply on the design.
  9. 9. Expressive Element Rubic cube have the strongly concept same with intergration. Rubic cube is use many pieces to combine together become a big square. This is the first concept it come from intergration is “INTERLOCKING” . Rubic cube are show that the interlocking system. It not only have square, but also have many kind of different shape to combine together become one big rubic cube. Second concept it show in rubic cube is movement. Movement it means for communicate with other people. Wood handicraft centre is try to communicate with tourist to show about melacca wood handicraft culture.
  10. 10. Mind Mapping-Concept Develop Culture of wood handicraft Chinese Baba-Nyonya Malay Interlocking Rubic Cube Integrate Movement Form Square
  11. 11. Mood Board
  12. 12. Building Program Waiting Visitor Gallery Area workshopReception Semi Public Area Tourist Private Information Bistro Center PrivateSouvenir Area Private workshop OfficeConsultation Counter Pantry
  13. 13. Concept Develop –IntergrateSketchesInterlocking Movement Conceptual Model
  14. 14. 3D Preliminary IdeasSouvenir Area
  15. 15. 3D Preliminary IdeasVisitor Workshop
  16. 16. 3D View-Exterior Design
  17. 17. Reception Area
  18. 18. Gallery Area
  19. 19. Souviner Area
  20. 20. Visitor Workshop Area
  21. 21. Visitor Workshop Area
  22. 22. Final Model
  23. 23. PROTOTYPE- Souvenir Area
  24. 24. Prototype- Souvenir ShelveSouviner area is a very important area for wood handicraft. It canpresent for wood handicraft with different product. It can show fromm any d if fe re n t ar ran ge m e n t for t he souve n ir s he lve .
  25. 25. THANK YOU